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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crocuta

The Defiler

Crocuta Last updated on November 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Urgot can be a lot of fun to play. He is a huge annoyance to be against and can easily get a lot of kills early game, especially when laning with someone that can help you with some burst damage. I frequently lane with Shaco and it works very well.

The two big components of this build are cooldown reduction and movement speed.

You wanna try to get around 17% cooldown reduction as soon as you can focus on it. At this point you'll be able to get off 4 acid hunters per corrosive charge, which is your bread and butter throughout the game. After that I still like to get more cdr. Even though you can't get up to 5 acid hunters the leeway is still nice. This way you won't have to fire acid hunter instantly when it's up to get 4 in and you should be able to move around a little more and still get all 4 in.

Movement speed is for the gank factor. With Urgot's ult surprise is the key. If you can rush in from off screen and switch with someone before they know what's going on it's just beautiful. Urgot's shield's slow is also great for chasing people down and with that slow and your movement speed buff he does really well helping the team chase down runners. One other thing to remember is that not a lot of people play Urgot and because of that not a lot of people understand him very well. Use that to your advantage.

Early game you just want to spam the seeking acid hunter, especially on the squishy champions. Eventually they'll be so scare of it and its obnoxious range that you should be able to stand behind their ranged minions to deny them a lot of xp or, if they aren't taking the hint, kill them. Keep in mind that Urgot has enough range and hp to be able to effectively tower dive at a much lower level than a lot of other heroes.

Late game you'll notice that Urgot doesn't scale as well as other heroes but by this time you should hopefully be fed well enough to still be able to take on most enemy heroes solo and with your movement speed you can easily chase down runners. People will often still be scared of acid hunter late game due to early game harass and I've had a lot of luck solo defending towers vs three or so heroes by just constantly launching everything at them.

Urgot really does move into more of a support role late game for team fights. The best way to utilize him is to hit an enemy that has slightly over extended himself with the switch and run back so you and your team can go to town. I've seen a lot of people suicide switch constantly and it really isn't worth it. . . Omen is really nice in these situations because you can just hit it as soon as the switch is complete to help you get away and take less damage.

1. With items I'd always recommend Manamune. Once you have that you shouldn't really have mana problems at all. Aside from that I'd just go for the item cooldown so you can get max acid hunters, enough defense to be survivable, and some damage to stack on your acid hunters.

3. Corrosive charge is awesome. . . Aside from the lock on for acid hunter it gives vision. The reason I take it first is because it lets me scout the bushes for a gank. I'll spam it in hiding places, as well as on Baron, throughout the game to spot ganks and whatnot.

4. Remember that your shields slowing affect procs on acid hunter! I use this ability more for offense than defense in most games.