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The faster You hit, the faster They fall!

Last updated on August 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first attempt at a build, and this build is still in the process of being tested(currently I am only lvl 21 on LoL so I don't have all the runes or masteries)So please be open-minded, criticism is encouraged if it is constructive, I don't want to see a bunch of negative feedback without anything to improve on. So without further is my build!

The faster You hit, the faster They fall!

When Pantheon first came out I finally found a character that fit me, he was versatile, powerful, fast, a team-player, and just downright awesome. At first I was unsure about how to play this spartan warrior, I tried loading him up with attack, I tried defense, I tried healthy balances of almost everything. But then I tried attack speed, and I realized the potential this ferocious combatant could bring to the playing field. I found out quickly that this guy can throw down when his attack speed was stacked, correctly. So this guide is going to shed some light on a spartan that would have been able to defeat the Persians single handedly.


Right now I have not been able to fully test the runes because of my current level, but it would be obvious to say attack speed runes are a must, maybe some critical damage, or just plain damage, which ever one is found to benefit more. For now we will just stick to attack speed.


Offensive- 21 here...seeing as we are going all out attack speed, extra damage needs to be picked up somewhere

Defensive- I put the 6 in there because it follows my style of play, I hate magic taking so much of my health away so its good to have some guard against that, and a little extra armor never hurts! (plus I am only lvl 21 remember, so I haven't been able to test the best combo yet)

Utility- 3 here to the health/mana regen one, a little extra health regen never hurts, and the mana regen can help you out of tight spots.


Okay the order is always debatable, I like it this way, it helps get a nice little jump on the enemies early on.

Spear Shot- I love this skill early on, A spear to the face at level one causes enough damage to make you **** your pants and run a way. Later in the game with the critical damage % one spear can decide between a kill or an "AWW ****!!" situation.

Aegis of Zeonia- What is scarier than a guy wearing no pants...a guy wearing no pants jumping at you about to smash your face with a shield! I love this skill, for the stun and the instant Aegis Protection regen, not a powerful skill, but dangerous for the enemy when done right! I see most people putting a lot points into this earlier, but I don't see the need, sure dmg goes up but not very much, and it still only stuns for 1 second. So just keep balancing the skills out evenly. I will get to strategy on how to use it later.

Heartseeker Strike- I have fallen in love with this skill just recently, I didn't know its full potential until I started to work with this sort of build. Active 5 hits, in a short time, double damage to champions...oh and did I mention its passive ability? 100% critical when opponent under 15% HP its amazing power will be discussed later.

Grand Skyfall- What the hell is that?-Twitch BAAAMMM!! *Twitch dies* Pwned-Pantheon. Okay so it isn't the most destructive ultimate in the game, or the most accurate, seeing as it gives the enemy time to run away and sometimes you will be sitting there among 4 enemies and all you can do is **** your pants. But when you do get the good hit and then you deal your deadly skill combo (explained later) you can mess things up for the other team. My favorite thing about this ulti is its non-physical use...but I will save that for my strategy part hehe.

Aegis Protection- Awesome passive ability, you can get that one freebee that might decide a kill or a death. Awesome for tower-diving...more on that later.

Summoner Skills

Okay, I haven't used anything other than Heal and Flash...why change something that isn't broken? But I do see other people using Exhaust, Ghost, Ignite and some others. I will talk about my choices only though.

Heal- Plain and simple, can save your behind, and a nearby teammates. It can turn the tide of a skirmish in your favor.

Flash- It took a little while getting used to, but this skill has saved me and been the cause of pain and sorry to mine enemies over and over. Being able to zap yourself out of a sticky situation is key to this build, because you can get kinda greedy with this build haha! I will continue with Flash in the strategy section.

Ghost- I have been using this in my past couple games, I am starting to like it, although both games we lost (bad team combination) Ghost did help me get out of some tough situations and helped get some kills on those pesky runaways. The only downside is that if you get trapped, snared or stunned you can't zap away like you can with Flash. I will continue testing this skill though.


This is where the build gets its name. Attack speed is pretty much what you base your purchases on, and depending on how the fight is going and what you are up against you might choose a different item, but that is alright because there is room to be flexible.

First item- Start off right away with Doran's Blade and a health pot. This gives you that little edge with health damage and life steal.

Second/Third items- I listed these two together because I find that it doesn't make too much of a difference of which one goes first. Beserker Boots, attack speed and movement speed, what more is there to explain about those. Sword of the Occult is the other one, this can really change how things play out for you the rest of the game, the stacking is awesome, and at 20 you get 15% movement speed, but you have to kill a lot of champions to get that (I try and get the stack to at least 9) if you are aggressive off the start, get SotO, if you find yourself in danger a lot, choose BB.

Fourth item- Last Whisper. Why? Attack speed, damage and armor penetration. This baby is nice, it is not all that expensive either.

Fifth item- Okay...this is where I like to make the decision based on the flow of the game, opponents and if I am in the zone or having an off game. If you are being pelted by magic and it is starting to piss you off, Wit's End is the weapon of choice here, attack speed (of course) magic res and its passive that converts stolen mana into damage, not to shabby (it is what I use most) If you feel like you can sacrifice attack speed for armor, go with Force of Nature, it is also not a bad choice (I used it one game instead of wits end and recorded 3 double kills) It is more expensive than Wit's End so it might take away from your next purchase, which is really the icing on this speedy cake.

Sixth item- Phantom Dancer! this thing IS all that and a bag of chips! 45% attack speed, 30% critical, 20% dodge, 12% movement speed. This brings the whole concept of "The faster You hit, the faster They fall", it also brings to light the fact that the more hits you get, more of them will be critical, 3/10 hits are critical in this build, and if you start doing the math (which I won't cause I hate math) with Heartseeker get the point..I hope.

Extra item- Alright by this time it is late in the game (25-35 min),you probably already sold Doran's Blade and if you didn't well now is the time. So now you have a choice of what item to use, and it is really all up to you and what you think will help you get the edge and finish the game up. Here are a few options that I have used.

Bloodthirster, for the life steal, damage and the passive can be helpful, it can keep you alive when out number, especially with such high attack speed.

Infinity Edge, pure damage and critical hit, this is really good when working with teammates and you aren't afraid of taking too much damage, the downside is...pretty damned expensive, that is why I usually don't bother.

Now this item we have already seen, Phantom Dancer! Faster, harder to hit, and hit faster + harder. I like this one, just because would be hitting about 2.4+ attack speed with those runes.

You aren't limited to these though, I was just looking at Bloodrazor and that would be devastating too if you had the cash.


Okay, so this is going to bring everything together, bear with me because this is only my first build guide, I do not now all the LoL lingo, I am still a noobish when it comes to terminology, and I usually play only with the mouse, I tend to not bother putting my left hand to use except scrolling the map with the d-pad. Remember, this is just how I do it, help me out if you think something doesn't seem right, positive criticism only though please!So here goes!

Early game (lvl 1-6)

Alright we bought Doran's Blade and a potion, skill point to Spear Shot, and we head to our lane, I never solo mid, I find Pantheon is best teaming it early on and for most of the game. Now depending on who I am facing in my lane I play aggressive or conservative. Wait in the bush with partner, if the enemy ventures to you let them have it with your Spear Shot! If they run and are low on health, Flash to them and Spear them again, good chance of getting first blood, just be careful of the turret, don't get greedy to the point you die. Now if you you don't go for first blood and just deal with the minions, always try and get some Spear Shots in to annoy them and keep them at a distance. (Aegis Protection is your saving grace for this) If you played your cards right you shouldn't have to go to town before you are lvl 6 (allocating skill points as noted in Skill Rank Order), and then you buy what you can, keeping a potion or two on hand. Use Skyfall to get back to your turret, but try and take one of them out with it if you can ;) With Skyfall if you do get one lined up hit them with your Shield, then Heartseeker, then your Spear, this can cause massive damage and if they were hurt, +1 kill for you and a stack on your Sword of the Occult. If your partner is holding his own, go to the forest for a bit.

Mid Game (7-12)

You start off in the forest gaining some $ and a level or two. By this time you probably have taken advantage of some ganking possibilities and maybe have staked your SotO some more. Follow the item guide and play smart, attacking when possible but staying defensive almost always. Not much more to say on this part, strategy is simple.


I forgot to mention that Aegis Protection will help you turret dive, and also if an enemy champ is sitting beside the turret thinking he is safe, throw your spear and run. The turret attack is blocked, and you cause the champ to move further away or even go back to town. AP is also useful if an enemy champ is really hurt and you see him recalling to town. If Flash is ready, sneak up Flash to him, stun + heartseeker + spear = gotta be dead, hit the heal skill and get the hell out of there. This is for the more daring people who don't care if they take a death or two.

Late Game (13-18)

Alright pretty much every one is at this level and they have the items they want, and so do you. Strategic attacks are what win the game now, and you can attack lets say 2.1 times per second, and if your SotO stack is around 9 you are in good shape for some turret killing. The best way to do it is to wait for the opposing team to group up a bit (3-5) in one lane, find a weak turret, Skyfall to it, beat the **** out of it in like 8-10 seconds, get the hell out of there and then plan the next attack! This can be a huge momentum shift, I will use one of my own game experiences as an example.

Both sides were evenly matched, the last level of outer turrets were left on both sides. All 5 of their champs were attacking our middle one and we were defending, so I used Grand Skyfall to hop into their base, I took out their lsat middle outer turrent and inhibitor, ran to the forest and recalled. We won 5 minutes later after their other turrets met similar fates.

Best Teammates

Just wanted to add my favorite champs to lane with as when playing as Pantheon.

Morgana- her stun and shield are awesome! (she is my second favorite character)
Ryze- his snare helps Panth get a few more hits in.
....I can't remember the other ones that were unbeatable!


My last 10 games I used this build (minus the runes and the defensive + utility part of masteries) and lost 1, I averaged 9.4-5.0-5.9. Best games were a 16-5-5 and 14-2-1, speed had everything to do with it, worst games were 3-5-4 and 6-9-9. Also I averaged about 2 turret kills per game. Those are just some stats, so you can see the benefits of this character already, and the bugs are not all worked out yet and he still hasn't met his full potential with the runes and what not!


I hope this guide will open a new kind of Pantheon to those people who like him as much as I do. Remember this was my first guide EVER! so it is going to look very noobish and probably sound that way, but I believe the basics that are needed to play him well have been presented. PLEASE feel free to add what you think could help make this guide, if you encountered some drawbacks please let me know, it will help me and others! But do not just post negative nonsense, it will get you nowhere and no one benefits from it. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this through!!