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Lee Sin Build Guide by Blubber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blubber

The Blindest Monk Around (Jungle and Top Guide to Lee Sin)

Blubber Last updated on September 24, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, guys! This is my guide to Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. Keep in mind four things. One, this is my first guide, so I might stuff a lot of things up. Two, this is my opinion only. Some people might disagree with my guide, and maybe you included. So don't follow this guide unless you think it's good for your play-style. Three, I'm not exactly a pro player, so this guide might really, really suck. And four, there's a lot of colorful text in this guide. Just saying. So, now that we got the introduction done, let's get to the actual guide itself! :D

P.S Don't look at my avatar. Your eyes will burn if you do.

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Pro's And Con's


Good Farmer
Good Turret-Pusher
Short Cool-downs
Lots Of Dashes
High Damages (even if you build tanky)

Some AP scalings
Blind. -.-

So... yeah. He doesn't really have any Cons apart from AP scalings and being blind.

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Well, my masteries are quite straightforward. Top Lee Sin masteries are just my average AD-Bruiser masteries. My Jungle Lee Sin masteries are my average AD-Jungle masteries. My AD-Bruiser masteries just mainly focus on Defense, with some points in Offense. The Jungle mastery page is different cause I take Butcher and Bladed Armor for jungling better. You can see the masteries in the 'Top' and 'Jungle' teams.

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As you can see, for both my Top and Jungle builds I have two types of builds. Damage build and Tanky build. Both of them make you pretty tanky and lethal in game. The damage build will give you massive damage and some survivability, and the tanky build will give you massive survivability and some damage. Just choose which build you want, depending on the situation or your playstyle. And if you're confused by this passage, my job here is done. :)

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Summoner Spells

There are four summoner spells good for Lee Sin.





I use Flash for both jungling and topping, because then I can use the Flash - Ult combo. When jungling, I get Smite (for obvious reasons) and when topping I get Ignite, to deal that finishing blow if they go out of my range. I don't really use Ghost, though it's good when chasing someone for a long distance.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence focuses on early game damage, with Safeguard being the last ability fully leveled. This is cause as Lee Sin, I aim for early game dominance. An early fed Lee Sin is really good, because he is a massive snowballer and will get more and more kills, making him more fed and the enemy underleveled. So I learn my 'Q' first, as it is best for an early fight. Then 'E' so early First Bloods are not a problem. Finally 'W', to have some great harass (Q,Q,W away) and sustain. I level my ult first (obviously), then my Q cause it's the best ability. My E is third (for more damages) and my W is last.

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Gameplay - Early Game Top

Now the next few sections is where I show you how to play Lee Sin top. Well, my style anyway. Early game is what matters most to me when playing Lee Sin. Anyway, you learn your Q first and go to lane. Your opponent is... some random champ. What I do is basically farm them minions, get them last hits. Whenever possible I would try to hit my Q on the enemy. If I do, I wouldn't initiate, because I never initiate unless I'm Lvl 2 or over, when I have my E as well. If the enemy is squishy, I usually aim for a First Blood. I just harass them with my Q's until they're about half HP. Then I hit my Q, Q again, E, E again, W, W again, and blah blah. You can do it in a different order. You get the point. Just try to kill them. First Bloods are awesome. If they're NOT squishy, that's a problem. And chances are, they're not. But it's basically the same idea, you just have to harass them a lot more. Try the Q,Q,W away combo. It's how I deal with some enemies.

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Gameplay - Mid and Late Game Top

So it's now Mid-Game. Yipee. Hopefully you've racked up a few kills on the enemy top-laner. If you haven't, how sad. Anyway, Mid to Late Game is all about getting objectives and teamfights. Lee Sin is pretty good at both. Lee Sin is a good pusher cause of his innate, Flurry. Every Lee Sin player knows the common tactic of objective pushing by utilizing his innate to the fullest, where you use an ability, attack twice, use it again, attack twice, use another ability, attack twice, and so on. By the time your third ability is used, your first should be off cooldown, and your energy is still high because of the 30 energy restored altogether. This is great for turret pushing, as the attack speed bonus helps you hurt the turret more and your abilities kill minions pretty quickly. So basically do that and the objectives should go pretty fast. Lee Sin is also good in teamfights, as you can use his Safeguard to give yourself some much needed survivability to keep alive, and your ult can CC many champions. So a quick dash the ADC and an ult would totally disrupt their team, with their whole team being knocked up (hopefully) and the ADC sent to the front of the group, where he can easily be taken down.

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Gameplay - Early Game Jungle

Now if you don't want to go Lee Sin top, that's fine. He's really more a jungler, which is coincidentally what this section is about. Jungle Lee Sin. So a lot of people start at the Lizard Elder , or Red Buff, when jungling as Lee Sin. But I always start at the Ancient Golem , or Blue Buff, no matter who I play, Lee Sin included. Lee Sin especially benefits from the Blue Buff more than any other no-mana jungler, because he needs cooldown reduction to utilize his innate better, and energy regeneration because his mana depletes quickly is his abilities are spammed. So after Blue Buff, I hit the Wolves, Wraiths, and Red Buff at Lvl 2. I generally survive with 150 HP after Red Buff, but using a HP pot gives you enough health to kill the Golems. After Golems I go back to Wraiths, Wolves and then finally fountain and ganking. Don't forget to attack twice after using abilities and also use Iron Will before using Smite.

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Gameplay - Mid and Late Game Jungle

Mid to Late Game playstyle for jungle Lee Sin is not really that much different. You would also push objectives and own teamfights. But I guess there are some extra things, like getting buffs easier late game and hitting smaller camps for gold and passing time. There's also one of my favorite things to do: Baron stealing. I LOVE it. The thrill of taking their precious Baron buff, the glee in seeing their raging in chat, ah I love it. But anyway, Baron stealing is one of the things a jungle Lee Sin can do very well. If Baron Nashor is warded, Lee Sin can easily dash to it through the wall and Smite steal Baron. If it is not warded, or the ward is too far away, you can hit the baron with your Q, then dash and Smite. It is so fun. The bad thing about jungle Lee Sin late game, though, is that you don't have Ignite. People rarely jungle mid and late game, so Smite is practically useless. Unless you use it to get that one extra CS. XD

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And that's the end of my guide! Thanks for bothering to read my guide. Now you know my opinion of Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and how I build and play him. As I said in the intro, you don't have to follow this guide, it's only for the people who think my crazy ideas are actually suited for them. If anyone needs me, I'll be playing Lee Sin in LoL.