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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

The Corkster-Neverending fun!

Dirty Goolash Last updated on August 10, 2010
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I believe Corki to be an extremely underrated champion. Even though he costs 6300, he is very fun to play, and can actually be a great team player. He has some great nuking abilities throughout the game and is a really good chaser.

-Good support
-Good damage dealer early to mid game
-Good chaser
-AOE damage
-Extremely fun to play
-Great armor reduction
-Drives an awesome spaceship
Spammable AOE with great range and good damage
-Mana can be drained pretty easily
-Long cooldowns, and doesn't do much while his spells are on cooldown
Regrowth Pendant-This is the first item you want to get because it allows you to last hit minions freely even if the enemy champions are harassing you, since you will be regenerating health so fast, any damage they deal to you will just be regenerated in a short amount of time
Philosophers Stone-The next item you want to get is a philosophers stone, as your skills will take a lot of your mana to use. They can take almost up to half of your mana just to nuke one enemy (Phosphorus bomb, Valkyrie, and Gatling Gun)This is a great item, it adds a tremendous amount of health regen and a pretty good amount of mana regen. Very useful for Corki.
boots of swiftness-Next you want boots of swiftness. Boots of swiftness are the best choice for Corki since he doesn't benefit very well from other boots, since he is so hybrid. Also, the boots of swiftness will help you kite enemies with your Missile Barrage when trying to finish them off because you can stay in range to keep shooting them.
Phage-Now you want to start working on your trinity force. The first item towards trinity force you want to get is phage because it helps you with survivability. Also, the slow can be helpful when chasing enemies to finish them with Missile Barrage.
Sheen-Next you want to get sheen. The passive helps Corki a lot since he is hybrid, so when he finishes nuking, his next attack will deal bonus damage, almost like another nuke.
trinity force-Next you don't want trinity Force. You don't need to get zeal before finishing it because zeal isn't that important to Corki. He doesn't benefit much from attack speed or critical strike. Of course if you end up at base with enough money for zeal but not trinity force, get the zeal and come back for trinity force later. Don't waste the time to go back to base to get just zeal though.
The Black Cleaver-The final item you want to get is The Black Cleaver. This is a good item because it helps you shred the enemies armor even more. If you put this in combination with your gatling gun, the enemies' tanks can be taken down much easier than usual.

Skill Ordering
First you want to get valkyrie. This skill is very useful both offensively and defensively. It can deal a large amount of damage if the enemy is caught in its tracks, or you can use it to escape. You want to get this first because it will help you escape early game ganks.Next you want to get Phosphorus bomb. Phosphorus bomb is amazing early game. It does amazing damage and causes the enemies to miss. Also, it reveals stealthed units, which can be great from escaping ganks from stealth characters like twitch or evelynn.You want to get one level of gatling gun at level 4 simply because of the armor reduction and some extra damage never hurts. Gatling gun is good for chasing since you can move while using it. Get another level of Phosphorus bomb at 5 and then of course Missile Barrage.
From here you want to order in priority of Missile Barrage<Phosphorus Bomb<Valkyrie<Gatling Gun.
Now I know you're probably thinking "Why Valkyrie before Gatling Gun? You only use Valkyrie to escape" Well this isn't true, since you have flash you don't need to worry about having Valkyrie to escape. Valkyrie is a great offensive skill and also a great skill for chasing. Don't be afraid to use Valkyrie when attacking!

Early Game-You want to try and solo mid as Croki. It isn't a big deal if you don't get solo, but it helps. Early game you don't want to focus on harassing. You just want to focus on last hitting minions. If this means tower hugging because the enemies are harassing you then so be it. They will regret the harassing when you get to around level 5 or 6. Don;t spam your spells at early levels as you will run out of mana fast. Just wait until level 5 or 6 and then go ahead and start harassing. If the enemy is harassing you too much, don't be afraid to throw a phosphorus bomb at them. This will most likely scare them away as phosphorus bomb does such massive damage early game. Your first trip back you want to be able to afford your philosophers stone and hopefully some boots of speed. If you have been farming well, get some boots of swiftness too, but it isn't necessary to get these as soon as possible. (Even though you always want to get all your items as soon as possible)
Mid Game-This is when Corki really shines. Go ahead and gank if you want to, but it isn't a big deal. You can stay in your lane and just farm if you want, but watch out for enemies trying to gank you. You should be able to escape ganks easily though with your Valkyrie and Flash. You should get your phage and sheen by the end of mid game.
Late Game-This is when Corki stops getting kills as much and falls more into a support role. You want to finish your trinity force and get your Black Cleaver. Go ahead and get golem buff if you want, as it allows you to spam your skills, but if there is someone who needs it more than you (such as Ryze) go ahead and let them have it. During team fights you want to sit back a little bit and just fire away at the targeted enemy champion. When an enemy tank tries to initiate, use your gatling gun to shred his armor so your team can take him out. if they have a stealth champ whos mia, just go ahead and fire your phosphorus bomb in front of your team to hopefully identify him. Spam your missiles on the enemy champs and use valkyrie to chase.
-A good skill combination is to open up with phosphorus bomb and then use your gatling gun. Start spamming your missiles and auto attacking. When the enemy tries running use valkyrie to chase them and spam missiles at them as you chase them.
-Use valkyrie to jump over walls to escape ganks.
-Corki's passive is very helpful early game, adding a decent amount of damage. If the enemy comes into your range don't be afraid to fire a couple auto attacks their way to scare them away. it will do some pretty good damage.
-Try not to use your skills until around level 5, when you have all of them and you have phosphorus bomb upgraded. It will just drain your mana to do a pretty insignificant amount of damage.
-Try to focus on last hitting minions
-Corki is a pretty good jungler with his phosphorus bomb and gatling gun. If you need a bit extra money and none of your lanes are in peril, dont be afraid to go kill some neutral minions.
-Corki can also be a good ganker. Open up with a valkyrie across the path they will run (like a wall in front of their escape route) and then phosphorus bomb them and gatling gun then start missile barageing. Corki isn't the best at ganking alone, so hopefully your teammate will help you. This doesn't mean Corki can't gank though. He is very capable of killing a squishy himself. But since he doesn't have any crowd control they may escape easily.
-Try not to spam your missiles too much. You want to keep around 4 or 5 in case you get ganked or a battle breaks out. With this in mind, don't be afraid to fir a missile at the enemy champions. Also, since the missiles have an AOE, go ahead and fire a missile or two at the enemies ranged minions. They will think they are safely hiding behind them, but will be easily scared away by your missiles.
-You don't have to follow my playsyle. If you like to play a different way, go ahead! This guide is just aimed to help people understand this champion more and hopefully make him more loved!

Last but not least, don't forget to have fun! Corki is one of the most fun champions to play, and that alone makes him worth playing.

Any criticism is welcomed.