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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frizer#1161

The NEW AP/AS Teemo

Frizer#1161 Last updated on October 31, 2010
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Hello, This is my NEW AP/AS Teemo build.

First off, I'll write the differences between AD Teemo and AP Teemo.
AP Teemo:
* Does both Physical and magical damage with auto attack, Higher Magical damage.
* Does massive amounts of damage with blinding dart and noxious trap.
* Will often have less mana problems 'cause many AP items give MP/5
* Is hard to counter by using only magic resist as it uses some physical damage aswell
- Does not use lifesteal, and if it does, NOT very effectively.
- Is not as much carry as AD Teemo.
AD Teemo:
* Does massive amounts of Physical damage.
* Is a good choice for a carry.
* Has the choice of huge lifesteal(stacking bloodthirsters).
- Is, like most other carries, countered by Stacking armor.
- Blinding dart does extremely low damage compared to AP Teemo.
- Noxious Trap is mostly used for its slow and warding abilities, rather than its damage, due to it being low.

The spells in this build:
Blinding dart:
Your NUKE. When you have malady you should use this preferably as late as possible, or after hitting 4 stacks of Malady on the target, this will maximize your damage. Max this last as it requires your AP to be a little high to be strong.
Move Quick:
Extremely useful for many situations if used properly. Properly is versus Melee's, use your high speed to make sure they never lay a hand on you, and if they do, you have blinding dart! Max this second as you will need the speed to make sure to stay out of melee range.
Toxic Dart:
This increases your auto attack damage and leaves a DoT(Damage over Time) on the target, This is why you can deal both Physical and Magical damage with your auto attack, It has a low AP ratio compared to other spells but since you use it every time you attack, its fine. Max this first!
Noxious Trap:
Prefered use: "Escape holes", a trap in the jungle you can run past, making sure your enemies step on it. "Warding", Place traps near Dragon, Baron, Jungle buffs, River, all those kinds of things.
In case of Oracle's on enemy team: STOP USING TRAPS. Yes, STOP USING THEM, whenever they find one of your traps, you just gave them 25 gold. Unless its a melee using Oracle's, as he will often make it explode instead.

Pick the AP,CDR,Spell Pen, and AS from Offense, as you will have good use of this. Pick Imp. Teleport, Regeneration, EXP increase, Manaregen, Buff increase, Movespeed,and 1 in reduced cooldowns in Utility.

Marks: Magic Penetration.
Seals: MP/5 per level.
Glyphs: Magic Penetration.
Quintessences: Flat Health.
Why Magic penetration glyphs you ask? well, even while theyre less effective compared to marks, they do increase your damage by more than Ability power do. Magic penetration works like this: for every 1 Magic penetration you have, your enemy counts as having 1 less magic resistance!. Magic resistance works like this: for every 1 magic resistance you have, you count as having 1% more health against magic(this holds true to Armor aswell). This means you deal 5% more damage to your target!

Now to the Item build!:
Start off with doran's ring and a health potion. You should stay in lane as long as its safe. If you have a good game you should buy mejai's, if not, skip it and buy malady.
You should B when you got gold for Sorcerer's Shoes and Mejai's soulstealer/Malady(depending on good or bad game), this would be 2335/2925.
After this you should get Malady(Dont buy one more if you skipped mejais xD). This is one of your best items, it "increases your magic penetration on the target by 6 per shot". It also deals 20 damage per shot, "increasing your toxic darts initial damage".
Now Buy Zhonya's Ring, any questions?
Now you got the choice of buying Nashor's Tooth, or Guinsoo's Rageblade first, you are gonna get both anyway. I would choose Nashor's Tooth first.
If you skipped Mejai's Soulstealer earlier, youll have 2 choices at this point. Either get Lichbane, or get Abyssal Scepter. Lichbane will often only count as one shot after your blinding dart, so dont expect spamming those nukes. Abyssal scepter increases your magicpenetration(or rather, reduces the enemies magic resistance). Using Abyssal Scepter will bring your magic penetration total all the way up to 77,68!

Summoner Spells:
Teleport should always be used when playing Teemo, his Mushrooms can be placed anywhere, and you can teleport to them! If youre good at positioning your traps, suggest your team to get teleport aswell. Ignite is always good for a damage dealer.

Remember: you might be a AP Teemo, but because of your AS, youre a Hybrid! This means you can use Red buff efficiently, and while waiting for your blinding dart to come up again, you can spam toxic shots on the target, dealing MASSIVE damage!

This is all for this guilde, hope you enjoy AP/AS Teemo! :)
Please Comment before you vote :) especially if you vote down, i would like to know what could be done better about it, and if you vote down, you should try the build before judging it, not that you shouldnt try it before voting up ofcourse ^^