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The Experienced Amumu

Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Hero Stats of Amumu @ lvl 18.

Health: Should be over closer to 4500 because of Levithan (yes you should have 20stacks(15% reduced damage))
Mana: Whatever it'll be at it doesn't matter, at this level you should have mana enough to gank a whole team, it comes with the lvl.
Mana Reg: Should aswell be enought by the lvl.
Armor: It's going to be high and it's nothing to get concern'd about.
Magic Res: This however is a keystone, thats why we have magic res runes.
Damage: We hardly use our normal attack.
Movement: We use the hardcore speedy 3 boots for utilty, this because we should be able to get out and hunt, but if you are less experienced in the game and less skilled, maybe you should think of using merc boots, also if you meet a really heavy magic / CC team, you just might to use merc boots anyway.

Skills and Skill usage.

We start of with tantrum because we want to be able to farm, get all the last hits, playing Amumu means that your main concern and focus is actually just last hitting creeps and survive.
Now after tantrum we'll go for 1 bandage toss, this skill we'll only use to get close, hunt and run and we'll wont be lvling this skill no more until it's the only skill left.
Now at lvl 3 we will pick tantrum again to then at lvl 4 choose despair.
After lvl 4 we will spam tantrum skill so it'll get to lvl 5 asap.
ofcourse pciking our ulti as it goes along.

Hitting level 6.

At this lvl we have a very powerful ultimate, now before you go spam this all over, try find who in your team has an ulti to co op with your ulti, if there isn't one, get your teams carry and go ahead and use your ulti when you feel you have a good moment to use it.
Of course we'll still be focusing on last hitting creeps and such, but now at lvl 6 we'll try co op teamplaying and jump in with friends to use ulti when ever seems like a really nice chance to gank together with your team.

Items and their purpose.

There is other builds, great builds, builds that mainly go on for the sunfire cape, however by actually going for a sunfire cape build your wasting the great potential of Amumu as the tank and off carry dps.
Instead of just stacking items that'll in the end against experienced players will fail your gonna focus on your ulti, despair and cooldown reduction.
Having a 60sec from 170sec CD on your ulti is extremly powerful, with this build you should together with playing experience, very safe and afraid play, taking ganking oppertunities be farming kills, team wins and a lot of gold.

You will still have over 120+ magic res, 200+ armor and 4000+ health.

How do you act with Amumu?

Having flash and heal, you will play very safe, beign afraid of everything, and hiding for surprise ultimates, you will in the end be so powerful and scary to the enemies that you will by playing safe and afraid beign very safe and "tanky".
#don't be greedy, we don't care about hero kills only last hitting creeps.
#be afraid, we hate dying, we don't want to be hurt by anyone, thats why we buy at least 1 to 2 health pots everytime our inventory don't include one.
#we move a lot, we'r dancing, like moving constantly, never standing still, this to be active, don't miss out and dodging possibly attacks from enemies.
#after casting ultimate we spam tantrum, heal spell, and ofcourse before even initating we had despair on. what we do after 2seconds of iniating casting ulti->tantrum really quick, we move out, going back, b, and then move in again as we look for our actul target to essentaly win the team fight.
#we rather use bandage toss after a clash of attacks, like a snowball effect, when they run, we toss, also toss is stunning so you can use it very often to save your running friends from dying, also toss can be used to initate, but i recommend using flash to flash in and cast ultimate.

How do we buy our items?

We start of with Dorans shield and a health pot.
at 1000gold we'll be running back to our base, NOT BEFORE you have at least 1000gold.
when we get there, we should be lvl 5 or 6 and we should have a dorans shield together with boots of swiftness (move 3).
Now after this we'll buy a ruby crystal, and a mana crystal.
We'll turn the mana crystal into a glacial shroud, after this we want more health so we get leviathan, after that we'll go straight after a belt of health (titans) and upgrade asap into soul shroud.
Now remember, when ever you are in home base, buy a health pot.
why? beacuase we play safe and afraid.
Now that we got lots of health and mana and also heavy cooldown reduction, we will go for the sunfire cape, just for health and the 40dmg dps, allways buy the titans belt before anything else.
after sunfire we will buy a ruby crystal and then upgrade the glacial into frozen hearth, after that we'll upgrade the ruby into the catalyst to later upgrade this into banshees, but then again, we could as of this late game, just sell the ruby and go for a guardian angel, now it should be late game, you should be fed or have crazy amount of assists, and also you have sold the dorans shield to upgrade this into what ever suits you, I'd recommend the guardian angel, bashee's or the warmonger for crazy health. if you feel that magic is whats killing you, get force of nature, but i'd still recommend the guardian angel or banshee's over all above.

Now this whole build is based on that you know how to play, concider yourself experienced, and has good teamplay.