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The Critastic Master Yi

Last updated on August 12, 2010
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This build is the build you would want as anyone wanting to play Yi. It allows you to farm, push, gank, anything a Yi is supposed to do best.

I've been playing Yi since level 1 and this is how I would always build my Master Yi.

I would start off with a Vampiric Scepter and would just lane with anyone. Majority of the time I would attempt a FB with my teammates when I reach level 2 with both of alpha and WUJU style is picked. Its simple... Just hit 7 times until you get your double strike and then attempt a FB, you may not always get it, depending on the teammate and who you lane against but, majority of the time you will get a FB against a squishy or damage a tanky champ severely.

Next I would lane and last hit as much as possible until I reach 1k gold. With this 1k gold I would recall and purchase a Madred's Razor. Afterwards I would do a whole forest up and down starting with the blue buff, or it depends whichever lane requires a gank. Usually you'll end up ganking a few champs.

Afterwards I would start with a Zeal for attackspeed/Crit/movement for it will help me with damage and make a Wriggle's Lantern. Both will allow me to farm better, lane better, push better. Majority of the time during early and mid game you would be farming and pushing and entering team fights if needed.

After those two essential items, I build on my Infinity's Edge and finish the Zeal for a Phantom Dancer. I get 2 Phantom Dancers because, well it explains it all, crit/atkspeed is essential for Yi. At this point you'll most likely be criting most of the time.

You would most likely be in an end-game phase if it would ever last that long.. The key thing for many master yi players is to CLEAN UP. In my opinion, that is the whole point of playing a master yi or a dps carry. It is for you to clean up. What I mean by cleaning up is.. you go in last and you kill everything.

I built this majority around Yi. During the endgame even if there's a crit damage diminishing return.. I still see 1k crit+ on any champ. Along with highlander you'll be doing 10k in 10 seconds.

This is how i play Yi, you don't have to follow and everyone has their own unique styles. Master Yi is fun to play, you should pick him or WUJU rather have a cookie?