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League of Legends Build Guide Author nikstar

The Demacian Team to the Victory

nikstar Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Kayle-Mage DPS Ownage

Hy everyone.First I'd like to tell you the story of this build.I tried it 3 months ago as an experiment and it worked surprisingly well.After a few more games I decided to post it here as a guide for new players.So lets have a look at the Stats first : 204 DMG and 440 AP don't really seem to be enough for a hero as Kayle but with her passive they are both boosted to a total of 268 DMG and 506 AP which is more than enough especially with the DMG boost that Righteous Fury gives.Now the Runes:I specialise at AP Runes although the AP and Magic Penetration Runes can easily be changed to DMG and Armor Penetration Runes respectively.The Masteries are common for Kayle as it is important to have the 21 Offense points while the 9 Utility Points can be moved to Defense if you don't want to be so reckless.I take Clarity as a Summoner Spell because Kayle is EXTREMELY Mana hungry early and middle game.The Heal as a Summoner Spell is useful until you get your Intervention at Level 2 and then it becomes pretty useless.I go for it simply because I usually get lots of DMG early game and I max Divine Blessing at the last few Levels and at Level 1 this Spell it does almost nothing until you get LOTS of AP.Even so if you think that Heal isn't needed don't be afraid to change it.In my opinion the best spell you may swap Heal with is Ignite.If you choose to take it get the Burning Embers Mastery so that Ignite gives you an AP boost as well as perfect finishing strike ability.And now the most important part : the Items.The first Item I like to take is Doran's Ring - it gives HP,AP and Mana Regen-3 things that Kayle needs the most at the beginning.Then I go for Sorcerer's Boots.Another pairs of Boots suitable for Kayle are Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Berserker's Greaves but I think that Magic Penetration is the most useful boost here.Then I buy Guinshoo's Rageblade.It is VERY important to get it early,as if you succeed to do it Kayle practically owns early and mid game.Because of this reason I often actually buy Guinshoo's Rageblade even before I get Boots (Sorcerer's or any other).That item really helps at 1v1 battles at the beginning.Yet at late mid game the Rageblade becomes incuficient because Kayle gets too squishy and often aimed at team fights because of her supporting abilities.The solution of this problem-the Hextech Gunblade.Perfect Item for Hybrid Champions, giving tons of AP and AD + Life Steal and Spell Vamp.The last two are key elements for Kayle because of her Righteous Fury Spell.This Spell deals Physical Damage + a bonus percent of AP as Magic Damage.So using this Spell will deal both damages ... which will heal you with both Life Steal and Spell Vamp.Simple as that and still owning.Also notice that you would rarely get anything after the Gunblade because the game usually ends somewhere at this point.Yet if it continues here are the other items to be bought - after the Hextech Gunblade I really like buyng Rabadon's Deathcap because of it's incredible AP boost which will give a healthy boost to your DMG as well.After that it doesn't really matter if you take the Void Staff or the Nashor's Tooth first since both are good late game items.After you get the first of those two you just go and sell the Doran's Ring for the other one-simple as that.I should mention that I have bought the full build just once and the game continued 1 hour and 18 minutes.Just for the stats I got 23/3/17 results that game.The order of learning the Spells is a bit unusual.Many people think that it isn't worth it to get Reckoning at Level 1.Yet I do take it because with such a Mage-DPS build you need a high-damaging Nuke Spell.I max Reckoning and Righteous Fury at the same time getting only them until Level 13 with just a single point at Divine Blessing at Level 2 or 3 and of course taking my Ultimate whenever it is possible.Some may suggest that it is better to max Divine Blessing earlier but in this Build I concentrate on dealing the most Damage possible so the two damaging Spells are really a priority while the support Spell - not.That is it about the Skills.Just keep in mind that you should use Righteous Fury as much as you can but be careful about running out of Mana.With this build Kayle can do pretty much everything - midding,ganking,great 1v1 fighting and she is also very powerful in team battles.Not only she does lots of DMG with Reckoning and Righteous Fury but also using Divine Blessing and Intervention on a high-DPS Champion of your team may win the battle for your team.So that's it - hope you find this Build useful and good!

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Garen-Screw the Critical FTW

After trying tons of Builds on Garen each of them including Items such as Infinity Edge,Yomuu's Ghostblade and Atma's Impaler I realized that Garen doesn't actually need Critical Damage but Armor Penetration Instead.Having look at his Stats we can see that he has over 320 Damage and almost 25 Armor Penetration.Yet here the Passive Armor Penetration bonus that Last Whisper gives is not calculated so Garen has infact 64.93 Armor Penetration instead of 24.93.For Runes use Armor Penetration Marks and Quintessences and Physical Damage per Level Glyphs and Seals.Those are typical but if you wish to have more power early game you may change the AD per Level Glyphs with AD Glyphs - the choice is yours.There are two ways to get your Masteries for Garen but it depends on whether you play him more like a tank or more like a DPS.Since this Build concentrates on the DPS I take 21 in Offense,6 in Defense and 3 in Utility.You may have noticed that here I take all the 3 possible points in the Critical Chance Increase Mastery.I do that simply because after improving Exhaust there is no other way to spend them - you don't need to upgrade Smite as a Summoner Spell and AP is totally useless on Garen.So I had to take the Critical Chance Mastery but notice that I avoid getting the Critical Damage Increase Mastery later on.My Summoner Spells are Flash and Exhaust.Before I used to get Ghost instead of Flash but after a few games I realized that Flash is far more useful.And of course Exhaust as it is the best Summoner Spell for Garen, extremely good when combined with your Judgment Ability.For Items as I said, I concentrate on AD and Armor Penetration,completely avoiding any Critical Damage Items.I also get some tanky Items such as Frozen Mallet and Doran's Shield but they are not my main priority.So to begin with I buy Doran's Shield which along with my Passive helps me stay far longer in lane instead of going back for healing.Then I buy the Boots of Swiftness although if you have problems with the long Cooldowns you may choose to buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity.After that I go for the last tanky item in the Build - the Frozen Mallet.Its Passive helps a lot as well because using Judgment or Decisive Strike will also apply its effect helping you easily catch up to fleeing enemies.The Last Whisper is absolutely great for Garen again because it helps your main skill (Judgment) to do better.With such Armor Penetration and BASE Damage of 220 per second (at Level 5 of the Skill that is) ,you will simply own with that skill.Then if the game continues I get a Bloodthirster.That gives you crazy Life Steal even if you use only your basic attacks and if you are able to stack it without dying you will have over 360 AD - a crazy amount indeed.By this point the game should really be over,but if not I highly recommend getting Black Cleaver as 6th Item.That's because Garen is rather slow with his attacks and the AD bonus is pretty good as well.And if the game continues even longer and you want to sell Doran's Shield for something better there is a very large choice what to buy.Here I post Wrrigle's Lantern but you may want to stack a second Bloodthirster.Also if you are aimed a lot and you want some defense Spirit Visage, Guardian Angel, Force of Nature and Warmog's Armor are all good choices.It is all up to you.And finally for Skills I rely mostly on Judgment because of its crazy Damage output.So I max this Spell first Followed by Decisive Strike and maxing Courage last with a single early point on it a Level 4 (I do this so that I can still activate the shield at critical moments).So that's it about Garen!Hope it's useful!

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Jarvan IV-Bring the Cataclysm!

Many people build Jarvan as full Tank.Others - as full DPS.But in my opinion both kinds of builds ar not that good,simply because they cant utilize Jarvan's full potential.The best build is a good mixture of Tank+DPS with key Items such as Atma's Impaler and Frozen Mallet.Looking at the Stats of this Build we see that Jarvan has 215 AD (it is that much thanks to Atma's Impaler Passive) ,over 4100 HP,ludicrous Armor and some Healthy Magic Resist.You may think that his AD is not enough,but don't forget his Passive,which can unleash some crazy damage at 1v1 fight.Now for Runes I get Armor Penetration Marks,Armor Seals,Magic Resist Glyphs and Health Quintessences.Yet because of the Items I buy his Armor goes extremely high you may choose to use Mgic Resist Seals instead of Armor ones - again the choice is left to you.My Masteries are again pretty offensive with 21 Points in Offense and only 9 in Defense.For not so reckless players I reccomend maxing Defense Mastery Tree instead of Offense but I don't really like to do that myself as I play pretty aggressive.For Summoner Spells I take Exhaust and Clarity.I think that everyone'd be surprised why I use Clarity instead of Ghost/Flash/Cleanse or even Ignite.But if you have a closer look at Jarvan's Mana you will notice that even at Level 18,it barely reaches 750.So if you want to cast your combo more often you will need a large Mana Regen source - just like Clarity.For me taking that Spell is an extremely important thing-to-do.The Item Build here is a bit more sophisticated than those of Garen and Kayle but in spite of that it is EXTREMELY cheap.I have bought that full build at least 10 times and the games didn't continue more than 1 hour.It is actually separated on 2 parts - early Build and late Build.The early Build is like that:first Item is Doran's Blade.Then you may choose between 2 pairs of boots - Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads.For me it actually depends on whether you max Demacian Standart first or not.If you max it first,then take Mercury's Treads because the Spell's Passive will give you all the Attack Speed you need at the beginning.If you choose to max another Spell first then take Berserker's Greaves so that you can still have an Attack Speed bonus.After the Boots come Phage.It's maybe the most important part of the early Build so make sure to get it early.Then you buy Heart of Gold.It will surely make your life easier although not with its HP bonus.but with its Passive.Generating 5 Gold every 10 seconds will help you buy your items a lot faster.With this Item already bought you will surely have no problems to get a Brutalizer fast.After the Brutalizer comes the second important Item of both early and late Build - Atma's Impaler.Not only it gives lots of Armor and Critical Chance but its Passive is the main AD boost to you for the entire game.Even though it ISN'T calculated here it gives you a boost of over 80 AD at the end of the Build.So your total AD becomes almost 300.Not bad for a Hybrid Champion.After that the early Build finishes.So here come your big items.Quickly,very quickly turn your Phage into Frozen Mallet and the Brutalizer into Yomuu's Ghostblade.Get some more money and make a Randuin's Omen from your Heart of Gold,selling Doran's Blade in the process.After that you will have 1 more Item Slot left.There are again a few choices what to buy.Here I mentioned Sunfire Cape but if you are doing good it would be much smarter to buy Bloodthirster instead.If you want to tank yourself even more Warmog's Armor is the right choice.And if you are getting aimed a lot Banshee's Veil will become priceless for you.Really,there are lots of possibilities and it depends on the game which Item is the best.And finally the skill order.I max Demacian Standart first then immediately going for Dragon Strike and finally Golden Aegis (Of course I get a point in both at Level 2 and Level 4 respectively).Cataclysm is learned whenever possible.That's pretty much all about Jarvan IV as well.


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