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The Engager Rager

Last updated on March 18, 2011
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This build is designed to destroy your enemy as fast as possible, and still be able to engage after you've popped your ultimate.

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The Marks of desolation are there for obvious reasons. Any good tankish character will eventually buy an armor item, thus making it harder to destroy them. Having that extra little armor pen. will reduce the time it takes to destroy them. The Seals of resilience are to make you tough because even though Jarvan is a DPS he is still (like all DPS's) squishy in the beginning. The Glyph of focus is there primarily for your Ultimate because if you can trap them, then between Sheen's ability and your Dragon Strike you should be able to kill them, if not make them an easy target for the rest of your team. Your Quinns. are for over all survival in the beginnging because its intimidating to see a DPS with 700 life at lvl 1

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Your standard offensive masteries.

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I realize the the end items are kind of expensive but if you get to that point in the game you are either winning, or loosing anyways. I got some criticisms about Wriggles Lantern but it give you a bunch of useful thing like an extra ward, armor, life steal, damage, and a farming tool.

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Skill Sequence

Probably the best if your an offensive player. Getting your standard first sucks because unless your a big fat ***** you will charge in the beginning bush anyways.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust stops them from getting away and or hitting you if its a DPS. Ghost is a handy escape and travel tool as well as chasing down an enemy so you can Ult. them or Dragon Strike them.