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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr4ce

The Fighting Tool

Tr4ce Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hey everyone welcome to my blitz build I've put a lot of thinking into this. I hope you try this build and report to me with some good news or something that i should fix. Please don't randomly give me a negative vote. I'm trying to help you out. Please and thank you.


Best Hybrid char IMO
Rocket Grab= Major Gank ownage.
His Passive which i will explain into further detail Owns.
Great survivability
Awesome person to lane with... Rocket Grab.
Easy to use. its like learning your A B C's
Good mana to work with

Hes a robot? Jk I love wallie :]
Slow start do to mana problems in the beg.
More to come :/

Quick Skill Explanation:
Passive: Once your hp gets to 20%... you get a mana barrier which is like a hp shield that turns your mana into your hp for 10 seconds. So if your running away and you have 200 hp for ex.. and that's 20%...and you have 1000 mana on you. then 500 turns into hp and you now have a total of 700 hp :].
Rocket Grab gets enemies to you, and stuns them in the progress. Its awesome, its also useful when ganking. It takes some practice getting really good with this but once you get pro, you tell your temates who, and you say ROCKET GRAB! ;]
Overdrive is great for running away or chasing someone :]
Power Fist: After you grab, you use this to make them jump in the air, and keep hitting.
Static Field: talk about a 2 for 1 sale?
Passive: Hits a target for a certain damage + a percentage of your magic damage.
Its awesome, and when that person is about to die, Use it to kill them. The reason why you don't want to use this right away, its cuz then you loose all the damage that your passive could of done. <~ great huh?

Free Skill Explanation:

Okay guys, this is


I get Ghost because with Overdrive i can either chase or run away.I get ignite because even if i used it, it benefits me by giving me 10 ap :].

Free Mastery Skill Explanation:
I go 26-3-1
Yeah Weird, Let me explain :]


= Don't like? Well change it, there yours.
the 26 just benefits your attacks and cool-downs
the 3 is just to give you some extra defense when starting.
the 1 is to help you move faster with your Ghost.

I followed Searz Information for this :] Hopefully i did it right :] I mostly get potency because i like starting out with an advantage.

Item Build Ta-Dah ;-;

Archangel: okay so blitz needs mana so i get tears of the goddess.
And why an archangel staff?? because a percentage becomes ap ;] and Ap helps his abilities.

Boots of Speed: You don't want to be a turtle :/

Scepter: This is perfecet for him. When you grab someone, you'll not only slow them but stun them! and when you use your fist again, you will slow them again ;]. This is perfect because it gives ap and hp.

Sunfire Cape: This is were you become a bit more of a tank :].
More Hp More Defense. And if that wasn't all... You get extra damage done to surrounding units. Awesome!

Sorcerer's Shoes: Magic penetration. Do i have to say anymore about this? Helps your sunfire cape, your special's passive and your ability damage :]

Situational items:
Heavy Casters and Stunners:
Add Banshee's Veil + Abyssal Scepter
- Gives Magic resistance, and every 30 seconds stops a negative effect; Like a stun, snare, etc.
- Gives Magic resistance, and reduces their magic resistance.
Heavy Attack damage:
Thornmail + Randuin's Omen
- gives good defense and 30% of their damage is reflected back as magic damage
-Gives pretty good defense and if you activate it it slows their attack speed for 2seconds + depending on how much defense you have.
Your Owning and it doesn't really matter:
Lich Bane + Zhonyas Ring
- After using a skill this is great because you hit someone and you get the effect + it gives great stats all around.
- Great Abilty power[155] + 30% of your ability power is increased.

Early Game: Goal: Arch Staff + Boots
Play it safe, see what your opponents are building.Try to predict what their gonna build. Remember to see whose around and what your fighting. If your unsure, stay near turret if they get cocky, grab them and put them in their place. Hopefully your building your arch staff pretty fast :]

Mid-Game: Goal: Rylai's + Half of SunfireCape build
This is were people will try to gang you. If your scared you could put a ward in the bush.
If your ready to kill someone go for their squishy grab him then you and your partner can own him and start going for their friend. Don't try to go 2vs2 don't stress your self out.

Late-Game: Near 30~40 mins Goal: Sunfire Cape Done, Sorcerer's shoes, and start getting the two situational items. If you read this guide and have done what I've said everything should be going great. Hope your doing great and win :].

When tower hugging or in general; and you want a kill the order goes: Rocket Grab + Power Fist + When hes about to die, static field = Should die. :]
In team Fights: When you grab, that guarantees a kill, this also makes the fight a 4vs5 or a 2vs3. So make sure when you grab, you try your best to get someone. Your grab can break or make the win.