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The Jungle of Exile

Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction/Quick Summary

This build is on how to jungle with Riven, the Exile. I will be going over with you, in depth on almost everything about her. For this introduction I'll just briefly tell you the usual build that I go by. For Runes I go armor penetration marks, flat armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs and Flat Health Quintessences. For Masteries I go a 21/9/0 build for damage and defense. For my Core Items I go for Wriggle's Lantern, Berserker's Greaves, Trinity Force, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Infinity Edge, and Guardian's Angel. For skill sequence, I max Q (Broken Wings) first, E (Valor) second, W (Ki Burst) third (grabbing 1 level at lvl 2), and making sure to grab R (Blade of the Exile) whenever I can. Summoner Spells I grab Flash and Smite.

Now time for the in-depth stuff.

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Pros and Cons

Very fun to play
Skills work very well together
Has a lot of Mobility
Has amazing farming abilities
Can pull off massive damaged if played right

VERY squishy
Targeted first because she can be an easy kill
Must use skills in the right order to be effective
Requires timing for skills

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When it comes down to runes, she's somewhat flexible.

For Marks I tend to go armor penetration, because those are the only marks I've used for Carries. I've never thought to use anything else until.....I met Riven. Another Mark that works just as well (or so I've heard) is the flat armor marks. These work very well with her skills because of the fact that all of her skills are damage based (even her shield). You won't EVER and I mean EVER need ANY sort of AP on her at all. She runs purely off damage, so that's why damage marks are also a yes for her. Now a question you may have is, "If I go damage marks, do I go flat damage or per level damage. The answer is simple. FLAT DAMAGE. Why? Well this is a jungle build, so you want that damage now, NOT later. Even if you played a lane Riven (in which I may make an entirely separate guide if people ask for it), you'd want that early game damage. Now as for the other runes, I, so far, don't really see a purpose for them on Riven (MAYBE attack speed, but not really in my favor). Now on to the Seals!

For Seals, it's really simple. Flat Armor Seals. Why? Because (as stated in my pros and cons chapter) Riven is a REALLY squishy champion. You are going to need that armor not only for jungling, but for surviving fights (not so much mid-late game, but more early to early-mid game). So now the question why Flat over per level? Same reason as the Marks. You want the armor now NOT later. Now another question that I kind of stumbled across while trying to find a good build for Riven is whether I should get Flat HEALTH Seals or Flat ARMOR Seals. The thing about armor vs health, from what I hear, is that health scales better mid game, but armor scales better early game. Now Riven is all about Early to Early-Mid game, BEFORE other DPS champions run you down. Armor also, in my opinion better against other Carries. Armor reduces damage, but health does not. Health is great too, don't get me wrong, but for seals I prefer armor. So there's my argument for that, now on to the Glyphs!

For Glyphs I grab flat magic resist, because of the fact that, again, she's very squishy. An alternative that I think might work really well is, Cool Down Reduction Glyphs. Why? Because Riven runs off Cool Down. If you have Cool Down Glyphs I'd probably go with that because of the fact that it'll save you from buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the Cool Down Reduction. But for Glphys either works. Now for the Quints.

For Quints it's simple. If you're following this rune build on what I go, just grab Flat Health Quints. Why? Because it makes up for the Health seals that you DIDN'T get (for survival in fights/lane/jungle). End of story.

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To compensate for the really long rune description, the Masteries is a bit more brief. What do I get for Riven? Simple. Damage and Defense. Why no utility? Because it's a waste. Go 21/9/0 for masteries picking up as much damage as you can. For defense grab 3 in armor, 3 in magic resist, and 3 in Evasion. Look at the Mastery Tree above for more specifics.

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My Usual Core Item Build

Wriggle's Lantern
Trinity Force
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Infinity Edge
(Situational Item)

Wriggle Lantern - gives that extra damage, lifesteal, and farming tool. Great for jungling and a must for Jungle Riven in my opinion.

Trinity Force - This is Riven's Ace in the Hole. When I first heard of Trinity Force, I wasn't very bright and said it'd be a waste of 4k gold. Indeed I was wrong. This gives you MAJOR damage when using it with Broken Wings. Why? It's +150% 3 times (as long as you hit between your jumps). Plus it gives you that HP and attack speed, giving you a little bit of everything you need.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - This is good for the attack speed, critical chance, CDR, and armor penetration. Well rounded and good for Riven.

Infinity Edge - Yes. Just yes. With the attack speed you have from your other items, your Broken Wings skill pretty much resets your attack. So you Broken Wing, hit, Quickly Broken Wing again, hit, Quickly Broken Wing again, and hit. Add criticals to those between hits and you're set for a for sure kill.

Situation Items
The last slot I leave open up to you. I usually grab Guardian's Angel if the team is very well rounded. If there are more AP players I go for Force of Nature. If there are more heavy AD champs, I go Thornmail. If the team does not target you as a priority, then grab a The Black Cleaver. It's all about the situation so I'll leave the decision to you for the last item.

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Summoner Spells

Let's get to it!

Smite Smite - A no brainer. Smite is needed for Riven to jungle.

Flash Flash - A great choice for all champions. Can get you away from enemies very well and also great for chasing.

Ghost Ghost - Another great choice for escape/chase purposes. Work well with her because it gives her that extra speed to either stay on the enemies while your cooldowns are done and also for keeping that distance from them while you run and wait for your cooldowns.

Exhaust Exhaust - Also a great summoner spell for her. Helps reduce damage for fights and slows them down for chase/escapes.

Ignite Ignite - Not the best. This can be used for that extra damage to finish off that champion, but honestly, it's really risky. This doesn't help with escapes and although Riven is a very mobile champion, her spells are not always enough to get away. Plus with Smite taking up one of your summoner spells, I wouldn't risk it, unless you are VERY skilled with her.

Heal Heal - Okay so this one is not really great in my opinion, but I know some people might argue that it can be useful and honestly I can't say it's completely bad, but I just wouldn't waste a space of summoner spell to grab that. Just my opinion.

Cleanse Cleanse - Also not the best choice one, but can work. Her ability to get out of stuns, ignites, slows, etc. is fairly decent, especially since she's a mobile champion. In my opinion I won't grab it, but it's not too bad.

Everything else. Not much else to say.

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Now for the good stuff.

When it comes down to jungling, you want to start off with a cloth armor and 5 health potions. Now here are two different routes you can use. (Situation wise)

If your lanes DON'T need ganks by step 7.
Start - Your Wolves
2) Your Wraiths (Use smite on Big Wraith)
3) Your Golems
4) Enemy Wolves (Use smite on Big Wolf)
5) Your Wolves
6) Your Wraiths (Smite Big Wraith)
7) Your Golems
8) Enemy Wolves (Smite Big Wolf)
9) Your Wolves
10) Your Wraith (Smite Big Wraith)
11) Your Golem

Go Back to base and get Madred's, Vampiric Scepter, and two health potions(if you can)

12) Blue Buff Golem
13) Red Buff Lizard

Gank a Lane

14) Circle through the camps again

Go back and finish Wriggle's, grab boots (berserker's if you can) and 3 health potions

15) Solo dragon (IF IT IS SAFE
16) Gank/Go Heal

If your lanes DO need gank by Step 7

All the same except you just go back at step 7 (should be around level 4 and should have enough gold for madreds and 2 health potions). Go grab blue and red buffs and then go gank.

Overall, you'll see the pattern to the jungling.

Now for the question, why jungle in such a dangerous area (Enemy Wolves)?
Because you want that gold and exp. Is it worth the chance? Yes. Why? Because they don't always expect it (maybe if they read this guide they will).

NOTE: If the enemy has a jungler it's up to you then. Take the risk of going for enemy wolves or just waiting for yours. If you wait for yours you might not have enough for madred's if you go back at level 4.