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Yasuo Build Guide by ckim7761

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ckim7761

The Begginers Guide to Yasuo MID

ckim7761 Last updated on May 8, 2015
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Damage and Items to buy

When playing Yasuo you want to first understand that he is a pretty squishy champ. The first item always to buy is statikk shiv because it has a really nice affect to easily clear minion waves and get lots of CS. Yasuo mainly relies on shifty-ness and his tornado poke. I normally get Q first because after getting two stacks you can unleash a tornado which does pretty good poke damage. After you wanna get Infinity Edge because first of all it gives lots of attack damage and critical strike. Yasuo is also good at crit strike because all of his skill kind of go with it. You also may want to get Youmuus ghost blade because it gives you damage, attack speed, and crit strike. The best items you want to get is anything that has crit stike, attack speed, and damage. But once you get enough attack speed you want to focus on crit strike and attack damage. This is because yasuo is very squishy so you want to learn how to take down enemies as quick as you can.

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Learning Yasuo

Most people play yasuo and dont understand how to use his ult or his shield. First of all you need to get two stacks on your Q because to use your ult the enemy has to be airborn. So once you get two stacks a tornado is released and knocks the enemy so you can use your ult. But make sure you use it if you know you can kill the enemy because people usually bait yasuo. So remember to use the ult when you know you can take down an enemy. Also know that your shield blocks all ranged attacks and that is useful so use that when you can.