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League of Legends Build Guide Author BannanaBoat

The Blind Kick *** Monk

BannanaBoat Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok guys and ladies this is my build to Lee Sin the blind monk that will kick your ***. He is a dps champion. I have never carried or tried to with Lee because i end up getting targeted in fights cause of my damage output. He is not a tank despite what some of the builds I have seen say. He is only dps do not try anything else more than likely it will fail.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a must because if some one hits thier ghost and you can't catch up this way you can pop your's and get your Q off. Now exhaust is a maybe. It of course gives you that edge in a 1v1 fight but also does Ignite. Either one of these are great on him. Flash is some what effective but not recommended. All other spells I would seriously not reccomend especially heal cause I myself hate heal noobs but I also know of the heal bait trick which wont work on Lee Sin cause he wrecks to hard in 1v1 fights.

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Skill Sequence

Max out his Q it can get you kills and start a 2v2 or 3v2 fights and of course 1v1. The main things you will use in a fight is his Q 2 times and his E 2 times. Hit your Q 2 times to do early damage then hit your E 2 times to reveal them if they flash out and to slow thier attack speed and movement speed. His Q like i said can help you in fights because it grants extra life steal and also spell vamp and of course his passive attack speed. And also you can never forget about his Ultimate the Chuck Norris Round House kick to the face. You can use this to interrupt ults and fears like Nocturne, Nunu, and Katarina.

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First off you can start with either the Dorans Shield or the Dorans Blade. On your first trip back either get a vamp scepter or depending on how much you farm go ahead and get your Beserker greaves or if they have to much CC get a Merc Treads. After the vamp scepter you should get the B.F Sword. Then finish the item which is the Bloodthirster. Second item i woulm reccomend Phage for either the Frozen Mallet or the Trinity Force. If you go for Tri Force after Phage get the Sheen. Deffinatly after the tri force you should get a Last Whisper for armor penetration you will need it. And the fourth complete item can be tricky. It all depends on whats happening in game if you are dying alot then get some more survivability with the Banshees Veil or the Thornmail or possibly a Sunfire Cape. Next if the game is still going get some more attack damage either the Youmuus Ghostblade or the Infinity Edge but by this time more than likely the game will be over. Ultimatly there is a lot of different items you can go with like Wits End would be good with him and some say even the Madreds Blood Razor.

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Pros / Cons

1. He is very effective at bursting and wittering down enemy champ's HP
2. He is very good at escaping dangerous situations especially in the jungle
3. Mid to Late game his damage output is very high

1. Squishy
2. You can run out of energy pretty fast if you dont pay attention
3. Sometimes people get over zealous and just Q in and die

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Lee Sin is a great champ but very hard to play. Always escape with your W and use it in fights it can save you more times that you think. Try to line up your kick in team fights to knock one out of the fight while getting shots in while they are in the air. You shouldn't really initiate team fights cause your partially squishy and don't have a lot armor. He is strong all through the game except very late game unless like i said you have armor pen. Remember he can counter invis people with his E especially Akali when she is in her circle. Ive done from experience he can 2v1 if you know how to use him just right and burst them down and hit a ult.