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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arczzz

The healthiest caster of all ( massive damage)

Arczzz Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build so forgive me for not having the fanciness as other builds. But anyways lets get into this.

Skill usage:
For mid and genrally for laneing too
Transfusion: Great harassing ability. Caution it does have a decent range but depending on who your against it can vary on how effective it. Example if your 1v1 Ashe all you have to do is avoid her volley hit once then move back. At level 6 just watch out and keep w at the ready to avoid ECA ( Most ashes MOST not all get very confused when confronted with direct frontal close combat chances are she will run use sanguine pool. Of course this all varies on the situation.) On the contrary when 1v1 against someone like Anivia you MUST watch out for her longer ranged lobbed stun. Its longer range then transfusion and its unhealthy to be wasting sanguine pool to avoid it so often just for harassment. From experience 1v1 Ani rapid movement is key and she's a big ***** when confronted lvl before level 6. Use transfusion as much as possible. This is why you shouldn't have to by health regen items. Stacks EXTREMELY well with sprit visage and will of the ancients. Lots of healing and damage potential.

Sanguine Pool: Probably my favorite if not one of the best escaping skills in the game. But is very costly when you have a higher amount of health ( 20% cost at level 5 ) So I suggest only using it when your chasing or escaping. You'll be amazed by how many teammates you can save form being chased and when stacked with ghost before use you'll be amazed at how fast you can gtfo. ( TIP if you have extremely low health like 200 and your tower hugging and im assuming you'll have sprit visage before hand use W on enemy minion wave and spam transfusion you'll be back to raping noobs in no time. 200 - 20% = 10 = 190 + 32.5% bonus health with sprit visage Positive gain. )

Tides of Blood: Good spell to get rid of that gap between x and 0 in the enemies health :D. Can be pre-stacked. If you plan on a 4x spam WATCH your health and be quick about it ( refer to combo section later ). Another use is minion clearing :D.

ULT Hemoplague One of my favorite ult's in the game ^_^. Extra damage in team fights, great damage later game, scares off enemy champs, low cd. Okay heres my combo I use when I gank. lets say im hiding middle bush entering the top lane from mid. Wait so ill be behind the enemy. When im ready activate ghost pop ult, Transfusion, ignite, tides of blood, slow with sanguine pool, transfusion, and if there not dead they should be VERY close. In a team fight? use ult to hit as many as possible or your focus if you have one pinged out ( Pretty basic stuff ).

For me extra pounding damage with your ultly :D.

With Sanguine Pool You can gtfo of almost anything.


Sprit Visage: magic resist, health bouns, OH whats that? Improved Transfusion :D ^_^.

Sorceress Shoes/ or Mercury Threads: Which ever is more useful.

Will of the Ancients/ or SS: If your Team is reliable and good with setting up fights will of the ancients ( I love the Spell Vamp). SS if your loaning it the whole time and your team sucks and leaves you to take care of your self.

Haunting Guise: Sell later.

Zonhya's ring: Huge Ap plus, Active plus Sanguine for extra survivability, Passive :D.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Perfect item for Vlad health, ap, and extra Sanguine Pool slow.

Well thats about it. Comment for questions, Comment for results, Comment to make a point. Comment if its good or bad please I wanna know.