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The Best Way to Build Ekko Mid (BananaaMann)

Last updated on June 26, 2016
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Hi, BananaaMann here and all you guys out there need to learn how to play assassin ekko
I am an ekko main and people dont realize how much power he has ap verzion

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Magic Pen Marks x9
Armour Seals x9
Magic Resist Glyphs x9
Ability Power Quints x3

This way you get enough dmg to get a kill at lv 2

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Alright You wanna go 12/18/0 on ekko just to win lane and start roaming
Sorcery-Double Edge Sword- Natural Talent- Oppressor
Savagery-Assassin-Merciless-Dangerous Game-Percision-Thunderlords

this gives you the most potential to win lane and start roaming to carry

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RUSH LICHBANE i cannot stress this enough lich bane gives you so much power with your e and 3 hit passive. Your First back should always be a sheen at least. This is where you buy socereors shoes. 2nd item if snowballing hard is deathcap that means 3 and 0. if you arent 3 and 0 go zonyas 2nd. 3rd item should either be deathcap or zonyas those are core. Lichbane + Deathcap gives you so much splitpush potential and to top it off with a zonyas you can 1v1 or 1v2 anybody. Get voidstaff as your 4th item your at a point in the game where the tanks should have started building mr so this will keep you doing hella dmg to them. and last item is either GA or Ludens you trade items off while your waiting for GA passive to come up again.
get a abyssal if they are ap heavy

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Skill Sequence

Start Q
get E second
W Third
Maxing Q then E then W
getting ult whenever you can

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Pros / Cons

Outplay/1v1 potential is very high
can all in lv 2 against virtually everyone (not LB or Diana)
Can carry hard
Has CC in his Kit

CC hurts
Ult and W can be hard to land

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to play ekko to his full capacity you wanna look to use your ult ontop of someone whenever you can. with this build you will be suprised in its power ontop of your 3 hit passive.

If the fight might be a little extended throw your w down for shield so you dont die

Q while running away-Q(return)-R This will oneshot enemy carries mid-late game if you land it


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