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Last updated on February 10, 2013
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Erotic Story time =)

Sunday Night

Simon Waters walked in a hurried pace. The scroll clutched against his chest, fear racing through his veins. The full moon hung high in the night’s sky and reflected its light all over Fire Lake. The hard pounding of his heart against his chest was deafening, and as he made the cottage gate, he fumbled for his keys. A crackling in the woods caused him to jump. His eyes scanned the forest's edge, but he saw nothing. The eerie light which the deep red moon cast over the leaves and grass, gave the impression of it being splashed with blood.

A strange smell drifted towards him in the air...oh ****! Oh ****! Brimstone he thought and kicked the gate breaking it down instead of trying to get his key into the lock. Hurling himself toward the small cottage, he could hear the low seductive laughter in the air all around him.

"Oh god what have I done!" he said out loud to himself as his heart pounded thunderously in his chest.

Why had he taken it? He thought to himself as he forced the front door open and slammed it shut as he rushed inside. Wait he thought...there was no slam. Slowly, he turned his head and stepped back his grip tightening on the parchment in his hand. The long claws on the door casing held it open and Simon's heart leap into his throat.

“No...please!” he pleaded as it walked in over the threshold.

“But you called wanted me, do you not Master?” it asked. Fear turned his blood to ice as the winged creature slunk toward him. He was frozen in one spot unable to move or think as the creature moved closer and closer to him.

Its floor length red hair swam around as if it was alive, the large bat wings folded in behind, the tail flicking back and forth. Her face was that of a goddess, and her body was too perfect to imagine. The creature looked like something straight from his Pen and Paper role playing games which he played with his friends every Wednesday night. She had l firm breasts with hard sensitive nipples, a tiny waist and lovely curved hips made to grip. Her long legs looked perfect for wrapping around him, and his **** responded to the sight even though cold fear ran over him. The Succubus smiled at him with her plump ruby red lips and those penetrating silver blue eyes that held his, and he trembled.

Simon stood frozen as she sashayed slowly toward him before she stopped in front of him; her hands reached out and slid up over his arm to his face.

“You are my Master now, tell me how you want me to pleasure you!” she purred out as her fingers trailed over his trembling lips. The heady smell of something sweet and spicy surrounded her.

“I...I...please...” he muttered out.

She leaned her face into his and sniffed. Her eyes went wide, and she smiled.

“Oh a delicious!” she said with a raised pencil thin eyebrow and ran her finger down over his chest. His heart pounded desperately in his chest. Her lips gently caressed his in a tender kiss that sent his heart tumbling. They were as soft as silk and tasted just like cinnamon.

This wasn’t supposed to happen it in real life, it had been a dare, a bet, and he didn’t think reading from the scroll would bring an actual demon out of Fire Lake as it said it would, but it did, and here she was. A strange mix of terrified excitement filled him, and his knees shook slightly.

With a shimmer, the wings and tail disappeared, and she appeared completely human before his eyes.

“Does this ease your heart Master?” she asked as her fingers slowly popped the button on his shorts, the movement was followed by the low sound of his zipper.

“Yes!” he croaked out as she freed his **** and slid his shorts down off him.

“I will give you any pleasure you desire.” she purred and sank onto her knees in front of him. Her tongue snaked out and slithered across the head of his ****, and he twitched hard at the sensation.

“OH my god!” he groaned as she licked the length and then sucked on his balls. Her fingers trailed up and felt the muscles across his chest, and he shuddered as her tongue again came to lick his shaft.

“Oh master you’re very large. I'm so pleased!” she murmured as her lips slipped over his head, and she sunk her mouth down on him.

Simon’s mind went numb as she licked and sucked him deep into her warm wet mouth then the sudden constrictive feeling on his head as she took him completely nearly made him ***.

“Oh please...yes...oh wait...I’m going to...oh hell my ****...more yes!” he moaned nearly incoherently as incomplete thoughts tumbled from his mouth. The pleasure was so great as she began to suck long and hard on him, taking the entire length with a long deep thrust of her mouth. Then he felt the eruption of heat ripple up his back as his balls tightened, and he felt her swallow.

“I’m ***ing!” he cried as his flood of semen splashed in the back of her throat, she drank feverishly swallowing with every suck, it was incredible. He had never *** before besides masturbation, and the feeling was so much more intense in her throat than in his own hand.

Licking her way up to his chest, she pulled his shirt off him as she stood up completely. Her lips met his crushing into them.

“Master, please taste me!” she breathed heavily into his ear before she stepped away and sat in the overstuffed armchair.

“I’m not sure how to...I’ve never done it before.” he stammered as he dropped before her and eyed the slick hairless opening to her *****.

“It’s ok Master, I will teach you.” she said as his hands travel along her incredible soft skin until they reached her breast.

“Yes! Play with them, squeeze them harder!” she moaned as he pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers.

Kissing her mouth, he drove his tongue in, and she sucked it into hers. She moaned as she shoved her breast harder into his grasp and he removed one hand and let it travel over her flesh until it reached the soft creased folds between her legs. The warm wet slippery surface sent his mind reeling. At twenty one years old this was the first time he touched a girl or had a girl touch him. Her hand joined his and guided one of his fingers into her along with one of her own. He followed her lead as she moved her finger in and out of herself slowly at first and then more rapidly. As he fingered her, she arched her breasts higher and slid her tongue all along his own.

Pulling her mouth away from his, she brought her wet finger up to his lips and as his tongue licked the rich musky juices, her's snaked out and helped his tongue to lick her finger clean. So erotic he thought as he stared into her silver blue glowing eyes, and he felt his **** resting in his fist twitch as he stroked it.

“I want to taste more of you!” he said and brought his mouth down onto her ***** and gave it a long slow lick. Simon looked up at her and saw her bite her lip.

“Yes I like that.” she murmured, and he did it again.

“Like this.” she instructed and took two of his fingers and licked between them. Her tongue glided up over one side and down the other then split the two, and he did the same with his tongue on her *****.

Her hips thrust forward, and he drove his tongue into her. The wet, hot, tight opening gripped his tongue, and he groaned as he ****ed it into her. He wanted it to be his ****, and he stroked harder on his erection.

“Suck on it here master!” she asked as she spread her lips and tapped on the swollen nub of flesh.

“Please, suck on my ****” She begged, and he did. Drawing the hard bud into his mouth, he flicked it with his tongue as he slipped two fingers into her wet *****.

She jerked her hips and began to scream as a wave of hot fluid raced over his fingers inside her, and her ***** walls gripped hard on them.

“Master yes I’m ***ing oh god yes please harder!” she screamed and lay there convulsing as he pulled his fingers free and drove his tongue back into her. The taste of her creamy release sent him into sexual overdrive. His **** seemed to grow even bigger in his grasp, and it felt harder than it had ever been before. He needed to have his **** inside her, and he raised himself up and slid between her legs.

“Please let me **** you.” he asked her.

“OH yes Master. You can do whatever you want to me!” she moaned out, and he slid his throbbing head in past her tight opening.

“Oh god you feel so good!” he said and began to rock his hips back and forth. Every push igniting sparks of pleasure in his balls.

“Oh more... yes, please Master give me more.” she pleaded. Her ruby red lips looking wet and inviting on her face.

“Deeper please!” she squealed and wrapped her legs around his waist as he drove himself as far into her as his **** would go.

The intense heat of her core engulfed him as she trembled under his steady thrusting, her ***** tightened and pulled on his ****. With another heated flood, she came as she screamed and clawed at his back. Incredibly, his balls felt the build of pressure but did not erupt into her, and she pushed him off her.

“Master take me this way!” she said as she got up and crawled onto her hands and knees. Her wet swollen ***** lips glistened at him. He gripped her hips taking only enough time to line his large purple head to her lips. She tossed her head back and screamed as he drove himself into her again with a need to feel himself *** inside her heated sheath. She bounced her *** back and forth along his erection, her long red hair somehow was gripped in his fist, and as he pulled her hair, she moaned deeply.

Her back was slick with a fine sheen of sweat, and she was flushing red as her ***** tightened again around him.

“Harder Master, oh please, **** me harder! I want you to *** with me!” she cried out, and he slammed himself back and forth into her with the fierceness her words evoked. The white cream coating his **** and her thighs as she pulsated around him was a vision he would never forget. No more could he hold off and his balls burned as the release streamed out of him and he slammed himself as deep as he could, holding still as her ever tightening **** milked him of every last drop of ***.

Unable to hold himself up any longer, his legs weak and trembling, he felt himself fall. They collapsed together onto the floor, and he could feel the warmth of her naked flesh under him, and he rolled to get off her. Ka-thud Simon’s eyes flew open as he stared under his bed from his place on the floor. He could hear the birds singing outside, and his alarm clock was chiming. He struggled to get free of his blankets and noticed his fist wrapped tightly in the sheet.

“Wow! Now that’s what I call a dream!” he said out loud. His **** was erect and throbbing. Hmm time to get rid of this, he thought and moved to take a shower and masturbate while his dream was still so fresh in his mind.

Wednesday Game Night

The four guys sat around the kitchen table looking at Simon as they prepared to play. Pop, chips, nuts and the character sheets and dice sat on the table. Simons Mage had died last game session in a botched summoning of a demon, and he was busy making a werewolf character to play. He was not really paying much attention to his friends as they talked about some Charlie fella who was supposed to be dropping by.

“So Simon you don’t mind if my friend Charlie joins us, do you. After all, it’s your folk’s cottage!” Dean asked as he got his notes ready from the last game session.

“Yeah it’s all good Dean, the more the merrier...listen can I add the flaw Moon Maddened to my werewolf?” he asked more interested in getting his werewolf made for tonight’s game.

“Ah yeah, as long as it fits in with his background history.” Dean said.

“Hey we should play out on the deck, there’s a great breeze coming from the lake.” Peter said as he stepped to the patio doors and slid them open.

Lifting his eyes, Simon looked at Fire Lake and smiled, he was glad his folk let him; Dean, Peter Andy and Arnold stay here for the summer. His folks owned all the cottages around the lake and had been kind enough to give them all one for themselves until university started up again in the fall. Turning back to his werewolf’s sheet he tried to figure out if he had spent all his points for strength, stamina and health.

The light knock at the door didn’t even garner his attention as he found another two points he could add to his werewolf powers.

“Hey everyone this is Charlie, Charlie that’s Peter, Arnold, Andy and Simon.” Dean said.

“Wow nice to meet you Charlie!” Peter stuttered out.

“Yeah come have a seat!” Andy said his voice cracking.

“Look I got some beers in the fridge... you want one!” Arnold said in a husky tone.

Simon looked up at his friend's overly excited manner at meeting this new guy Charlie.

The sound of his pencil falling and rolling across the tiled kitchen floor brought the beautiful red heads attention to him.

“Nice to meet you.” she said her plump ruby red lips smiled, and her silvery blue eyes twinkled as they met Simons.

“What type of character are you going to play?” Andy asked her

“A Succubus. she said and winked at Simon with a sexy smile.

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Masturabation Techniques

1- The cold climax

In the first of our masturbation techniques, masturbate as you normally would, but when you feel the sensation of *********** coming on, grab hold of some ice cubes or crushed ice with the other hand, then continue masturbating to completion. The feeling of cold in one hand, heat in the other, and the sensation of *********** will enhance the experience.

2- Rings around your *****

Cover both your hands with lube, and form a ring with your thumb and forefinger. Place it around the base of your *****. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head starts). Now form a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do the same thing. Keep stroking with one ring at a time until you climax.

3- The palm rubber

Once you're erect, place some lube on the inside of one hand, and rather than rub your ***** with your hand, keep rubbing the tip of your ***** against the palm of your hand to ******.

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Theya re good

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You wiull be counterd by people and ****s and heere is a pictyure of tits now that yoru turned on pwn everyone with your hard one

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IF YOU ARE ANGRY do the gollwiinh


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/ Masturbation

by crazygirl9486 on August 10th, 2010

Help answer this question below.
GIRLS: whats the best way to masterbate?

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Answers. 11 helpful answers below.

by EatSteak on August 10th, 2010

In front of a webcam!

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by Don't tread on me on June 2nd, 2011
Don't tread on me

rubbing the hood of my **** while sitting on my chair and watching face **** porn

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by hailey123 on August 11th, 2010

hahaha u to are funny trailslayer you have a point but that gave crazygirl9486 no help wat so ever so trailslayer stop being a **** i didnt have to respond to her if you didnt have a reasonable answer.

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by hailey123 on August 11th, 2010

well there are some fun and good ways to do it im only 14 but i know a couple things and personally i like to take a ice cube and rub it on your ****oris and slowly go down to your vagina and go in a little but not to far then when you start to feel something then take a viberating toothbrush or the handle of your hairbrush and use that but i have access to condoms so sometimes i put a condom on the handle of the hairbrush i personally like to use the trojan fire and ice or the luberacated for her condom and it feel amazing. but alot of the time fingers work to. i hope that helps. have fun.

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by pink2010 on February 8th, 2011

well the way i master bate is i spread my ***** lips and i start rubbing on the little part that your pee comes out of just keep rubbing it slow clock wise until you fill your ***** get wet then you stick your finger in your ***** and get some of that warm slimmie *** and rub some mo until u ***

i know this will help some one


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by kasra.1372 on March 2nd, 2011

Read more: GIRLS: whats the best way to masterbate? | Answerbag
WAN wre go you good to go you'll beeat everyone now!

Also rememver you suck ****.

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Skill Sequence

IDk do stuff

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ok: 5

Devon looks just kind of...well, weird. He looks strong, but he is kind of chubby too. Let's call him "Shapes." His style is rather simple. Maybe a change in his look would give his career some new life.

Charisma: 6

Devon is a very intense guy. His intensity is felt when he gives an interview. While he isn't the most entertaining or well-spoken, he is passionate.

In-Ring Ability: 6

Devon can carry his own in the ring, but he is nothing special. If this were a tag team ranking, his score would be higher. But his ability to carry a match on his own is somewhat questionable. His move set is primarily power moves, yet he is not big enough to make them look as effective as someone who would be six inches taller.

"It" Factor: 6

Does anyone buy tickets to see Devon wrestle? Probably not. But his staying power and accomplishments show that there is something about the man that you have to respect.

Overall Average: 5.75

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Pros / Cons

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Ranked Play

Look: 5

Kash has aged quite a bit since his last run with TNA. He used to look like Kid Rock's uglier brother, but with the short hair and putting some weight on, he has lost the resemblance. He looks about the same as every other dude you may see walking down the street.

Charisma: 7

What I like about this carnation of Kid Kash is that he seems to be relishing in a role that best suits him. That role is to put over younger talent in the X division. So far his work with Jesse Sorenson has been nothing short of great. He can still talk a great game.

In-Ring Ability: 6

While he has slowed a bit, Kash can still go. Given his body size, his ability to hit difficult high spots is impressive. In comparison with the rest of the division, he looks a step slow.

"It" Factor: 6

It would surprise me if we ever see Kash as a champion again. At this point there is too much young up-and-coming talent to put the strap on him. He is a solid mid-card filler, but there aren't many fans that are out there buying Kid Kash merchandise.

Overall Average: 6

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Pros / Cons

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