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The hitchhikers guide to Alistar

Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Welcome to the hitchhikers guide to alistar! *Insert hook here* I made this guide out of my own experience with Alistar, to hopefully help the newbie Alistar's out. God knows I cried when the free youtube Alistar skin came out and everyone suddenly jumped on the Alistar bandwagon. I cannot mention the amount of Alistars I owned on that day alone because it is such a large number (for the record I bought my own matador and longhorn alistar skins from my own pocket). Anyways, Ive been playing Alistar since around the start of season 1. By this point I rarely lose a game of 3v3 with alistar, and on 5v5 only when my team is extremely useless. I am no professional of alistar. nor do i claim to be. Ive just enjoyed playing alistar for so long and I really think hes one of the Great, non OP (Ahem annie, trynd, and singed) classic champions. So enjoy this basic guide to tank, somewhat hybrid Alistar.

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Starting off

I like to start with dorans ring because of two things. The HP and the AP. I hate people that say to start with amplifying tomb, or long sword, because you are left at an HP disadvantage. Dorans ring however, considering that you took the correct runes, will stack nicely with the hp quints and the magic penn marks. The mana regen is also a nice bonus and stacks well with the masteries, which is essential for your E (the heal). On your first recall, you should have enough money to get some boots of speed, and a sapphire crystal. I like to get the sapphire crystal before finishing boots because it gives you enough mana to stay in lane and sate your E's constant use. The magic penn marks will also help your passive for farming, so that shouldn't be a problem. On your second recall if all is going well you should know have enough money to get boots of speed. And for those of you wondering why I am emphasizing speed so much is because Alistar is naturally a slow champ, and a melee one. Alistar is also not a killer, so Alistars success is based on whether he can catch an enemy before they run away, stun, and headbutt them back into your teamate, who will do the dirty work for you.

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Mid game

By know you should have enough money to get yourself a nice sheen. *SHEEN IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS AS ALISTAR* The AP and mana gained are an extremely helpful boost for the finishing laning stages. Sheen's passive is also extremely usefull because Alistar is as I have said, NOT A KILLER. You should not be engaging trynds and xins in 1v1 with Alistar. The only excuse is if you are 20/0 and you already have half your items and your enemy is lvl 3. Otherwise do not engane enemy killers alone. Anyways, sheen's passive is nice to give Alistar a little ad boost to make him more formidable in battles. After this begin building the Aegis. I particularly like it because it is a bonus not only to yourself but to your team. It also gives you the boost needed to stay alive during team fights without your ult. After this the game should be entering late stage and you can choose the next items, force of nature or sunfire cape as is needed. The trinity blade (or lich bane if you feel like it) should be absolotuly built last. As I will emphasize yet again, ALISTAR IS NOT A KILLER. Your priority should be to get tanky and support your team in battles and engage. If the match allows enough time, then get your "killer" items to give you more damage in time fights.

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Summoner Spells


get ghost because as I said before Alistar is a slow champion. The burst of speed from ghost can decide wether you catch an enemy and get a kill for your team, or get slowed to hell and ganked by the enemy team.


flash is ESSENTIAL to Alistar (I really like saying essential). Here is step by step for those who dont understand how to initiate with flash. 1: flash into enemy champion. 2: use Pulverize to stun and knock into air enemy champion/s. 3: walk behind enemy champions and headbutt them into eagerly awaiting ally's. 4:???? 5: profit.

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I choose to get pulverize first, because the stun is very effective and aoe. I cannot count the number of times I have stopped ganks by using pulverize (and the "BS" comments). Next I get e because who doesnt like a 20 mana heal? Triumphant roar will keep you and your ally in the laning phase for centuries (as long as you have enough mana/regen). finaly I get headbutt third because it is more of a ganking/solo damage spell and I prefer laning over ganking early. If you do prefer ganking first though, go ahead and get headbutt second and triumphant roar third. I max headbutt first instead of Pulverize because it does more damage and is more usefull for late game ganking. (you dont want to have lvl 3 headbutt doing 100 damage at lvl 16) I max pulverize second mainly for the aoe damage factor, and triumphant roar last because maxed triumphant roar costs much more mana is not as usefull earlier than headbutt. Ult is the most usefull part of Alistar for team fights, but since it can only be gotten every 5 lvls :( then just get it every 5 lvls.

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Why YOU should play Alistar

    ult that negates almost all damage
    just cause
    did I say stun?

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Alistars role in a battle

OK. I will say it one last time. ALISTAR IS NOT A KILLER. So dont go off chasing anyone or take the role of tryndamere in a battle and start auto attacking the hell out of anyone. Instead, use your brain and my guide and do this:
first of all check out where the enemy team is and where they are headed. Is it ironic that you want to her the enemy team like cows, because thats the way I think of it. You need to get the enemy team together so you can go in and pulverize all 5 of them. Alistar is a good initiator, as I said going in and pulverizing or headbutting the enemy into your teamates. Make sure once youve pulverized to find the mage/support of the enemy team. get behind that frail little elf and headbutt them into your ad/killers. If all goes well then they will lose their oh so valuable AP or heals from the beggining. Now just try to get everyone to focuse you if you can. As soon as you are sure they are all focusing you, pull of your ult and enjoy watching 5 ults go off on you and taking like 200 damage. Make sure you spam your heal as much as possible to give your teamates a little boost. If you see someone start fleeing try to get in front of them and headbutt them back. Just dont start chasing and leave your team behind to get picked off without their tank. Hope this kinda helped you to see what you should be doing in a team fight, although the best way to learn is from actually doing it.

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Alistar is an amazing tank. If used correctly and with teamwork Alistar can be one of the greatest champs in the battle. Hope you enjoyed the guide and always remember, "YOU CANT MILK THOSE!"