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League of Legends Build Guide Author soultank

The Dark avalanche

soultank Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Let me introduce you to my dear friend Morgana. I am going to tell you right now that I am hugely successful with this build, but it requires a very conservative style of play(at least in the beginning)! Its all about timed aggression, and support! In this build you will see, morgana is like an avalanche. at first, it is just a snowball, but by the end you will be melting faces garenteed, and most importantly NOT DYING!!! I have read countless morgana guides and played countless games with her and this is my favorite way to build her. even in ranked!

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Quintessence- I like the flat health. if it can help me stay in the lane even a moment longer then it is worth it!
Marks- Magic Pen! duh
Seals- this is where I like to very, and am completely open to suggestions, for the longest time I went strait armor, but lately I have been getting flat mana gen since my build in the early game completely lacks mana gen.
Glyphs- I go lvl scaling cooldown reduction. This is very important because many of her abilites have long cooldowns!!!

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First Item- After trying build after build I have learned that the frist item can make you or break you. I alway, always, get amplifying tome first. I play very conserviative early, so I never get a health pot, unless I go solo mid(which I hate). I dont think Morgana is meant for mid. A true carry should have mid. SOLO top on the other hand, yes please!!! I don't waste my abilites unless it is to support a teamate. otherwise I solely last hit minions. If I can get a kill early then great, the sooner I can get Mejai's soulstealer the better, but kills dont really matter until you can complete Mejai's, and you should teleport back as SOON as you can leave your tower safely!. A lot of people hate snowballing Items, but Mejai's is perfect for Morgana, It allows you to focus your build in the early/mid game on items which don't provide ap.

Second Item- Boots of Sorcery as soon as you complete this item watch morgana's power ratio sky rocket! Sometimes on my second trip back I only get boots of speed and Meki Pendent.

Third Item- Now that you have established your early game with Mejai's it is time to get mana regen/ mana. tear of the goddess is simply amazing on Morgana. Almost from the moment you equip it mana is no longer a problem the rest of the game! You can start your harassing heavily with the Dark binding to Tormented Soil combo. That is Morgana's bread and butter, so the more you can land this successfully the better!!!

Fourth Item- Now you need staying power! get Catalyst the protector Morgana needs to be able to survive fights, and this helps. Sometimes I will try and get the health portion of this sooner if I have extra money

Fifth item- Complete Rod of Ages ASAP. Get it scaling! No other item will keep you in the game more effectively than this!!!

Sixth item- complete Archangel's staff. This will give you the AP that you have not built upon greatly as of yet! Hopefully if you are playing smart and getting lot of kill/assists then mejai's has supplimented the fact that you haven't built much AP. Most games I play end here, by this time you can push a lane like a fiend, and shut down ganks with your shield! but if the game persists...

Seventh Item- Rabadon's Deathcap This item when completed late game allows morgana to hit like a truck! If your Mejai's has between 12-20 stacks, which it should for it to be worth keeping on, then Deathcap will allow you to be able to nuke whoever you are able to land a darkbinding on(followed by tormented soil)

The last item slot is completely situational, but for me is always an armor/magic resist item. On a rare occasion will I ever go another Archangel's staff. Sometimes if I have a lot of gold I will build another RoA. but I think either banshee's vail, thornmail, Zyonia's Hourglass, or lichbane(Great against towers late game if your team lacks the ability to push towers) is a much better choice.

Never build more than one Deathcap. It has a UNIQUE passive. build another archangel if for some reason you don't have enough ap.

Get wards!!!! definitely mid-late game. early game I like to tower hug so I don't need them but mid game, when you are moving a lot, they are worth the buck! If you want to protect your Mejai's/team get them!!!

(Please provide feedback on item sequence AFTER you have tried this build at least a couple of times)

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Skill Sequence

Simple get darkbinding first, unless you are solo top lane, then you should get tormented soil first.

max tormented soil first, then darkbinding, and lastly your shield(obviously your ultimate whenever you can)

you don't need your shield until team fights really start erupting.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport has become my all time favorite SS. It keeps you in the lane, and allows you to quickly recharge at you base, and then get you back in the action.

The only other two SS that I would recomend is Ignite and ghost. I say either or here. I choose ignite, largely because it helps get you kills, and control characters that I can't stand like, mundo, and trynd.

If you are new to morgana I recommend starting with clarity until you can get the hang of the build. but as soon as you can, you will realize that tele/ignite is the way to go.

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Early game- Until you get to level 6, I recommend just last hitting minions, zone from the bushes, and throw a very occational dark binding/tormented soil combo. Here you will have to trust me though if you don't spam this combo in your first five levels, it makes the moment you get to level 6 a garenteed kill!!! A. if you don't do it a lot then you have some mana stored, and B. when you are ready to gank, they wont see it coming!!! I like to open with Dark binding, if it lands then I snap tormented soil under them, followed by soul shackle and positioning my self safely between their escape route, and close enough to make sure soul shackle lasts for the full duration. This will nuke them dead. If not then finish with ignite. I get more kills this way than any other way. I often lead out from the bushes, just because I am always trying to take advantage of zoning!!! The two items of early game are mejai's and your sorcery boots.

Mid game- By this time I recommend by level 8-10 to put at least one point into your shield, you will need this to support against CC! Always put on your carry if any large fights break out. try to focus their carry with your dark binding when you can. harass with dark binding/tormented soil often at this point in the game. Often your success in landing this determines your teams ability to initiate a fight! Anytime you find yourself 1v1. Use the combo mentioned in early game, then get the hell out of that location. Its all about timed aggression. Mid game is where I like to shine. If you can pick up kills and assists here, then your late game is simply ridiculous! Lastly GET WARDS!!!! You need to protect your mejai's So dont get ganked unnecessarily. You can still push lanes successfully if you at least ward to protect yourself! don't be afraid of tower diving with soul shackles after RoA is complete.

Late game- try to stay out of focus, Hopefully by now you have defined your roll as a support champion with a deadly edge. When a team-fight erupts, positioning is key. Use your shield to protect carry and yourself and make sure that when you ulti that it stuns at least two people, without you dying in the process. I know this sounds difficult, but positioning is key in order for your team to win. Take advantage of morgana's Huge range!!!

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Tips, and learned experience.

- Early gank combo dark binding->tormented soil-> soul shackle -> ignite! dead.

-Look for dark bindings under the towers! What I try to do a lot of times if I am facing a lot of early tower divers, is I will bind them, then throw tormented soil not, necessarily on them but on the minions. Nuke the minions and then let the tower kill the enemy. I cant tell you how many kills that has gotten me at all stages of the game!

-abuse her massive range. She has really long cool-downs so the longer it takes for them to initiate the easier killing them will go.

After you spam her abilities she sometimes can feel useless so my advise is be extremely confident with landing dark binding. It will often dictate winning and losing fights!!!

If laning against trynd pop shield when you start retreating to prevent his slow.

If Nunu Ults pop shield for an easy exit! that goes for allies as well as yourself!

Always save ignite for healers if the team has a mundo, or fiddle!

Champions I recommend staying clear of, 1. vieger! 2. Trynd 3. Kat 4. akali 5. jax These are my top 5 just because they can focus you down extremely quickly! Morgana can weather most of the other champions, but if you die quickly your whole team is going to fall apart. Your roll as a support champion will dictate wining or losing.

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This is where I will spotlight you for positive feedback that can enhance morgana for you and for I!