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League of Legends Build Guide Author ackermaniac424

The Invisible Stinky Rat of DESTRUCTION!

ackermaniac424 Last updated on January 27, 2011
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So this is my first build that I'm posting on here. I would love to hear feedback and tips. I'm going to cover most of the game play tips for this build in this intro so you should keep reading... like right now. SO here we go. Twitch is the smelly stealth rat that poisons. However he does more than that, he also carries like a pro. I have successfully used this build in both 3s and 5s play. In 3s he is great for the early game gank that most are fond of. With this build, I can usually win so long as i have semi confident team mates. When using this build, you need to solo a lane. If you don't get cash fast, you won't dominate like you need to. Fight and argue and win the privilege to solo-lane! That being said, be careful! I usually don't try to kill after the gank until im about lvl 6 and have both avarice blades and my greaves. Remember that you are squishy and invisible does not translate to invincible! Mastering early game twitch is a little tricky and it took me about 2 or 3 games to NOT die in the early game. Once you get past the early game and start building your first phantom dancer, you should realize, "Hey, I'm doin some good damage to these fools" (you may talk differently than this, but it's how you sound in mah mind). The one thing that you should always keep in mind when playing twitch is, unless you are VERY confident or your opponent low on health, you should not initiate, especially if there is more than one enemy. However if you do bite off more than you can chew, you can usually use your ghost spell and then stealth to leave your opponents rage face-palming. Now once you get into late game and have both dancers and possibly your Infinity Edge, you should be destroying the enemy team with abandon. Late game it wont even matter if they buy an oracle because you'll be joining team fights coming out of stealth attacking about 2.5 times per second and spamming your expunge skill to deal huge amounts of damage. Your team mates will want to play with you again and your enemies will curse you and all of them will secretly want to buy twitch next!

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OK! These are the runes that I use, but feel free to mess with them as you see fit to add your own spice on this build (Possibly full +crit damage runes if you're into that sort of thing). Another thing to keep in mind is that I use these runes for most of my champs because it's just pretty balanced and I prefer to spend my IP on more champs to play with!

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While using Twitch, your prime objective is to blast out damage like no other! This being said, the offense branch is the way to go! Again feel free to throw some of your own funk on this, just make sure that you get the essentials, crit and attack speed!

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Ok first things first, Avarice Blades, get two of em. Seriously do it now... I'll wait. I ALWAYS get two of these babies early because they really up your gold earned which is necessary for mid and late game pwnage! After two of them, THEN you can get yourself some boots. I've toyed with the idea of getting boots of mobility so i can sprint from combat to combat, but berserker's greaves just hold a special place in my heart. After that you should get right down to business and get yourself some phantom dancers. It doesn't matter too much how you buy them, for example you can buy two zeals and then upgrade them, it's all a matter of personal preference. After that buy and Infinity Edge and make your opponents hate life. Once you get that done (if the game isn't over at this point) save up some cash and sell your Avarice Blades and get a big damage booster, or some life steal, OR BOTH with Bloodthirster!

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Skill Sequence

First things first, you wanna be able to go invisible to escape, to initiate or escape or just because it's fun! After that you want to put points in expunge whenever possible until it's maxed because this skill is your bread and butter for damage/annoyance. As with almost every build, put points in your ulti whenever possible. Whenever you can't build up your expunge or your ulti, i suggest putting points in your ambush. I personally don't have to use debilitating poison too much so i put points in it last. If the situation calls for it, i will put one point in debilitating early to shut kites down.

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Summoner Spells

Easily explained. Ghost to run away. Exhaust so they can't. Any questions?

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So that's mah twitch build, it works for me so i hope it works for you! Looking through my recent match history, i had all victories with twitch with kill/death/assist ratios of 9-0-1, 12-4-7, 6-3-2, 10-1-5, and my worst 3-3-11 (in my defense, i was on a team with a Shako with good attack speed that took quite a lot of my kills). In most of the games i had the most kills and in all of them i had the most damage dealt. Well i guess that's all i have for you guys today. Any feedback will be appriciated... except the negative hurtful kind that makes me cry, that you should keep to yourself. If you would like to play with me sometime, my summoner name is ackermaniac! Let's play sometime and we'll show these ragers they aint got no pancake mix!