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The Criofenix Nuker

Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Anivia is my favorite champion so i finaly decided to make a guide how to build her.
First think is to make sure that you have level ap runes for her.In early game with anivia you take blue at level 3-4,When you got blue you keep your distance and spam with Q,if you stun someone hit with E and retreat.Only think you need to do is to farm.
At level six your runes will give you enough ability power to dominate your opponent with your ulti and your E.Always remember to slow your opponent before using E to deal double damage.

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~Anivia why to choose build like this?~

'I choose build like this for early game mana regeneration and mana,As the summoners might know my ultimate uses lots of mana so i need tear of goddess as soon as possible'
-Won't Rod of Ages be better?
'Of course not,Maybe it gives mana and mana regeneration buy its not give as much as Archangels staff that you make of Tear of Goddess.'
-Why do you purchase Needlessly Large Rod instead of Archangels now?
'Usually I get to purchase Needlessly somewhere around minute 15-20 with a huge farm i usually have.'
-How big is it?
'At level 6 your farm should be around 130 or above,Its great to farm with your ultimate and gank,When your on gank from mid you can easily farm other lane while fighting.'
-Anvia why do you purchase Sorceress shoes so lately in the game?
'Anivia is one of those champions that doesn't need shoes,You know I only shoot out my combo of Q+R+E and the person gets such a Nuke that he is eider dead or Nearly dead.'
-I noticed that you don't buy health potions at the start,But you take Ignite as a spell.
'I do,At early game I play very safe and i let my opponent to feel free on the line for the jungle r to gank the line,I play like a noob for them to forget about the jungle r,Then when jungle r ganks the opponent probably will use flash to avoid death,So i will be able to slow him if he will be close enough witjh the ultimate using flash,The wall used right way here can do miracles,During the ulti its good to drink 3 mana potions at once so the ulti will least longer.'
-why do you choose Rylai's Crystal Scepter?
'For a bigger health,Ability power and for a huge slow,but i guess those doesn't stack with my abilities.'
-Thanks for the interview Anivia.
'Your welcome,Cya.'

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~Early game Anivia(1-8)~

at level One you start with boots of speed and 3 mana potions or 1 health potion and 2 mana potions,You choose Q as your first ability for early game harass or just safety.Until level Three you are playing safe and usually staying near the tower to avoid ganks from jungle.When you reach level Three you start to play more aggressive,Ask your jungle r for blue if you can,If you got blue you start to spam Q+E all the time it will probably bring your opponent to very low hp as anivia's damage is massive in early game.(If you didn't got blue just hug the tower and play safe).If you got tear of Goddess you should probably try to get a Frag but nothing that would risk a death.AT level Six buy two Wards and place them in the bushes by the sides of the mid to get sure that no gank will be made at you.On leavel Six you should be able to make bigger damge then your opponent because of your Ap per level runes,On level Eight you will dominate the lane and the game with you massive nuke damage that only Akali can beat ^^.

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~Thanks for reading my build~

-Nexerio(Nexerio7991 in game)