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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The Lovely Lady Lux!

Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Lux Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, welcome to my first guide on Mobafire. Many of you will look at this and probably notice it's very similar to many other guides, difference is, this is the build that works best for me, and my playstyle, and I hope it helps current and future Lux players.

Lux is a pure skill shot champion, every ability is aimed by you, some may need practice, others maybe not. Don't hurt your team by playing Lux for the first time in a regular match, go against AI and learn her.

As for playing Lux, she can dominate most champions in a solo lane, personally I prefer mid. She is also good at 2v1 for soloing top if you happen to have a jungler (of course you have to play very passive, and stay close enough to the tower for your retreats.)

If you choose to lane with someone, it's up to you if you'd rather grab the snare for a slightly better chance at a first blood kill, or singularity so you can throw it ahead into bushes and sniff out gankers early game, and/or deal some AoE damage. Regardless of what you use, do NOT forget to try and get an auto-attack afterwards for extra damage. Level 2, you should have both skills anyway, so GAME ON!

Basic Breakdown of your abilities
Your passive is your friend, whenever you hit an enemy or minion with an ability, they get charged with a glowing light, which does extra damage if you hit them with an auto-attack before the charge expires (6 seconds).

Light Binding - Your snare; can snare up to two enemies/minions at a time, the first two it comes into contact with. Very good range, great set-up for ganks and your skill sequences.

Prismatic Barrier - Your shield; throw it at friendlies to give them a shield, will shield them on the throw, and the return trip, so help your teammates by moving around to cover as many of them as you can. Only a 3 seconds shield, but as I said, it refreshes on the return trip, but lasts no longer than 5 secs total if hit both times. GREAT FOR TEAM FIGHTS!

Lucent Singularity - Your AoE/Slow; Slightly larger range than your binding, as you can cast this just outside of your casting radius, great for farming minions, especially late game as you can wipe out large minion waves in a single shot. Use this to slow enemy retreats, throw it into an enemy tower range without getting aggro of tower for enemy damage, and throw into bushes to get a view of whats lurking; and it's your single best harassment tool, your snare is a close second.

Finales Funklen - Pew pew Lazer!; Your ultimate with excellent range, not global range, but enough to gank enemies from well outside their viewpoint, or long range initiations for teamfights. This scares most carries and squishies enough to usually run away and make themselves very vulnerable. at level 18 with my build, It does roughly 1100 damage per shot, every 24 seconds. Very fun to harass enemies with late game.

Another great thing to remember...throw Lucent Singularity into baron when you know enemies are killing him, don't pop it, and lazer baron when he is low to try and steal it from enemies, I can't tell you how many times I have safely stolen Baron from enemy teams, it is such a game changing play.

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Pros / Cons

-Heavy harassment potential
-Can play as a mid-late game carry
-HEAVY late game damage output
-Great for farming

-On the low side of the average champion health pool
-Needs to be somewhat conservative on mana usage early game
-Very vulnerable when suppressed/stunned

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Greater Quintessence of Potency (x3) +4.95 AP each
Greater Mark of Insight (x9) +0.95 Magic Penetration each
Greater Seal of Clarity (x9) +0.065 Mana Regen / 5 secs per level (+1.17 at 18)
Greater Glyph of Celerity (x9) +0.05% Cooldown Reduction per level (+0.9 at 18)

The seals are interchangeable with the flat mana regen, either works fine as you typically want a constant blue buff to harass and dominate enemies (primarily carries/squishes.)

The glyphs I just recently changed in my personal build, as when I build Lux, I aim for the 24 sec ultimate, which is the lowest CD it can get. So I am still playing around with how many CDR runes I actually need with my build to hit the 24 sec point, and not wasting rune slots. (NOTE: If you get the Mejai's like I do, at 20 stacks with the build, the cooldown will be 24 seconds anyway, but there are always games where you can't quite make it to the full stack.)

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Pretty self explanatory build with Lux; mana regen, spec into clarity, spec into teleport (good gank/prot tool for stopping enemies at towers, or snaring them for tower kills/nukes.)
If you want the additional 15% minion buff, feel free, there is room to play with utility points that won't hamper Lux in any way.

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Many people say, "OMG Lux, you fail, why would you get a regrowth pendant first." Many people don't get it first, but you can stay in lane much longer in most cases with it due to health regen, and once you upgrade it to the philo stone, you get hp/mp regen, and 5 gold per 10 secs. Extra gold = more items = more ap = BIG LAZERS!

As for boots, if you don't use CDR runes, roll with the CDR boots. 95% of all games, you should get either CDR boots, or magic penetration boots, I get magic pen. You don't need speed boots, as you stay out of harms way in most fights anyway, and you can slow/snare enemies chasing you. Same thing applies to magic resist/tenacity boots, if you get stunned, you are most likely dead anyway.

If you want a rough purchase order as I typically get to do most games, start with:
1) hp pot/regrowth pendant
and don't come back to the platform until you have enough gold for
2) philo stone, amplifying tome, boots of speed and/or mejai's (pending your spare change)
Many times I don't finish boots until after Rabadon's as I don't get caught too often running around or in team fights where I need to escape.
3) finish mejai's and boots of speed.
4) work on Rabadon's deathcap until you finish it.
5) finish boots if needed.
6) Sheen, then finish off Lich Bane.
7) work on void staff. <3 the magic penetration! (usually sell my philo stone by this point as you can one shot jungle minions and laning minions, and the 400 gold helps with working on better items.)
8) work on Will of the ancients until finish...with crazy ap, comes crazy hp returns, an ultimate on a large wave of minions will heal you over 50% of your hp if you are low.

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Skill Sequence

There are a few sequences that work very well, I guess the main point to make is that if you completely suck with skill shots, Lux isn't for you.

As for the sequences, assuming you are level 10 or so, and have mana to burn (hopefully with blue buff), I typically go with the nuke:
Which is ablitity terms, is:
Light Binding > Lucent Singularity > auto-attack > Lucent signularity (again to 'pop' it, recharging the enemy with your passive) > auto-attack > Finales Funkeln > auto-attack.

Many people actually say don't auto-attack when going through Lux's skill sequence, to those people, I say stop playing Lux all together, you are wasting precious damage output. You can easily go through this skill sequence (WITH auto-attacking) and landing her ultimate while the enemy is still snared, and most of the time still close enough to land that last auto-attack (if needed.)

The other sequence is pretty mush the same, except swap your snare with singularity, to look something like this:

Difference is, many champs will flash out once they see singularity being thrown, therefore killing your sequence. However this sequence is great when pushing down a lane after enemies to slow them down for friendlies to pounce on them enough for you to land the snare, and finish your sequence.

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Team Work

I don't think it's really necessary to post Lux's job in team fights, but I guess I will in a few short words.

Snare/slow enemies, shield temmates, snipe enemies for fight initiations, or snipe escapees for some kills. Also use to steal buffs/baron/dragon if possible.

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Summoner Spells

Well, teleport/clarity.

I see Clarity as a MUST have. If you harass too heavy, you watch your mana disappear. If an enemy knows you have no mana, they WILL come after you, so use mana conservatively=, but definitely use it when you need to.

With mana being an issue, teleport is a must for me, so I can back and buy and immediately return to the minions for maximum farming potential. Late game, teleport = kills/ganks/protection for your towers.

If you find yourself dying far too often, or running from enemies, you may want Ghost or Flash, but any other spells are kind of a waste. I could see Clairvoyance as a nice tool for lazer snipes, but your Ult is a limited range, and your Singularity is used as a sight tool also.

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I will update this build as Lux changes, which I personally don't think she will, and doesn't need it if she is played correctly. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me, or e-mail me at Please vote if you like the build, and please no negative feedback.