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Sion Build Guide by kookajamo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kookajamo

The Art of Jungle Sion

kookajamo Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, and welcome for taking the time to read this guide.

This guide is full of my personal choices, and can hopefully take you as far as it has taken me. I've played many games with this build and have yet to go negative once.

All I can ask is that before you down vote my guide, please try it out. Also, if you have anything you think should be changed or added, please feel free to post below.

PS: As always, item choice should very from game to game, this is just a skeleton to work from.

PS2: If you like this guide, you should check out my partnered YouTube channel: I'm starting to put out more guide related and LoL related videos.

PS3: Check out my Elo journey blog as well and watch me grow as a player if you're interested :)

Here are some of my recent games as jungle Sion:

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Pros / Cons

-Pretty fast clear times
-Very reliable ganks with his stun + Red buff slow
-Very strong late game
-High damage output
-Very safe jungle route with runes
-Good team sustain with ult late game

-Ignites can shut you down pretty hard
-Pretty reliant on red buff to gank, but can gank without it
-Very dependent on his ult
-Can be counter jungled early if not careful

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Runes for jungle Sion are pretty straight very forward.

Reds: Attack speed are a must, the faster you can attack with your burly 90 AD early game, the better. Faster attacks = More damage + Lifesteal

Yellows: Armor yellows are essential for any jungle

Blues: These are really your choice. I run Attack speed for the extra damage and lifesteal, but flat MR or MR per level work well also.

There are some other rune choices that work, but I think these are the best. If you have another set up that works well, post it here and I'll add it to the guide.

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I choose 13/3/14 Because you get the key bonus minion damage and attack speed in offense, bonus armor for early game jungle in defense, and improved buff duration + flash in Utility. All around a good setup.

The only thing you don't get out of this set up is 10% bonus crit damage, 3 AD and 5% bonus damage from the offense tree, but I think that they are worth giving up for what you get instead.

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Skill Sequence

Sion's skills are very well tuned for the jungle. His passive allows him to shrug off tons of minion damage, his E let's him hit hard while building up to be tanky late game, and his shield is great for regening health from lifesteal.

I choose this skill order because maxing your shield first gives you a lot of burst damage for ganks, plus a ton of sustain while jungling. Those 2 early points let you go from blue to double golem with almost 90% hp left.

Maxing your E second is key, the bonus damage plus health works great for late game.

Lastly max the stun, oh the stun :)

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Summoner Spells

I choose smite because we are jungling, and flash because those clutch "flash out of nowhere and stun" ganks are great. Exhaust is also a viable choice, but I wouldn't take anything else.

He doesn't need ignite as he does enough damage. Ghost is useless because you have 450+ movement speed late game. Heal isn't needed, you have tons of lifesteal. Clarity is worthless since you have so much mana from blue buff and new Sion buff. Rally and revive are self explanatory.

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Items + Jungle Route

EDIT: Here is a video of my route:
I like to start with a vamp scepter because it gives a ton of sustain early and makes jungling a breeze.

PS: Gank anytime lanes are in need of one, not when I say so :P

1. Start at the wolf camp. Focus down the big wolf.
2. Smite the large wraith and skill up your shield, turn it on and clean up the small wraiths
3. Move to double golem, use your shield management and tons of damage to own them.
4. Recall back to base, pick up a cloth armor and 1 health potion.
5. Move on to blue buff, use your shield and smite to take it down.
6. Clear down all the way to double golem. You should be level 5 and have both buffs with 90%+ HP.
7. Look for a gank, if you can't find one, go back to base and grab your wriggles + boots.
8. Continue to jungle and gank until mid game.
Core Items:
-Phantom Dancer: Crit is nice, attack speed is even nicer, mobility ftw.
-Trinity Force: A mix of tankyness + damage and attack speed make this item golden.
-Infinity Edge: More crits, more damage, more lifesteal.
-Last Whisper: Armor pen is good.

Good Choice Items:
-Atma's: You have a ton of health from your E and items, armor + crit and bonus damage rule
-Veil: You'll get a shield to go with your shield, magic resit, and more health
-Black Cleaver: Good alternative to last whisper.

PS: I have last whisper at the end of the build because you should get this WHENEVER YOU FEEL YOU NEED IT. I can not stress this enough. If they build no armor, don't buy it. If they have a ton, get it early.

PS2: Sell your wriggles late game!

You will rarely get to the point where you need to buy anything other than the core items, or at least I haven't yet (People surrender lol).

Video of the jungle route will be up soon.

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Ganking on jungle Sion is pretty easy, and works well. Let your lane mates know you want to gank, put your shield on, and either walk/flash in and stun. Once they are stunned, beat them down with your lumberjack axe (optional) and pop your shield for tons of burst damage.

Don't be sad if you don't always get the kill, making someone waste a summoner spell or recall still gives your team an advantage.

For the best results, make sure you have red buff before you gank, it will give you a ton more kills.

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Late Game + Team Fights

This is where your job gets fun. Initiate for your team if you don't have a tank, or let your tank initiate. When you get into fights, turn your ult on and beat the **** out of the other teams' carry. Your ult should keep you at tons of hp even if they ignite or focus you, plus heal your team as well.

Try to position yourself in a way where you have full access to their carries, and can still heal your team with your ult. The range on your ult's heal is pretty small, so if the situation allows it, try to get your team to group up near you (If they have an Amumu, this is a no no).

Have fun ;)

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Thanks for reading my guide.

Again, if you do well/fail with this guide, I'd love to know. If you think something need to be changed, just let me know.

I have not tried jungle sion in ranked games yet, but I will soon and post my results. I'm sure it is still viable at least at low elo, and very easy to do.