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The Cruel Viking [6.5 Olaf Top Lane Guide!]

Last updated on March 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Olaf with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven Riven isn't that much of a threat to Olaf as [[ragnarok]] blocks any of her CC's and he can outsustain Riven in anyway.
Pantheon Pantheon just spams his [[spear shot]] and Olaf's attack speed increases, if Panthon engages in a duel, Olaf has a big chance of winning, the stun of [[aegis of zeonia]] is useless as Olaf has his [[ragnarok]].
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Hello guys! I'm Exultation, a Silver 2 player in LoL [kinda low elo xD] I wanted to create this Olaf guide to show you to dominate top lane with this manly, bearded viking. Olaf is a tank that has a strong burst, he has OP sustain, true damage, long range poke, and immunity to CCs. He can even destroy Darius at post-6.

Olaf - The Bearded Madman
Garen? No problem!

Jungler ganking potential: Medium, if axe misses, there's a little chance that the gank will fail.
Speciality: Destroying tanks, diving, and assasinating ADRs without being bursted.
Explanation:Olaf is a tanky champion with a strong burst, Olaf is good at diving enemies in the turret because of Ragnarok's bonus movement speed for a brief time. Destroys most tanks because of Reckless Swing, Olaf has intense sustain because of Vicious Strikes, and poking potential from Undertow, he gets increasingly hard to kill if he has low health because of Berserker Rage and the sustain from Vicious Strikes combined with Ragnarok.

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I'll add this as soon as I get a chance to screenshot my masteries. :)

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Skill Sequence

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We may want to max Undertow first as it's your poking tool and used for harassing enemies, upgrade Ragnarok if possible, secondly, max out Reckless Swing to initiate duels and last hitting minions, max out Vicious Strikes last.

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Skill Explanation

Berserker Rage
Increasing attack speed as your health is decreasing
// This is why Olaf is harder to kill when low health, combine with Vicious Strikes, and Ragnarok, he can even take down Jax, Xin Zhao, and Yasuo with even a little amount of health.

Throws his axe in a direction, slowing enemies hit.
// Olaf's poking tool, you can spam this as long as you want as long you have enough mana, sadly, this is mana hungry, depleting your mana fast, additionally, you can pick it up to reduce it's cooldown, which can be great for chasing, throw, pick up, repeat.

Vicious Strikes
Increases his attack speed and lifesteal for six seconds.
// Olaf's bread and butter for dueling, sustain, and healing, this is good when combined with Berserker Rage and Ragnarok.

Reckless Swing
Deals true damage to an enemy
// Olaf can destroy tanks with this, Garen, Darius, Rammus?, no problem! This has longer range than a basic attack so use this if your enemy tends to go near you and farm.

Bonus movement speed briefly, then immunity to disables and large bonus attack damage.
// Great for escapes, he can use this to chase enemies and dive ADCs, this is why Olaf counters Riven and Pantheon so hard. Olaf's only viable escape.

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Pros / Cons


+ Can build tanky items while being able to burst down ADC's
+ Has Undertow for poking.
+ Has true damage from Reckless Swing.
+ Immunity to CC's from Ragnarok.
+ Destroys even the most tankiest champ.
+ Has that manly, and mean beard.
+ OP sustain from Vicious Strikes
Olaf is a very tanky champion that rips off most tanks, he can build tank items while being able to burst down ADCs, his Undertow is a very good poke, because of his Reckless Swing, he can destroy most tanks, even Garen, Darius, Rammus, No problem! His Vicious Strikes is his dueling bread and butter, grants intense sustain and fast attack speed, Ragnarok grants him IMMUNITY TO DISABLES which is used to counter Riven, Pantheon, and etc. Berserker Rage turns him increasingly difficult to kill.

-No viable escape except Ragnarok which has high cooldown
-Offers no CCs but slow only from Undertow.
-Can be easily kited if axe misses or if not activated Ragnarok.
-Prone to ganks.
-Gank has a chance of failure if axe misses.
-Damages himself with Reckless Swing.
-High cooldown Vicious Strikes.
- Undertow is narrow and slightly hard to master and aim.
Olaf may be tanky, but he can be easily kited if Undertow misses, or if Ragnarok is in cooldown, he is prone to ganks and long range harasses, like Razor Shuriken, Thundering Shuriken, and Steel Tempest's 3rd cast. He can be easily bursted down by Vayne because of Silver Bolts' true damage. Reckless Swing costs health and if you went full AD, it would cost 115 health. Undertow has high mana cost and you need to spam it so you can deny your enemy in top lane.

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Magic Resist
You need to rush spirit's cowl and build Spirit Visage, after that, buy Mercury Treads, and then Maw of Malmortius [you can buy hexdrinker first and finish Maw of Malmortius later but that is optional], then buy Locket of the Iron Solari for tankiness, build Guardian Angel next to revive at teamfights and lastly, The Black Cleaver for a bit of damage and health.

Rush The Black Cleaver for a bit of damage, then buy Ninja Tabi, buy Titanic Hydra for attack damage and health, Sterak's Gage is crucial to this build, as you need it to dive on teamfights, but it still built fourth, buy Frozen Mallet for intense health and stickiness, then finally, buy Spirit Visage for magic resist, health and increased healing from all sources.

Go for Ravenous Hydra for lifesteal and attack damage, this is your main item on your build as it provides a large amount of attack damage, provides "Cleave" passive, and deals high damage to surrounding enemies, buy ninja tabi, then rush Blade of the Ruined King for attack speed and attack damage and slightly increased lifesteal, go for The Bloodthirster, it packs a ton of damage and intense sustain, buy Trinity Force last.

Attack Speed
Buy Blade of the Ruined King for early game attack speed, then Berserker's Greaves, build Guinsoo's Rageblade for increasing attack speed, like Relentless Assault, go for Ravenous Hydra, of course you're not going all-in attack speed as you need sustain, buy Sterak's Gage so you can dive enemies in teamfight and last longer in duels, and finally, Wit's End for magic resist and attack speed.

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Summoner Spell

Why you should take this

// You need Teleport to quickly get back into your lane if your enemy is pushing, or go in teamfights. You also need Ghost for chasing enemies and escaping, this is a more viable choice than Flash.

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Annnndddd, Olaf is a very tanky viking which bursts down ADCs easy and can dive most champions {little chance of failure to Yasuo.} He can stomp most tanks in top and prone to poking projectiles like Razor Shuriken, and Steel Tempest. I hope you liked my guide and would appreciate any feedback! Anyways my username in LoL is Exultation, thanks for taking your time to read this guide as I had a very fun time writing this guide, I will add the changelog soon, add the screenshots. ciao :).