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The Assassin of the Jungle: Kha'zix Build/Guide

Last updated on May 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys Aquilles310 here, this is a build for Kha'zix obviously. To be completely honest I'm not the most qualified to give tips and to give a guide because I'm not in plat or diamond or challenger but from sheer experience I think that this build is fantastic. I started playing Kha'zix in season 3 but I never really got into him but recently in season 4 I really discovered his true potential and power. Kha'zix is an assassin if I've ever seen one, if you get fed the game is practically over. You can basically 1 shot high priority targets such as the adc or apc.

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-assassinating potential is good
-High snowball potential
-reliable ganks post 6
-good multi-kill potential with evolved wings
-great escape with leap and void assault
-decent sustain without needing to build LS with Void Spike
-diving potential with evolved wings is high

-No escape pre-6 without leap
-very vulnerable against cc
-Pink wards pretty much make your ult useless

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Summoner Spells

Flash- best to gap close quickly to kill or escape (probably the best summoner in the game)
Ghost- your ult is kind of like a ghost so its unlikely you will need this but whatever floats your boat
Smite- Mandatory summoner for junglers
Teleport- Okay spell to gank and for global impact but wouldn't necessarily recommend

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Creeping / Jungling

My jungle route is consistent for the most part but sometimes i like to improvise but my route is simple. Bot lane buff which ever side you are one Purple side (Blue buff); Blue side (red buff). Then go to wraiths or wolves which ever one is closer. Then get lvl 3 by getting the other buff. Then gank.
Bot lane buff->mini camp->Top lane buff->gank whichever lane is fit for a gank

Good times to gank
-When the lane is not pushed
-Opposing laner is low
-When the lane is in a fight, to turn the fight around come in and assassinate

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In short these items that you should build will make your assassinating potential blow through the roof. Even late game your sustain won't be all that great but you make that up with your incredible burst. If you can stick to the adc they will die within seconds. You should be able to take the adc out with 1 or 2 combos. You can mix and match to see what is best for you and your play style but i recommend sticking to the guide and least as much as you can because I have basically already done you the favor of doing this and finding the best fit for kha'zix. You can swap out boots and enchantment and sell the lizard to get more Armor Pen or damage like getting the Triforce. You can also replace the B.T. with the hydra if you want more wave clear or and stuff like that.

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How to fight (Skill Sequence)

Clearing Camps:
You want to use your Q then W, i don't usually use my e because it doesn't do that much dmg and if you get caught then you would have no escape. When you are at full health wait until you get hurt a little and auto in between ability uses obviously. You want to get hurt only as much as you heal with your W because you want to maximize your health. Also to smite if you know that they are not invading through having lots of vision i recommend using smite initially because it will to the maximum damage rather than last hitting the large creep with smite because then it won't do the maximum damage to the creep and then it'll take longer and you'll take more damage. As for taking objectives like drag, and baron I would say ALWAYS try to last hit the creep with smite because you really don't want to take chances of getting the buff stolen. To practice your timing you want to make sure you know how much the smite does by hovering over it because then you will be able to time your smite by clicking on the creep and knowing if it will do enough damage. REMEMBER: SMITE SCALES WITH LEVEL (It does NOT do a flat amount of damage throughout the game)

Pre-6 you want to either E-W-Q and keep spamming Q.
if you can get closer you might want to W to slow, run up to them and Q, and if they try to escape use your E to stick with them.

Post-6 for ganks you want to R and then Q and W to slow and prevent escape then you want to E to stick with them and then R to reduce the damage done to you if they try to kite you as well as it gives you a speed boost.

Team fights: you generally want to stay in the back line and wait for an initiate or if someone gets caught out you can jump in and assassinate and then jump back out if necessary. FOCUS THE SQUISHES > ADC > APC > FIGHTERS > Then tank.

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Kha'zix I would say is weak against champs with good sustained damage and that are reasonably tanky such as Nocturne, Voli, Xin Zhao, Rengar, Jax, Pantheon. He is also weak against champs with vision such as lee sin. He is also fairly weak against champs like rammus because you end up doing most of the damage to yourself (defensive ball curl, sunfire, thornmail) and hurting him only slightly, and hes got that stupid *** 2.5 sec taunt and he's fast af so just stay away from him. Obviously most of these if not all of these counterpicks against Kha'zix only apply if they are sufficient with their champ and you are not ahead of them so keep in mind if you are fed you can probably take them, just be careful.

Kha'zix is strong against squishies, thats pretty much how it goes, you delete them from the fields of justice if they are squishy. Just remember one thing: You are pretty much just as squishy as the squishies you are trying to assassinate.

Scratch that, 2 things you need to remember if you start to snowball DONT GET COCKY. Even if you are ahead by 15 kills it doesn't mean you can't die. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I get cc'ed under tower and end up dying because I got cocky and tried to go in on what seemed like a 1v2 but turned out to be a 1v5 under their tower and lost my streak and gave up the bounty gold. So basically remember that Kha'zix is mortal.

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Overall I think Kha'zix in Season 4 is one of the strongest junglers at the moment. He can snowball so quickly and so out of control its really frustrating to play against him sometimes...erm actually most of the times he's a real pain the *** to play against. Just by this it tells me that he is one of the best if not the best jungler in the game right now. I think that Kha'zix his almost all of the characteristics you need to be a good jungler, decent wave clear, stealth, gap closers, CC, and most of all straight up damage. I would seriously recommend playing Kha'zix because how strong he is right now, who knows maybe riot is going to nerf him so hurry up while he's borderline OP.

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