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the Monster Udyr

Last updated on September 17, 2012
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Hi everyone this is MySwagBro from league of legend i am here to inform u with build i sue and destory poeple with including champion i like such as teemo and darius let get to the reason why i use those item and rune in build

By the way guy i didnt mention it in those thing so here the rune i use:

"crit damge"
"crit chance"
"attack damge"
"attack speed"

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Udyr Adc

Udyr a really good dps tank/attcker i would awaly perfer him to do more damge instead of just plain old tank cause the tiger will give him wut he really need now of course berserker grave is not really dat good for udyr but im using the speed of attck to help him kill enemy quicker and my second choice was a of course phantom dancer to make udyr a good chaser i suggest A phantom dancer ur movement with bear is ultra quick fast enought to chase ur enemy now i go for tanky item like a frozen mallet for the slow in it making it easy for me to kill enemy and warmog giving me hp so i can survive the hit and of course lifesteal is important cause only ur w can give u life steal so i suggest blood thirst
so ur tiger give u lifesteal too and of course infinite edge to do crit with speed damge and kill ur oppenent good for 3vs3 or 5vs5 i dont like jungling with him so no build for dat and preatty tanky and strong

"Dont be cocky just take down the squishy and then go for tank no matter how tanky they are ur just gonna take the down in anyway no lie"

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Teemo Adc

teemo is good in damge and her@ssing enemy with the Q so wut i do is buy doran blade and stack 2 cause teemo is a good damger dat the doran blade is a extra boost and then straight into berserker grave for the speed and advantage and then phantom dancer as i said chase enemy down and then i wouldnt go for any attck stuff but frozen mallet to make my combo easy cause phantom dancer make me chase them and my frozen mallet make me slow them making them unescapeable work for tanker and then of course u can go all free dps item like blood thirst dark cleaver and infinite edge which is good for teemo in 5vs5 and 3vs3

"Teemo is awaly a good battler cause of his posion but dont ever get to cocky or u will be doom"

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Draven Adc

Draven a champion dat not a lot of player play cause they think he suck but he actually not cause of wut his skill are let just get in to his build i awaly would take a double doran blade cause the damge is more important in draven just like ad teemo so then i go for speed just like i said it the advantage u just need to rip yo enemy and then i build dark cleaver causedraven w make it easy for him to chase enemy but i still need a phantom dancer so i buy it after cleaver and then go for blood thirster and frozen mallet which actually a good one cause then i can take down enemy quicker and of course infinite last cause i ardly can take down enemy just iwth phantom and cleaver so infinite isn't much of a help to this battle

"Draven is a master if u know how to play please dont mess with good draven player or u will be destory like i said"

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Darius Ad/Tank

HI Guy of course this is my last one And it about darius a OP champion i dont needa explain but i should to help u guy out more if u see i have a tank/ad darius i would perfer ad but a lot of poeple tell me tank darius is better so i made a tank guide and a ad guide to let u compare it and of course as u see mercede tread and warmog frozen mallet all tanky stuff and then guardian angel to make u stay in battle just incase u die u can revive and be part of the battle again and of course thronmail to protect u from being kill by any enemy dat a adc so it a good job and then Maw for magic resist shield

"darius tank will take ton of damge and return ton of damge"

Now to the Ad Darius i awaly go for berserker grave and 2 doran blade as a damger for darius trust me it a wreck tower build and then i go for phantom dancer idk why but when i get it, it so good i decide it should be a good stuff so i take dat too and then go straight for lifesteal so i can drain hp while taking down each oppenent one by one and of course frozen mallet good for slowing ur enemy and then infinite edge for it damge and guardian angel just incase u die and u dont want ur streak to end

"Darius watch out for this ad Darius he will end u if u mess with him even if ur a tanker trust me"

if there any problem or u want me to make more of these build just notice me on league of legend : MySwagBro :D


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