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Last updated on April 19, 2013
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Lux The Lady Of Luminosity

Lux Build

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all about lux

lux is a demiacian who is and AP CARRY who can be mid or support she is fun but a little hard but when land abilites dose full damage that will make people rage for popping ult every where they go!

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What To Build

Lux is a hard AP carry that does alot of damage with landing all her abilities. build her some health so she isnt such an easy kill but make sure to have alot of ap but still some health

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lux is a very fun but hard AP carry mid that can also support with great damage and brusting health. She cost 790 RP and 3150 IP. Im pretty sure she use to cost less but she was really easy to buy with great skins.Also with great landing of q or 1 you can use your combo to blast there health down. Lux late game is very op because that is when you get all your AP controled and have completed your build. lux is not so good aginst AD because here health is very low but Lux has LONG ranged abilites so she cant brust them down from far away without them knowing! Some Of Lux's counters Ahri Talon Zed Gragas Master Yi. Try to not play with people like Gragas or Ahri or people that could disable lux's ult.

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Team Fights

With Lux when your in team fights try not to stay so close in team fights with her because people target here alot. Try to spam your q then e w to shield your team then try to ult fast before your snare ( q ) goes away after. If losing a team fight and you and a team member stays alive make sure to spam your q and your e to slow them down if low on health do ult.

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Lux farms awesome make sure to feel free to do your ult as much as you like it has a short cooldown, her e also takes farms great. when doing things like baron or dragon make sure to shield up your team and let you e sit there for a while and blast when its almost gone blast to get gold lux is also great at steeling kills so feel free to do! <3

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Champion Spotlight And Videos And listen to this songs and learn all the abilites for her!

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GL and HF

Hopefully you buy lux and buy cool skins for her have a good time playing lux and keep blastin later i will make more builds to help bye!!!!!!!!! <3 =)