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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rundown9230

The crit/ad Caitlyn

Rundown9230 Last updated on January 31, 2011
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This is a brief guide to Caitlyn. I've recently went 41/3/12 with her on a 1 hr and 10 min game

I wont post up too many details because most people just can't play her anyways. but i was hitting 900 crits per hit and my ult did 750 (+575) in the end so it works for me.

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When you play caitlyn try to go mid. I know some would say you wouldn't get the benefit of her passive but your crit chance will make it obsolete. BUT, use the 8th attack on the enemy champ, hopefully it'll crit and that'll give em a scare for sure. Always stand back and harass with piltover peacemaker and try to predict where your enemy will walk to make sure you get the hit.


I get the meki pendant for one reason, which is using piltover peacemaker. It has a large manage usage so with the pendant you can cancel it out. once you get your Phantom dancer feel free to sell it off as you'll be working on the infinity edge making peacemaker less useful.

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Jungle/team fight

As you level and kill be sure to take some time on the way to others lanes to stop and do a little jungling. The jungling will help you raise the stats on your bloodthirsters and the extra money will come in handy plus golem buffs are always nice. During dead periods when you don't want to stay in your lane because the possibility of ganking jungle around your lane and if ur doing well go into the enemies jungle. Most people do not realize that caitlyn can do well in the jungle and will pay no attention to your absence.

While team fighting dont be scared to use your Ace in the Hole, who knows, by the time the bullet reaches its target you may have given your team enough time to weaken them and take the kill. you can randomly place your snap traps on the sides of a lane and even in plain sight, the dumbest enemies will run right into them. If you feel like your team is losing or if an ally is running and being chased, use your 90 caliber net to slow the attacker and let your ally escape.

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Skill Sequence

Piltover Peacemaker Level this as often as possible for easy minion waves and harassment

90 cal and snap trap Skills which are 'almost' useless for damage but good to help team mates and snare enemies. Since the traps are visible place them in the brush preferably in the front so it activates right when they enter. As for the net? use it for running and getting through some terrain to get yourself around places

Ace in the hole Possibly the worst ultimate at level 1 but can easily kill a low hp caster or champ near a turret. When using this skill try to place yourself off to the side of whom you are about to attack, that way, theres a less likely chance of one of their teammates intercepting the shot and you can walk away smiling.

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The outcome of an expensive build


FAST RUN SPEED (for chasing and running)
HIGH CRIT CHANCE (maximum damage from AD)

And the greatest part is that i was doing 600+ to the tank with all AD defense and thornmail and surviving with my 50% life steal while two shotting their ryze and akali and 4-6 shotting their xin and mordekaiser

Keep in mind you must be doing well for this build to truly work. Play slightly passive-aggressive and know when to get yourself out of danger. Although i know i wasn't as thorough as i should've been, this is the best build I've ever seen completed with caitlyn hands down. Regardless if you like it or not maybe ill face you in the near future and i can show you :D