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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SeniorPuffyPants

The Armor Eater

SeniorPuffyPants Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! Welcome to my first build on "Tristana The Megling Gunner"(or Trist for short)

9 Greater Mark of Desolation- This will help you get that first blood.
9 Greater Seal of Furor- Boost up crit dmg
9 Greater Glyph of Furor- Boost up crit dmg EVEN MORE!!
2 Greater Quin of Desolation- Alrights! more armor pen!
1 Greater quin of Furor- To even things out

Early Game:
in the start of the game, ask your teammates if you could solo mid. If someone already called mid, then get Doran's Sword and mp potion.Taking vampiric scepter into a side lane is a pretty bad because A)healing yourself over time by killing minions is shortened a bit because your laneing with someone and he will certainly last hit your minions and B)your chance of surviving is small. If your teammates decides that your going mid then you have to pick weather or not you want build Malady first or you want to farm for black cleaver/Blood thirster. Once that's taken care of, put 1 point in explosive shot. Start last hiting on the enemy creeps ,why?,because explosive shot's passive will do dmg to surrounding enemys = good farming tool. If they keep harrasing pop your explosive shot on there ***. At lv 2 , put 1 point on rocket jump. if they come to close to your creeps, rocket jump>explosive shot>auto attack. Remember, don't waste your mp!!! you have little mp to keep harrassing them with this chain. Keep farming and get yourself a pair of boots.
If your laneing againts a heavy caster or a stun/slow champ then get yourself a mercury
thread. If your laneing against some dps champ get ninja tabi. The only time you get berserker's greaves is when you know for sure you can handle them or when you know for sure there team is done. If your having trouble with there team,build a frozen mallet first before getting your malady or black cleaver/blood thirster.
At lv 6 you will star dominating people. put 1 point in your ult. Now when some one gets to cocky and chanse you down remember the chain!:
Smite>Rocket Jump>Explosive Shot>Ult>auto attack
If that doesn't kill em chase him down with flash. Once hes dead your rocket jump will automatically be active again. Rocket jump yourself into the jungle and recall OR if your in the side lane slow the other player and let your teammate finish him. Once that's taken care of, take out there turret use your rapid fire.

Mid game:
By now you should have a Black Cleaver/Bloodthirster OR Malady. If you picked Malady get yourself a backcleaver and the same goes to people who got back cleaver/blood thirster.
you'll be drifting to lane to lane to gank them. Your job is to basically camp the brush and wait for the enemy. If the lane is getting pushed down then rocket jump>Ult to push them away. Get yourself a golem buff to get reduced cd and more mp regen, this will help you farm there creeps and then it will eventually get yourself a last wisper. after you got your last wisper, go farm and get Zeal. In team fights make sure you jump over a enemy champ with a rocket jump and use your ult to push him/her in your team then quickly use flash to prevent yourself from getting stunned.

Late game:
You now finish building phantom dancer and starting building a infinity edge. You basicaly have godly attack speed. Tell you your teammates to push down a lane. Keep your teammates infront, there your meat shields. Since you have good attack range you'll be able to take there structure down in a safe distances.

Other important notes:
If your soloing mid: BUY SIGHT WARDS place 2 of them in two brushes in mid.
If the enemy team has a champ that could stealth, BUY ORACLE'S ELIXIR
you will be the most loved player in the game if you take these 2 items

Comeing Soon....

Tristana vs the world
I will add some tactics on how to deal with enemy champs in mid.
Stay tuned..