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Tryndamere Build Guide by Algorithmic Ascension

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Algorithmic Ascension

The Barbarian Farmer: 3v3 Tryndamere

Algorithmic Ascension Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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-fixed descriptions to match Tryndamere rework
-formatted Playing Stlye more extensively

-added maps to Playing Style
-grammatical restructuring

-BB Code revisions
-reworked title to "The Barbarian Farmer: 3v3 Tryndamere"

-added skills section
-added BB Code
-expanded on using Your ULT
-expanded on Explanations-Masteries
-simplified item purchases
-3 good hands, 1 perseverance <-- 1 good hands, 3 perseverance
-3 Archmage's Savvy <-- 1 Burning Embers, 2 Offensive Mastery

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First off, this is my first guide, so please comment.

This is a guide for 3v3 Tryndamere (so OP). The Twisted Treeline map has an abundance of walls he can go through with his Spinning Slash (with a very low cooldown).

Crits mean critical strike, used interchangeably in this guide with critical strike chance
Natural Crit means the critical strike chance at 100%hp.

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Pros / Cons

+can wall hax with Spinning Slash like crazy on the map
+Your ULT Undying Rage IS AWESOME
+lower health = more powerful
+Average RAW DAMAGE by late game is OVER 900(.)0!!!
+operates at deceptively low health

-(skill) lower health = more powerful. must be comfortable at constantly low health
-(skill) timing of ultimate can get really tricky, especially with lag
-(skill) You'll die if you are too close to a wall to through it
-(inherent) autoattacks, vulnerable to thornmail (remedied by lifesteal and MR)
-(inherent) lackluster early game

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It's a great passive that synergizes well with Bloodlust. After the rework the max crit chance gain was nerfed, but crits are much easier to obtain safely because it is not dependent on lost hp. Without extra crit chance from runes, though, the rage is much harder to build up because it snowballs.

Much less viable after the rework

Slowing/Bush Checking Tool. Useful for enemy detection while jungling.

Your bread and butter. Escape or chase through walls. First to learn, last to master. Its main component is going through walls, and any additional levels don't add much in this respect. Don't forget to save this if you know your opponent can also escape through walls

The one and only reason to pick Tryn. During your ult, defense does not matter, so I tend to build all offense. Note: Works for all towers EXCEPT AT SPAWN POOL

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Core Items - The Yellow Build

Crit = more , AS = more crits
Move = more survivability
Lifesteal = more survivability, more midgame jungling/ late game survivability
Do real damage

Usually all obtained ~18 minutes into the game

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Playing Style

is your most important item. By late game, you hit crits ~80-90% of the time in team fights. Therefore, IE increases dps damage by ~25%. Farming is the most important part of this build. Your creeper score is in direct proportion to your success. Spam Spinning Slash for maximum farming effectiveness.

Early Game

(1~8) - Laning, Before Infinity's Edge
After getting Brawler's Gloves, gank bottom lane only if your team is confident about the level 1 fight. Don't facecheck any of the bushes. Spinning Slash is your escape, don't use it to rush in. Try to negotiate top lane. Most of the time, people will let you take it. TOP LANE IS MUCH SUPERIOR TO BOTTOM LANE. It has 2 walls you can spin through, control of dragon and lizard, and more jungling opportunities.


PLAY CONSERVATIVELY. DON'T STOP FARMING. Taking a few CS while also taking harass is worth it because of your Bloodlust. If you cannot take the heat in lane, go jungle the Wolves/Golem spot on your side. You cannot jungle efficiently without Vampiric Scepter anymore. If your opponent is ranged, you can slash through the top wall from dragon and use both SS on them. At level 1-3, you might not get the kill, but at least you'll have the lane for a while.

Early Game Jungling Route
Pro Tip: When using Spinning Slash through the top wall of top lane, avoid hitting dragon. You can also go in through that route to steal dragon.

In case of ganks 3v2 at bot lane, you can 1) help if they are past mid, 2)push to their tower if your teammates are close to your tower or you're jungling top. If you push look carefully at the map. Once they disengage, be very wary, but don't stop unless they have stealth or very good cc. Once they are in visual range (indicated my minimap), use your Spinning Slash to get out of there into top jungle. Jungle until minions are past the halfway point to your tower.

Almost never blue pill. Continue to farm. Good times to buy:
1) got First Blood on level 1 fight, sell potions and buy Doran's blade for lane domination
2) can afford B. F. Sword (and might as well farm for boots first if you're doing so well)
3) have 2k+ gold
4) can feel a teamfight coming soon (ganks, dragon, lizard, etc.)
5) when you die (only then do i ever finish Zeal)

Mid Game

(9~15) - Hardcore Farming, Getting Infinity Edge
DON'T STOP FARMING. Sight Ward extensively. If at any point, you have no good idea of where any of the enemy champions are, your team has failed at warding. After warding, start jungling and laning top by abusing your Spinning Slash through walls. Almost every minion hit at this point will be a last hit. Use this to your advantage and get some hardcore farming done. Farming mid is especially easy because you have so many escapes. Unless the enemy has superior team coordination and cc, you can just take the harass at this point and leave when you finish the wave.

When getting green or white buff, don't use Mocking Shout or Spinning Slash. If you can activate Mocking Shout, an enemy is nearby. Be ready to slash through nearest wall out of there to tower. If you encounter a squishy jungling, don't chase for too long. If you encounter a non-squishy, fall back and continue jungling.


Get Vampiric Scepter earlier for better jungling, but
if at any point you can purchase B. F. Sword first, GET B. F. Sword. You can solo dragon after Vampiric Scepter and Cloak of Agility. By level 15 and 20 minutes in, you should be finishing up core items. There is no need to finish Zeal if you didn't buy Dagger because you died early. If you did not buy Zeal, upgrade to Avarice Blade. Also upgrade Vampiric Scepter to Targon's Brace because it is low cost for 5% lifesteal (to be sold later for The Bloodthirster).


Once you finish your core build, you should commence actively ganking, while watching for any signs of Thornmail. You should dominate the map with ganks, substantialize the power with wards, and solidify the advantage by farming. (Don't try to win immediately once you have advantage, as it can be easily lost unless it is solidfied with farm.) If you are feeding kills and cannot farm, stop and go for defense items until the game turns around. You should be jungling extensively at this point because there will not be enough minions on lane for you.

Late Game

(16-18) - PWNING, After Infinity Edge
DON'T STOP FARMING. You have lots of mobility, you can farm AND gank without much strain to either on such a small map.


Sell your Zeal if you bought it for another situational item. Upgrade Avarice Blade to Youmuu's Ghostblade if you have Avarice. See Situational Items.

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Using your ULT

Undying Rage is pretty much the sole reason anyone goes for Tryn (That and Spinning Slash). DON'T FORGET TO USE IT. I usually activate it at ~200 hp midgame (without lag) and ~350 hp late game (with lag and being focused). After activating, there are 2 options: escape, die for your team.

Dying Rage

At 1hp, you are very powerful for 5 seconds. If after you leave the number of players on their team and on your team are equal, leave. Most of the time, it's worth sticking around and helping with , or jungling for hp to get back into the fight. The higher level you are, the more you should stay.


Use Spinning Slash over the nearest wall along the same route you use for farming. REMEMBER to run AWAY from your enemies, even if it's towards their own base. Then recall in the bush when you've lost them. When they can't see you, it is BETTER to run towards their base and try to recall in a bush. If you are desperate and there is only one enemy, run into thee grass, wait until they come in the grass, then run in the opposite direction while they pass you in the grass.

Ways Your Opponents Can Follow You Through Walls

Only If You Can Be Seen

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Situational items - When You Are Losing

> . FoN has greater MR, its passive has affinity with escaping after ult (health at that point is vital). Rarely I acquire both against strong ap teams, but I never find Banshee's Veil useful. If I am targetted, it is usually with multiple spells.

against a heavy AD team. More offensive than Randuin's Omen

Mercury Treads If you are getting cced al lot of abilities.

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9 Greater Mark of Critical Chance
9 Greater Seal of Critical Chance
9 Greater Glyph of Critical Chance
3 Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance

You really need the Crit Chance early game. At lvl 1, if you get Brawler's Gloves as most do, you have 40% crit chance. While you sacrifice some direct survivability (hp, armor, etc), your Bloodlust will make up for it.


The most pertinent masteries are offensive, especially for crit chance and for crit damage. Put the rest in because the 5% exp really makes a difference. Getting your ult first can be the difference between getting First Blood or being on the receiving end.

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Survive until you can farm for Infinity Edge. Keep alive until late game. Die to give late game boost and help team win.