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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragenus

The godlike Tryndamere

Ragenus Last updated on April 23, 2011
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Hey Guys,

In my first Guide I want to show a way how to play Tryndamere. He was the first character I bought and I liked to play with him and actually I still like it. In my opinion he is one of the best beginner chars, because he has a heal, a movement, a slowing and an undying skill.

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+8% crit chance is a great way to start with Tryndamere.
This gives you the necessary attack and movement speed to kill your first enemies.
This item is very important for you. The Infinity Edge gives you attack damage, some crit chance and a great passive for Tryndamere. Because you have a very high crit chance at this point in the game, this passive makes your crit damage dealing 250% instead of normal 200%.
The perfect item for Tryndamere I think. The Phantom Dancer gives you not only crit chance but also movement and attack speed. This is the point you latest should start to kill your enemies.
The Bloodthirster is very useful in 1 vs. 1 or team fights because you get more attack damage and some life steal.

Now you can add some passive items to survive longer in team fights (or you can go one like me and buy more offensive items.)

I'm going on with these items:
Gives you a bit more life steal so now you should be ready to kill EVERY enemy.
Same arguments like at the Phantom Dancer above.
Then I sell my Brawler's Gloves, because I am already fast enough with my 2 Phantom Dancers, and buy a third Bloodthirster.

But there are also some other items you can buy and I want to list them for you:

I like this item because it gives some extra health and it has a great passive, if you have high attack and movement speed. BUT in most team fights you kill enemies in less than 3 seconds so normally they don't have a chance to escape.
This is great against tanks, but against other heroes it isn't as useful as a Bloodthirster.
Same like Last Whisper.
Same like Last Whisper and Black Cleaver.
This is also a very useful item, but you only should buy it if you trained a lot with Tryndamere and if you are sure you dominate your lane.

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Pros / Cons


    - great attack/movement speed
    - more than 85% critical hit chance
    - great life steal with at least 2 Bloodthirster
    - you nearly kill every enemy you hit on
    - with my last three items I can fight Baron Nashor alone

    - very expensive items
    - hard to survive in late game
    - not as a great team player as other guides tell you to play him

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How to play in early game?

The best way to start is to find a balanced arrangement with your teammates. Then go with your partner to take the bottom or the top lane. Try not to play too offensive so stay near the grass in the edge of the map. It is very important not to die or being ganked. If your minions move forward to the enemies tower you can support them in attacking tower, BUT always have a look on the map for other enemies. If you think it would be too dangerous to push the tower you can go into your jungle and kill the golems, the whispers or the other minions. When you have your first Bloodthirster this is also a great way to heal yourself. The money you get from the minions is very important to finish your very expensive item build, so try to jungle as often as possible. Being out of sight of your enemies is also useful because the other opponents won't play very offensive, if you are often out of sight. So don't stay all the time on your lane or in the jungle but also gank sometimes to support your teammates. This also gives you lots of money for better items.

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How to play in mid game?

In mid game you should try to kill enemies walking alone and keep on farming minions in the jungle. Now it is very important to get the red buff every time he is available. Because of your great attack and movement speed and your spinning slash you should be able to kill enemies who want to escape. But if you killed an enemy in your opponent's territory try to go back to your team mates, because enemies will come to gank you. When they see you try to dodge stuns or other magic and us spinning slash to spin through walls. This gives you great advantages to escape through the jungle. If it is only one enemy trying to kill you, you can fight him in 1 vs. 1 and use your ultimate when you have low life. But don���´t try this when there is more than one enemy after you. Then use your ulti to stay alive and keep running.
In team fights you never should be the first who attacks because then you'll die also if you use your ultimate. Always let the tank attack first and then start dealing your great damage. Escaping heroes you can slow with mocking shout.
You know you did a good job if the opponent's team surrenders now. If not try to keep on killing enemies, farming creeps and minions and complete your item build.
It is very important to end the game as early as possible because if your enemies finish their item build, they deal lots of damage to you and also if you use your ulti you'll die in every team fight.

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So all in all I think that Tryndamere isn't hard to play but it is hard to play him correctly. With this item build und hopefully no deaths in early and mid game you should be feeded enough make your opponents mad and most times they surrender. If the game takes too long it could be very hard for you to survive team fights but anyhow you deal great damage in it. So try to fight heroes walking alone or sometimes you even can kill 2 heroes with your ultimate. Never forget to go back after killing an enemy because his friends want to take revenge.
To shorten everything I said in this guide your strategy in a normal game is: playing defensive, farming minions and creeps, only attack enemies if you are sure you'll kill them and concentrate on killing heroes walking alone.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide. Moreover I hope you have great statistics playing with this guide and maybe you can send them to me so I can post some examples.
If there is some criticism or a bit praise please tell me in a comment.