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Last updated on June 27, 2016
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Garen Build

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Good morning
I am a level 30 unranked player
who has played Garen for a while now (on meh smurf to get levels)
And have recently gotten an S for him while playing him.
And quite frankly he isn't really a nob champion.
They are just salty, and tilted.


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Pros / Cons

-Easy champion
-Easy combo
- fun to play


-He is not a good split-pusher
- Doesn't take turrets really fast
-doesn't clear waves the fastest either :(

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What to do in a teamfight

There is two things to do in a teamfight, If you decided to go tanky then you should be peeling off the people on your ADC or helping silence people and run out. If you are going damage then you can silence people and run out or you can try to assassinate their ADC.

What to do if you are Tanky: Either protect your ADC or just simply start silencing people left and right. Then run into the middle and just Judge everyone with your judgement. and run out

What to do if you are building Damgey: Also Simple just either try to assassinate someone or once again silence people. Or trying go around the teamfight and picking off the ADC with your combo- Q-E-W-Q-E-R and you will either kill the ADC, she has too little HP to continue the fight, or just simply get collapsed on.SO be careful- especially if she/he has alot of lifesteal. SIMPLE

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Team Work

There is two ways you can affect the map: Either by teleportation or by roaming.
Both is considered good, and you can win alot more games by just being with your team
but sometimes you tooo caught up in your team and you end up just giving free towers to the enemy which gives them top lane for free to just simply win the game off. So roaming as a top laner you must ask yourself one question:

What am I going to get out of this?- If you are just getting an assist, then most of the time don't teleport. But if you most likely to get a kill or maybe even two kills then teleport

Teleport- Teleport is a good summoner spell and most top laners get.
It enables you to help your teammates and snowball yourself by teleporting unexpectedly and getting two kills. Teleport is also a very calculated skill as you should always inform your team when you have tp and should probably ping the lane you going to with tp.

Roaming- Roaming when you wander around the map. Roaming can be you walking from toplane to mid/bot lane, Roaming could be when you recall and then help your jungler with an invade. That is what is classified as roaming in League Of Legends. Roaming is an effective tool yo helping your losing/winning/struggling teammates with a little extra help.

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This is where we depart on our trip.
I hope you have successfully learnt Garen
And i sincerely hope YOU REK'EM
And they get scared whenever Garen Shouts DEMACIA (shouts before he unleashes the sword R)