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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The Inescapable Glacier.

Last updated on August 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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How this build works.

As a malphite top, it's very important to play defensively until you get your initiating ability (ultimate). This build focuses on heavy armor and damage while chasing hard and hitting priority targets by singling them out with a cubic f**k-ton of cc.

With your guantlet passive it will already be difficult for any enemy (aside from say mundo or irelia) to escape, with 45% tencity.
You will be very anti-AD with the armor and will effectively counter any adc and most top laners.
This build isn't designed to make you super powerful, but really helps in team fights especially with your "w" passive and iceborn gauntlet causing heavy splash damage.

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Why I chose these items.

I chose these items based on what they will do with your abilities. Take for example Rylai's crystal scepter, mixed with your "Q" will slow them by 26% along with a bonus 35% while stealing that original 26%, giving you a difference of 61% movement speed. with that spell blade proc, 91% for a short time while that's on cool down your basic attacks will continue to keep the hammer's slow on until you can Q again. From the burst "q">rylai's>iceborn>Mallet you totally cripple a singular target and the iceborn slows the area.

Let me do the match, (keep in mind that this burst is most used early and i haven't even factored in BoTRK and RO) at say 390 speed vs 390 speed. (yellow will show malphite's speed and red shall represent the enemy player)

390+26%=487.5 movement speed
390-26%=292.5 movement speed-> -35% (from rylai's) is worth about another 97.5 movement speed. Making them run at 195 movement speed. -> with iceborn proc, they lose another 58.5 meaning they're currently at 136.5 move speed.
meaning they have no chance of escaping, now for later game with randuins, frozen mallet and BoTRK let's look at the final outcome.

390+26%=487.5+15% = 546 movement speed.
while you steal that much speed they're denied 156 move speed, with the slows from rylai's, they move at 156 add the 40% slow from the mallet and they're running at 93, than the 35% from randuin's finishes them off at 31.6 movement speed. while you're still at 546 for a couple seconds. making a difference of 514.4 movement speed.

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Let's talk about damage output.

If you can get your ability rotation in check you can use the proc of Iceborn Gauntlet 4 times in quick succession, greatly increasing your damage output. At level 18, your final damage will be about 206, + 40% on your W ending at 288.4 which will also activate your spell blade for 125% bonus damage. That means, that on your first hit after activating your W you will hit for 648.9 attack damage. Followed by a few nearly 300 damage hits that shrink down to 200, you can pop a lot of damage in a short time on a single target while dealing (minor though important and effective) splash damage to nearby enemies.

While your abilities don't increase by a hell of a lot with the 110 bonus AP it does help your ultimate by a good amount. and your abilities are powerful mixed properly with timed spellblades.

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Now a little about the defense mechanisms.

At the end of your build your armor should be looking scary at 238, add your 40% armor bonus,238+95.2= 333.2 armor. Now that makes you untouchable by the other ad champions.

Sadly at the expense of magic resistance you become a powerhouse against normal counters like tryndamere. That being said it is wise to allow someone to initiate rather than yourself if the enemy has high magic damage output because that will mess you up fairly quickly.

Be sure to avoid getting focused by the AP champions, and remember well that the speed theft and slowing effects of this build can equally be as useful for disengaging and escaping when mixed with tenacity.

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Pros / Cons

Pro: very powerful single target
Pro: with mana granting abilities, rarely forced to /b
Pro: CAN'T BE ESCAPED as my math has shown. (i failed math once so what do i know though.
Pro:Great at initiating with his ult.

Con: weak against high ap burt damage (veigar akali ahri)
Con: doesn't make sense without the glacial malphite skin
Con: if not given enough time to farm than it can fall off as it is designed towards late-game.
Con: only sustain is high mana and 15% lifesteal, not great at healing.

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Skill Sequence

Pre 6: poke with your Q to stop their escape than follow with your E to slow their attack, increase your basic attack damage while reducing their damage with your W immediate afterwards.

The reason for using your W after your E is because with the range on your Q/E they wouldn't have started their counter-attack until after you have time to hit them with both. Having used your W before your E would have only increased the damage by a very slight amount, and wasted the time you have on your armor and damage increase.

Post 6: initiate with your ult, than your E to reduce attack than Q to a quick W by than your E should be off cool down in a second.

The reason behind using E before Q is that it has a shorter cooldown, granting you quick damage and they won't have much time to react because of the knock up therefore can't run which would cause your Q to be used ineffectively.

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Creeping / Jungling

Early game, you won't have a high damage output and until mid/late game will be somewhat squishy (strange for a malphite eh?). So to counter that aspect of early game glacier build, focus on farming and poking, last hitting is imperative, and so is pushing the enemy back with your Q. hopefully you can deal enough damage to them before you OOM at level one to cause them to leave lane. PLAY DEFENSIVELY, it's how you'll survive until mid game, harass them and taunt them behind your minion wave, because once they damage you behind it then all nearby creeps will target them. Heavily increasing your early damage giving you more time to freely farm.

FARM HARD! 125 CS by 20 minutes should be gold standard for this build, or you won't snowball as fast. as a non-standard malphite build, farming is much more important.

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Most spells work well for this. BUT GHOST IS ESSENTIAL! the 27-35% move speed is incredible throughout the entire game and can save or take a life.

Flash, is good for chasing through the jungle, but it's dangerous to go in there solo, and should avoid jumping into a potential gank, since i rarely chase into brush (especially against a garen)i don't often take this.

Teleport is great, especially for ganking from your warded bushes, Post 6 this is a great tool.

Barrier, is the other spell i take most often, because of the passive shield, you absorb a lot of your hp.

Cleanse, is more of a situational one, since you won't be getting focused (hopefully) it might not be able to be put to it's full potential.

Ignite is good because of the heal reduction but has no real use with this build unless you want to be a ks'ing prick.

Cleanse/Heal will make me want to strike you with a hammer. don't take them. you get enough mana and health from the build.

Exhaust is good with ghost, and will cripple them further and cause much RAGE amongst the enemy team. especially combined with your E they won't be able to hit you for any significant damage.

That being said, the most useful choices for this build are GHOST,EXHAUST, and BARRIER though barrier falls off late game it can make early game a walk in the park if you have good timing.