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League of Legends Build Guide Author ICIPH3R


ICIPH3R Last updated on September 24, 2010
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"That Bastard Teemo" -as quoted from other players

I would like to show an absolutely awesome build for Teemo that allows for some insane damage dealing and killing sprees. This guide allows you to build a Teemo that is very dangerous in both 1v1 and team fights.

A Damage Dealing and Attack Speed Focused Guide

Often AP Teemo can be fun to play with very lethal mushrooms and poison. However it can be a very passive playstyle and becomes boring. A well played damage dealing Teemo is far better than an AP in both 1v1 and team fights. If you want to carry the game and make your teammates very happy then DPS Teemo is the way to go. The item build section shows more info on the DPS items best suited for Teemo. You will see that this build focuses less on critical chance/dmg masteries, runes and items in favor of a higher constant damage output, who relies on chance to beat their opponents?

Important things to note! (May be obvious, but necessary)

  1. Get into a hit & run, guerrilla style mindset.
  2. Be sure to make the most of Teemos Speed, keep him on the move.
  3. Watch for enemy ganks. A gank is usually the only thing that can stop him.
  4. Always claim mid, mid ensures Teemo is well creep farmed.
  5. Always keep 2+ levels ahead of your non-mid opponents for easy ganking.
  6. Place mushrooms whenever the ability is ready.
  7. Keep an eye on your map and enemy movements. You may be able to ambush loners.
  8. Be very careful in team fights, stay behind everyone and act as a supporting character.

Guide's Strong Points

  1. Very fast mover.
  2. Insane DPS.
  3. Can 1v1 most champions, thanks to blind + shrooms.
  4. Used to gain good map control and enemy awareness.

Guide's Weak Points

  1. Squishy in team fights.
  2. Very susceptible to first targeting and ganks.
  3. Can become less effective in very late games.

Cool things offered by this guide

Attack Speed + Mana Regen + Magic Damage Runes
These runes allow for a great early game advantage. In mid you should be able to blind then quickly land 1 maybe 2 poison shots on your opponent before they have time to land one! This guide is purely for a DPS teemo, and the ability power runes gives you a nice small boost to your poison stacks and shrooms while mana regen gives you enough mana to hold your own in mid without the need for any mana regen items.

Bonus Damage
Using this specific item build allows for an extremely fast attack rate 2.2/2.45 + Elixir
This in turn complements his overall damage output since these items give bonus magic damage per attack, which many neglect. Lets do some Math to prove my point:

Base Damage:
Teemo has a usual mid game base damage of around 220 (depending on stacks)
Attack speed of 2.2/sec from around 18mins into the game.
Poison dart lv.5 damage of (44*5=220/4sec)

Now with that attack speed Teemo shoots twice a second (at least)
That's 220*2=440 base damage. + 44 poison dmg (not counting the additional poison dmg over 4 seconds)

484dmg per second.

That alone is pretty good but due to the item build lets count the extra magic damage you get:

Malady Bonus
Infection bonus - First shot infects target, second does 5 additional dmg. (not counting additional dmg from stacks)

489dmg per second

Bloodrazor Bonus:
3000HP opponent * 4% = 120 bonus magic damage per hit (120*2 per second)

729dmg per second

Sword of Divine Bonus:
100dmg every 4 hits / 2 hits per second (50 bonus magic dmg per second)

Total = 779 damage per second (ignoring armor and magic resist etc)

That is constant damage output, and does not take into account if the hit was critical strike.

The important thing this item build focuses on is attack speed and damage. You want to build the following items in this sequence:

Malady - Get this asap. Best item to give Teemo early game advantage, should have this around 7mins 30secs.
Exceptions: Some characters such as Urgot/Nidalee/Vlad may require extra speed from teemo in order to dodge their deadly attacks, in this case go for basic boots + "move fast" skill first up.

Boots of Mobility - You should have these at about 10mins, depending on whether you have made some early kills. These will greatly help you to move around the map, place shrooms in flanks for your buddies and help gank with them.

Sword of the Divine - This is the game changer item. With this you will eat champions alive. It gives you an awesome attack speed bonus early and additional magic damage bonus every four shots!. Be sure to activate this item whenever you are cast by exhaust as it ensures every shot of yours lands and when vs. an armored hero. Good idea is to activate it whenever taking someone on as the cooldown is really quick. Once you have this item be sure to gank the other lanes often with your teammates for some easy kills. Tip: Place this item in the first slot in your inventory so you can quickly hit "1" to use its ability.

Now depending on how the games going for you. If you are making/able to make kills or have the skill not to die then definitely go for a stacking item as it will help over the course of the entire game:

Sword of Occult - Great for Teemo, beefs up his base attack nicely with the potential to get stronger and stronger over the course of the game with a nice speed bonus at 20 stacks.
Exception: If not getting much kills/dying then B.F Sword for an early/mid game base damage boost.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This is another game changer item for Teemo. This item literally eats the life of opponents, more specifically ones such as Cho'Gath, Taric, Singed, Shen etc with large amounts of health. Combine this with the armor cutting ability of Sword of Divine and tanks are no problem for Teemo to beat.

Final Item? If up against Tanks then:

The Black Cleaver - Anti-tank, chomps through a lot of armor to help give you the nice raw damage listed above and then some thanks to the +75 damage from this item. Best final item to get against tanks as it only takes a couple of seconds to get full stacks on them.


The Bloodthirster - Awesome damage and lifesteal stacking item for Teemo. As soon as you get this item be sure to farm up some creeps to build up its stacks straight away.

Use leftover money on Elixirs!

Besides having some awesome gear, there are many tips to help give you the edge when playing as teemo. Here some I've found and use, which you may/may not already know:
  1. Place shrooms as often as you can. Place them at the enemies feet when in 1v1 as they do massive damage and slow. Place them just off to the side of lanes so creeps cant run into them and also place them in every bush you can find. Shrooms are how you keep track of enemy movements and there are many times where you will be able to ambush people on their own.
  2. Don't be afraid of 1v1. Teemo may be small but backs a serious punch. You can usually land a few shots before most melee characters get in range. Be sure to cast blind as soon they attack to render their melee attacks useless. Pull away if you have to then proceed to hit and run.
  3. Use attack move: "a" + click to ensure you always shoot at something and not move to it instead.
  4. Always use shrooms to your advantage, shroom baiting is a good tactic and great way to initiate and also slow chasing opponents.
  5. Be sure to kill the lizard elder to gain additional damage early on. It is a good idea as soon as you have a shroom ready to place it at his feet and then destroy him. This will only add to the awesome early game advantage you have.
  6. Be careful with other Teemos. You will always win if you can bait him into your shroom first. If not then you need to always cast blind first and try to pump darts into him. Pull back whenever he casts blind on you and then move back in when it has worn off to rinse & repeat.
  7. Tower dive if the opportunity presents itself. Many underestimate the high dps capabilities of Teemo (especially this build) and as such tend to camp the tower on lowish health. You can get in, kill them off and then out again quickly using flash.
  8. Be aware of your surroundings. Use creeps and towers to your advantage, creeps can give you a nice wall to block your opponents while you stack some serious damage on them.

    UPDATE - 25/09/10
    Due to a recent patch with the addition of suppression, cleanse is no longer recommended as a good summoner skill for Teemo. Suppression as you have probably heard means that most stuns and snares etc. disable summoner skills, meaning cleanse can no longer be used to break free from lame ulti's. Flash is now a better choice.