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The Art of Assassination

Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Shaco Build

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Hey Hey Hey Summoners,

This guide is for Shaco, dat damn assassin, WARNING : This is a guide for ranked players with experience. But if you are a new, read it, it will help a lot.

Shaco is one of the hardest heroes to play, so during this guide I will put the emphesis on what to do as a jungler/ganker and what to do during teamfights, more than on the metagame. Because even if you have perfect masteries, perfect runes, perfect summoner spells, if you don’t play Shaco as he should be played, forget it.

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Different Phases

Early Game Jungling

When you jungle, first take Jack in the Box (jib), take a cloth armor 2- 3 pots and a ward. Go fastly to your red and start putting your jibs. Put the most you can there and do the red. DO NOT USE SMITE. You will be fine, clear the little dragons and then go to the little golems. Now you can use smite. You will have a fast lvl 3 with a red buff. Go back to base and grab your boosts and check which lanes are pushed and gankable. Start your ganks. When you gank, if the lane is REALLY pushed to your own turret, go place a jib near their turret, if they run back, they will hit the jib OR it will slow the minions and you won’t have to face the minions + the hero. If the lane is pushed to the middle. Go on the side and just gank normally. Also, do not use your deceive in the bush, the enemy will see the orange cloud and run away easier, just use it in the river and you will have time to get to the champion. If no lanes are pushed, try to go on the other jungle.

Shaco is all about the pressure you put on the enemy team. Place jibs all around the place, steal buffs, steal jungle, etc. It won’t seem like it does an effect, but it does a huge one, if the jnugler doesnt have any jungle creeps in his own jungle, he will have to take a risk in the other jungle and you will have an easy kill if you have put some jibs in your jungle OR even worst, he will be forced to go in a solo lane and waste the solo’s XP, push the lane, and BOOM, easy gank for you on their solo. TIP : Farm while ganking, if you pass near the creeps, do them, you will need it, if you start ganking too much you will be behind in levels and it will be the worst mid game ever. If nothing works, you got killed by the other jungler tyring to deny him, you failed at ganking, just sit back, and go farm your own jungle. Shaco’s mid game is really bad, the only thing he can do is control the dragon well. His late game is amazing tho, we will talk about it soon.

Mid Game

At lvl 7, you should have your boots rank 1 and your lantern. With your ult, you can easily grab dragon very fastly. Alone. Thats OP. Yes I know. . So when your lvl 6, place some jibs around dragon, make your territory, be ready for lvl 7 and do dragon.Btw, always grab Mobility boots with Shaco. Mid game for Shaco is farming time. You need to farm the most you can so you can have your Madreds, Sunfire, Veil, GA. Teamfights are not for Shaco, what you do in team fights is you wait for carries to be alone, low, you finish them, or you attack them if you feel safe that the entire team won’t jump back on you. It is tough, I know, it needs experience but with 50 – 70 games with Shaco ,you will be able to do it. Easy kills : Ashe, MF, Ezreal ( for ezreal, dont jump on him with your deceive, save your deceive and when he flashes, do it), and all the squishes ranged heroes. Do not attack melees if it is not with your E. You will get targeted and raped real fast. So yeah, just get the dragons the more times you can and farm farm farm. Finish off enemies and assassin carries.

Late Game

Shaco is amazing for late game. You will need your Lantern, your Madreds, your Sunfire, your veil and your GA. Want you want to do as Shaco in late game is you want to CONTROL the map. You want to be EVERYWHERE. With your mob boots and your speed, you want to control everything single buffs, you want to use your lantern ward each time it spawns, and you want to rape those carries since know even if the team goes back on you, they will waste their time since you will have Veil, Sunfire, GA. Trust me, Sunfire + clone + Madreds + clone. Ashe will go down real fast.

How to Backdoor : Backdooring is mostly done when your team is pushing a lane and the other team is Defending, or the other way. While Backdooring or Pushing, you want to have your clone on turret, a ward near the bush to know where/when you need to go away and a couple of jibs so the turret hits them + some more dmg. When you push, be sure you have your blue buff so you can spam jibs. It pushes really well. Oh one more thing, when you have to choose between Sunfire and Veil, check the carry with the mot kills and more farm, well, the one dominating the game and choose between MR and Armor. Then just go GA. Well, I think thats about it.

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The early game style based on killing the other team's carries you will want to go :

Lantern, Phantom, IE, BC, etc.


Lantern, Madreds, Sunfire, Veil and GA. = Very tanky Shaco with the ability to kill tanks + squishies very easily. VERY POTENT AT BACKDOORING AND PUSHING.