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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The Hybrid Battlemaster

Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Jax Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Jax is one of those champs you must enjoy to play. I bought him in the early part of 2010 and have enjoyed him even through all the nerfs and creation of new champs that have taken his role and basically do a better job. He is by far one of the toughest champs to master, but is still fairly simple for newbies to pick up. If you survive early game with a couple kills, then you are in good shape. Jax hands down has the worst early game out of all champs, so if you want quick kills go play Garen/Pantheon/Akali or something. He has been nerfed and nerfed again, but is still viable to play even today. He can fill any champion role (which will be discussed in the later chapters), but works best as a hybrid ad/ap off tank. Overall, he is a great melee champ that has the potential to deal more damage than any character in League of Legends.

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Defensive masteries with a point in exhaust. Now why defensive? Because you will be focused in every fight, you can do an immense about of dps, but are easy to kill until later game.

You will want the offensive caster magic pen masteries for mid game and late game damage. Go ap over crit. Ap=Health and it takes far to long to build crit with him to be effective until wayyy late game (he's not tryndamere or critplank).

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Red Attack speed can be replaced with magic pen, but attack speed works best due to his slow attack speed until later game.
Yellow Dodge dodge dodge dodge.
Blue These can be modified or changed here depending on preference. Faster cooldowns are effective to spam q,w,e in fights. However, ap runes also help your early game as they give you health.
Qs Go Ap here or magic pen. Ap is epecially helpful because 15ap=30health and Jax needs that health early game. Its like having 4Qs, 1 health and 3 ap.

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Skill Sequence

Get 1 point in leap followed by empower and then counter strike. Max empower followed by leap and then counter strike. Points in counter strike really don't help all that much, but empower and leap give you the power to kill and harass. Level your ult whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

Grab flash and exhaust. Ghost can be used to replace flash if you prefer, but flash is really the best spell of them all. Exhaust is your key to kills, you don't have a slow and your stun is unpredictable.

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Ok here is where it gets complicated. You need to start off ap based then build into some ad.
1. Start with boots and 3 hp pots, you need to refresh your supply of these until you have at least the vamp scepter.
2. Boots. Your choice here is dependent on enemy team. If they are mostly ap or have a large amount of cc use Mercs. If and only if they are mostly ad do you use ninja tabs.
3. Grab the Blasting Rod next, 40 ap = 80hp and more nuking power.
4. Build this into Guinsoo's. This will give you attack speed and once you use it the hp from the stacks stays with you even when they wear off.
5. Grab yourself a vamp scepter and sheen. Sheen will increase the damage you do after using and ability (100% of base damage) and thereby more dps.
6. Build the Hextech Revolver then the Gunblade. These give you the spell vamp and life steal needed to quickly restore health and take on almost any champ 1v1. Be Sure To Use The Active Gunblade Power
7. Build a negatron cloak and a chain vest, you may build them into either a banshee veil or thornmail/armor item if the enemy team has one fed character who specializes in that area.
*This is where you normally finish the game*
8. If the game keeps going or you are fed, build zeal and trinity. This massively boosts your killing power and pretty much everything else.
9. Build 2 tank items out of your negatron cloak and chain. Banshee and Thorn are my favorites because you are the main target of spells which Banshee cancels. Thorn will protect you from carries and cause them to kill themselves in the process.
10. Finally finish the build off with Atma's, this will make you an indestructible titan upon the battlefield.
11. If it still is going on, save up your money and buy one of each pot and use them. This means GG for your foes.
Your core build is Hextech, Boots, Sheen, and Guinsoo's Rageblade

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Jax Basics

Jax can be played to fulfill almost any role your team needs. However, he cannot replace a ranged ad carry or cc tank. He can do similar things yes, but he has very little base hp unless you utilize his passive. Basically dps jax = insta off tank character
Your masteries,skill sequence, and summoner spells should remain the same for any build.

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Hybrid Jax

The best way to play jax is and will be to play him as a hybrid. Dodge can be countered with Sword of the Divine. AP Jax cant take out a heavy hp character with some good mr. AD Jax doesn't have the hp to survive. Hybrid Jax can do anything, and is the lord of late game.

Early Game:
You should not go mid or solo lane, you need to be placed with a lane partner.
Use W+Q to harass the enemy at level 2, but be careful not to jump in and die. Use your health pots when necessary, you should always have them on hand. Try to last hit minions, and use W if you need to. Basically what you want to do early game is stay alive and get a decent farm. Try to kill but do not get greedy or desperate. A jax who feeds will never get enough xp to be effective, you must stay alive and gain levels.
Mid Game:
By now you have the power to do some killing, always use R when you engage. Don't ever initiate, you don't have the beef to stay alive at this point. Hang to the side of the team fights and only jump in once they are engaged. Grab kills and stay alive. You can wander the jungle and take buffs and/or creeps if you have your life steal and your lane is safe. You should be able to solo any character provided they don't kite you to death.
Late Game:
Rule the battlefield. You have as much health as the tank and have some mr and armor. You should still not engage, but if it's needed you can. You can bdoor turrets with your armor and usually make a great escape.

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Ap Jax

Ap Jax is solid and probably the best way to play aside from his hybrid form. You will be focusing on your W+Q empowered jump damage. E can also do some nice aoe in this form. You play just like hybrid jax except you are slightly weaker vs ad masters like Xin and Olaf. Your nuking power should be enough to quickly kill squishy casters and enemy carries, but your slower speed means you should target their casters.

Runes: Red Magic Pen, Q's Magic Pen
Core Items: Hextech, Deathcap, Lich Bane