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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CuttyMonsta

The Definition of PAIN!

CuttyMonsta Last updated on August 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Late-game AP. That is all.

Summoner Spells
If you're going to be playing with Veigar, you should A) Always be able to get somewhere to turn the tide of battle IMMEDIATELY, and B) keep that mana up.

1. By level 6, he'll be doing things I'm sure is illegal somewhere.
2. Turns the flow of battle in less than 3 seconds.
3. can have well over 900 AP if played correctly.
4. Quick cooldown recovery.

1. Will more than likely have to use teammates as meat shields.
2. Squishy
3. Starts with very little AP
4. Will be focused ahead of any other champ on the team.

Items and Basic Strategy
Early Game= Get an amp tome for that much needed boost to AP and a mana pot. You shouldn't worry about getting hit if you know when to play conservatively and when to dig in that a**. You'll be playing Veigar the same way at lvl 18 as you do at lvl 1. Lane with somebody, preferably a physical damage character, and hang out in the back. Don't even bother hitting champs with baleful unless they get too froggy as you'll need to last hit creeps with BS after using DM. At lvl 3 you'll have some serious survivability/gankability with EH if some moron decides to find out what's black and blue and can show them the definition of pain. B whenever you get 810 gold to get the fiendish codex. show your face for 435 gold then B again for an amp tome. It gives your partner time for that lovely one-man exp, and when you get back, you'll be slapping the sandwich out of the hands of anyone who tries to push your lane. Get used to using EH to group up creeps for the DM then BS all surviving creeps for that AP...sweet sweet AP. After a couple of kills/assists/creep waves, you should easily be able to finish off the Deathfire Grasp in a timely manner. You should probably have a kill or assist and you and your partner should've been able to take a tower if he/she knows how to play. Which immediately sends you into mid-game.

Mid-Game= When a tower goes down it's officially mid-game. People are going to start switching lanes and jungling for quick gold. At this point, you should have your sorc boots and an amp tome for that Mejai's. If you're not lvl 8-10, you haven't been playing conservatively enough and gave up some kills. You should be coordinating ganks followed by tower pushes because that Needlessly large rod isn't cheap. Make sure you sit yo a** in the back to make things happen. EH/DM champs followed by Deathfire then PB. If they live through that, then get ready for an AP boost because they should NOT live through that final BS in the end. DFG also gives you cooldown reduction so baleful and DM will be back up pronto. If you can snare multiple foes with EH before that DM rains terror onto them, then you're squad can probably crank out between 3 kills to an ACE in one sitting, get ready to push for that Zhonya's homie, because it's Miller Time!

Late Game= If you don't have at least 14 stacks from successful crowd control killing with your team and a giants belt for survivability, you've probably been caught in the jungle by yourself or allowed somebody to get to you before backing off. Dude, you have a Zhonya's and should be poppin that puppy when everybody focuses the 5-650+ AP blue guy right after summoning DM. DO IT! If you don't abuse that Zhonya's like you abused yourself when you found 4chan, then you WILL complain when others do it to you, and that would make you a noob. Anybody that isn't made out of magic resist should be suffering the 9th level of hell whenever you teleport in on a creep during a teem fight. If you've been dropping creeps left and right with that BS, which should only be on a 4 second cooldown, and got your Mejai's to 20 stacks (which raises your cooldown from 31 to 40% with masteries), man up on that Abyssal Scepter. Look at that friggin number next to the miniature Rylai's Scepter that indicates AP and you will have to resist the urge to touch yourself. Keep in mind that that Rylai's will have people walking away from you like they just got through spending some quality time with Big Nasty in a Texas State max security detention facility, not to mention that much needed health boost. Just remember, this will only happen if you play in the BACK ROW!!! Do not lead a charge. If you have to, use your own team to draw the would-be gankers out so that you can make Vegita shout your power level from the mountain tops.
If you have a team that likes to haul a** at the first sign of danger, then take the 900'ish max on AP and get a Guardian Angel. "TOWER DIVE VEIGAR AT THE TOWER!" Oh yeah? Hit the biggest damage dealer on their team with everything you have, but save that dark matter until just before you die. As soon as it's over, BS, Deathfire, DM then POP THAT ZHONYA'S LIKE IT'S GOING OUT OF STYLE! Anybody dumb enough to be around when it's over, unless the other team is just all powerful and your team has no intention of coming back, should enjoy yet another EH/DM, followed by another BS. Anyone that lives through that deserves it, seeing as all minions should be dead from your DM and the tower should be bashing their head(s) in on top of the 800-900+ AP you're annihilating them with.

Final Thoughts
This build is for the experienced. Many a time have I played with people that play with Veigar like he was friggin Tryndamere. If you're building Veigar to toe-to-toe with people, then you should just make a scion. He is the little demi-god of burst damage. Abuse that virtue to the fullest. Also, you need to stay the hell out of the jungle unless you have backup. Get your meat shield to check grass and you'll be fine. going from 20 stacks to 14 stacks is massive hit. You need to play super f***in duper conservative until you reach the point where people fear the knockoff final fantasy black mage. "But what if I keep getting ganked?" "But what if I can't get any kills?" "But what if I want golem and they have wards up?" There is no reason for anyone NOT to be able to strike when the striking is good. Remember, Veigar doesn't KS. He gets the damn job done *Note: You will probably KS a lot, but your team will be grateful for all the a** you all kick as they high five themselves for ACE #4 at the 30 minute mark.*

Very Important Final Reminder
Zhonya's Ring increases total AP by 25%. For every 10 minions you kill with BS, you get 2.5 more AP on top. Once BS reaches level 5, every champion you kill by ANY means will reward you with 5 extra AP. If you manage a double kill, you're rewarded with 12.5 ap. If you score a triple kill, you're rewarded with 18.75 AP. Do you see where this is going? Lastly, always remember to DFG FIRST. 30% off of whoever you're going to hit before you even begin to cast skills.

So praise it
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