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The Jungle Boss: Jax

Last updated on September 6, 2015
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Jax Build

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This is a basic guide. If you are not good at LoL this will not work for you.

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I'm too lazy for all that picture illustration goop. Here is how to play Jax.

First, jungle a lot. I mean, some people think that jungle has to be in lane all the time to be effective. The general rule of ganks is FAILED GANK < NO GANK <= SUCCESSFUL GANK. If you aren't going to get the kill or force an objective, don't go to lane. You WILL either lose exp to the enemy jungler or steal some from your laner or both so it is of the utmost importance that you make up for that deficit. An effective jungle route generally begins at side lane camp and takes the entire side (including crab) before clearing the other side. Don't underestimate the usefulness of crab particularly when stacking devourer.

Second, build pattern. You want to go standard jungle devourer path preferably with Mercury's Treads for boots. IF on the very, very rare occasion that the enemy comp includes multiple (at least three) aa heavy champions go Ninja Tabi.

Sated Devourer is better on Jax than on any other champion in the game as far as I can tell. Rush it asap.

Finally, try to build Trinity Force, Ravenous Hydra, and either Randuin's Omen or Spirit Visage. Final item is entirely situational although I recommend Yomuu's Ghostblade as a counter to Frozen Heart.

Get warding trinket first but definitely sell it after second buy for sweeper.

Basically you bring one major piece of CC to the fight with Counter Strike. Otherwise you are a massive hybrid damage dealer that is very difficult to itemize against. Your ultimate, Grandmaster's Might, brings an insane amount of tankyness and survivability. A couple things about that.
1. Use it with as much health bar as possible. This will maximize your overall damage reduction and peel potential. Using it at low health generally means you could have done a better job mitigating the enemy's damage.
2. Don't be afraid to use it in a duel. The cooldown is relatively low as far as ultimates are concerned.

You should basically use Empower all the time whenever possible more more more. It resets the attack timer so using it immediately after an aa is highly efficient. Stack it on Grandmaster's Might passive and the Trinity Force proc for an exceptionally powerful strike. Your opponents will likely run terrified toward their base where you can chase them down and devour their sad little souls.

This is a guide to Jax. I use lifesteal quints, attack damage reds, armor yellows and ability power blues. As for masteries fully stack the 2nd and 4th column in offense and then take 9 points in defense. I generally take 6 points in the 2nd column and 3 in the 4th.

Jax is good against: Master Yi, Warwick, Ekko, Volibear, Ashe, Xin Zhao, and Lee Sin for starters.

Jax is countered by Fiora and Vayne unless you know how to use your stun in which case you should win these fights too.

Shyvana is a difficult matchup.

Everyone else should be cake.