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League of Legends Build Guide Author drama

The most hated hybrid blitz!

drama Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Chapter 1

Guys, I hope you like this build im sharing, its my first time taking the time for this so i hope you guys like it and give me a good grade lol

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Skill Sequence

at first i buy faery's charm twice because "Rocket Grab" wastes a lot of mana. After going base to buy for the second time, sell one of those 2 and you will be able to buy philosopher stone, then just follow the sequence.

Ok this is the first build i post, so i dont know if this goes here or not but im going to explain how i use blitz and the sequence.

to start with, at the beginning i just turret hug if i see that the other team is to aggressive, i wait till someone is close to my turret, then "rocket grab." If i'm level 1, i will do this and use my exhaust to make that champ go slow so the turret can hit him more and ignite to finish that kill. When you get to level 2 and get your "Power Fist" you can do the same..."rocket grab + Power Fist + Exhaust + ignites = annoying kill." All this when close to turret of an Allie who can help you slain. When you get to level 6, you can use:
"rocket grab + power fist + static field + exhaust + ignite + over drive to give a couple of hits if you haven't picked up that kill before."
In my opinion, i prefer to use "over drive" first when it gets to gangs, i run from behind with "over drive" then i do "power fist and static field, if they try to run away, then i will "rocket grab"(note: by this time "power fist will already be cooled down...use it!) pretty much thats what i do.

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Summoner Spells

you guys can use any spell you want, but for me... i hate when someone i'm killing gets away with 20 hp, so i rather exhaust to slow them down and then ignite at the end so they will die even if they run. You guys can manage the summoner spells as you wish, depends on how you play.

I will explain though why this 2 spells, and this are my following reasons:
first of all i want at least 2 kills early game, so basically while i am turret hugging tryin to get an enemy to my turret for her to do the work, at level 1 i can only grab, if i do, they will run away, with low hp, yeah, but thats not what i want, i want the kill, so i will grab him to my turret, then exhaust for him to run slowly while my turret hits him at least from 2 to 3 times, but even though, he might have runes or something that will help him get away with 20 hp so theres where my ignite shows up and BOOM!!! Firt Bloos...You have slained an enemy!

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ok guys, this is the first build i share at this website, i hope you guys like it, enjoy it and lets go make some first bloods and get hated by everyone lol, be carefull though, after your first 7 to 10 kills they are gonna try to gang you alot :P

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Chapter 5

this was my last game, couldnt finish my build to show you guys but i almost did it lol

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i use this runes because i want more AP and Magic Pen. pluss you will need lots of cooldown for this build :D

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when farming as blitz , after i have my shurelyas crown i start using overdrive to kill minions as fast as possible, your ultimates cooldown is 20 sec, so you can also use that to kill a whole minion wave in seconds which will give you more than 200 gold :D

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Pros / Cons

- your over drive will cool-down almost immediately after it deactivates, so you can use this to get away :D.
- you will be able to kill squishy champs in a 3 hit combo! :D
- lots of movement speed and survivability.
- you will get lots of kills and assists.
- you will be hated and the enemy team will try to gang you.
- at the start you waste too much mana, almost half bar for a grab.

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Unique Skills

try using over drive to run away from gangs which you will need after more than 5 kills lol. bye the time you reach level 18 and get almost whole build, al the way to leach bane, your over drive cooldown will almost cool-down by the time its deactivated, so this allows you to use it lots of times to get away!

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i believe this items are good cause you will have plenty of mana, hp and will have the AP and AD you need to be a killer :D and also be able to get away of gangs