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The Face Shatterer

Last updated on June 8, 2010
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After checking out many builds and seeing what worked and didn't work for me I decided to post the build I've been using.

Taric is a lot of fun to play, but he can be very boring if your not using him to his full potential. Furthermore, he can be very frustrating to teammates because Taric appears to do little damage and only really ever heals every now and then, but most of the time your lane partner would rather have someone punishes foes rather than applying band aides. The key to playing Taric successfully is understanding that there are two styles of play which you have to adapt to during each individual game. Taric's chief role is support in the form of healing allies, carefully timed stuns, and reducing enemy armor. Let it be known, though, that Taric can be a force to be reckoned with. I was first only going to post a DPS build, but begrudgingly succumbed to the fact you can't be successful with Taric sticking to just one build, and the DPS build only works during certain circumstances. When the setting is right, The Face Shatterer build is a blast to play/ You can annihilate 30-40% of and enemy champ's health in less than a second. And when you pair that with the sound clip on Shatter (reminiscent of 200 pounds of flesh hitting the ground from 5 miles up) your no longer The Gem Knight, your the mother frackin Face Shatter. But because the DPS build only works under certain circumstances, I decided to make a long, more complicated, but also more complete build.

Early game - Picking the right laning partner
I grab Doran's Ring and a health pot before heading to a lane and put a point in Shatter, the early defense is very helpful and popping shatter on a overextending enemy champ can nag you a lvl 1 kill (besides YOU have to overextending hard to need to heal before lvl 2). Good laning partner's for Taric are anyone with high burst damage, ranged or melee, however ranged physical is preferred. A ranged partner can more easily harass enemy melee champs so you can auto-attack for mana, and a physical champ receives a bigger benefit from Radiance. Once you are lvl 3 and have Dazzle, you will be tempted to play a bit more aggressive, however; you should continue farming and harassing enough to allow you to get last hits.
Stay in lane as long as possible, which is very easy to do with a non-mana lane partner, farming, harassing, healing, and auto-attacking for mana. Continue playing passive aggressively until you have bought both your Merc Treads and Soulstealer. Now its time for the fun to start...

Mid game - Shattering faces or providing a moral boost?
By now you should be around lvl 7-9, time to start stealing souls! If you heal someone while they are getting a kill, you get the assist. If you stun someone who is fleeing and someone else get the kill, you get the assist. If you even pop Radiance while someone gets a kill, you get the assist. Getting the picture? It's very easy to charge your Soulstealer, start lanning aggressively and paying heavy attention to the map. Run to assist teammates all over the map by healing them and stunning enemy champs. Once you get up to 8 or 9 stacks, you'll notice you have much larger Imbues and that your Shatter is doing a good deal of damage to champs and obliterating minions. As soon as you can, buy Zeal. Zeal will continue to be useful despite which of the two routes I'm about to discuss you take.
As your running around the map aiding your allies and stunning enemies, pay close attention to the nature of the fight. Are the fights lasting very long? Are there a lot of enemy magic users? Physical? Are your Shatters and Dazzles doing a good deal of damage? Are you spending more time healing or fighting? Judging how these fights are going and paying attention to what your doing the most at this time will determine how you continue building.
If the fights are long and your spending a lot of time healing and stunning more than attacking, build the Lich Bane. If your not doing a lot of healing and you notice there are some squishy enemy champs, build the Phantom Blade. Also, if enemy champs are mages build Banshee's Veil, if they are physical build Frozen Heart.

End game (part 1) - Healy McGee
By now you've decide to go the magic route. Before building any armor, pick up a Tear of the Goddess which will quickly alleviate your mana concerns. Spend as much time fighting in groups as possible, crushing towers, and farming gold. Be sure to keep auto attacking during group fights. If you can auto-attack minions to avoid getting in the fray, go for it so long as you are continuing to heal your allies. Sell your Doran's Ring and start building Lich Bane, continue farming and crushing towers. If the game isn't over yet, buy a Rageblade to top things off as it's very easy to keep up 8 stacks during group fights.

End game (part 2) - The Face Shatterer
If your enemies aren't even denting your teammates with your constant heals, then it's probably safe to start Shattering face. Build your armor next (no dean for a Tear here since your plan is go Krav Maga on their ***es) and then start building you Rageblade BEFORE your Phantom Blade. Here's why: The stacking Attack Speed has synergy with your passive "mana leach" and the added Ability Power buffs your Shatter and Dazzle damage as well as your heals. With 8 stacks of Rageblade you will be Shattering for well over 500 dmg. When it comes to group fights, spend your time auto attacking enemy champs and healing allies, using Radiance in bursts, and stay close enough to enemies that you can run in and Shatter them to hopefully kill or at least weaken them enough for a Dazzle and/or auto attack to finish them off. A great little one-two-three is to run right up to an enemy champ's face, Dazzle, Shatter, Radiance, and then auto-attack.

Notes on skills
Innervate: its like hurting someone, but the opposite
Shatter: farm skill, awesome defense, very devastating early and end game
Dazzle: It stuns, not a lot of damage
Radiance: Only use in 4-5 second bursts or when fleeing

Notes on fighting style
Auto-attack all the time. If you don't want to run into the fray, auto-attack minions. Your build will determine how aggressive you should play, but in general when enemies have a lot a health run into the fray, Shatter, run out. When enemies have little health, run at them and Shatter, this will get you a lot of kills late in the game. I'll add more to this section later. Having a good item build should get you started.