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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The new era of JAX

Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a small guide on how to play Jax, concerning the runes you should use, the items you should purchase and a little bit of playstyle advice. I should make it clear from the beginning that i m not a pro player, but i have some experience playing Jax. However Jax without the dodge stat is something else than he used to be. I used to play him as a hybrid assasin with ap runes. Now im convinced that the optimal way to play is as a hybrid most AD auto attacker. Ofc im open to critic and advice and i would be glad to improve this guide with your help.

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The runes i use give imo an early game advantage that you can use to get a couple of early kills and turn the game in your favor since the first 10 minutes. I use flat 6 flat AD marks and 3 armor penetration marks to boost his auto attacks and leap strike - empower skills. Comnined with the 6 flat AP glyphs and the 3 flat AP quints give you a huge ammount of damage from lvl 1. U might want to use 9 flat AP glyphs or even 9 flat AD marks. I find this combination is the optimal. For seals i used to have my dodge seals which made me love Jax and others hate him. Now i find the only substitute worth using is armor seals giving Jax some early game sustainability, although don't get carried away, he s not the undying monster he used to be and early game needs some care.

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In masteries i used to go for maximun defense and some utilities. Now without the dodge i don't find the defensive tree of much use. So i go for maximum damage and some armor, which might save u after all. I will say again that new era Jax is an assassin. He cant take the huge amounts of damage he used to. So with this masteries u can search and destroy the enemy champions fast and clean.

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The early game items have as a purpose Jax's maximum survivability in lane. I start with a Vampiric Septer and try to make the ninja Tabi and Wriggle's Lantern as fast as i can. After that you can start jungling if your team has got no jungler or start harassing the unfortunate champions standing against you at your lane. After that i try making the trinity force. You can purchase the 3 separate items in any sequence you like however i find the Sheen to be the most useful of the 3, since it boosts your AP and mana, for maximum and continuous harassment, and gives you the bonus of the passive, which combined with empower can be very painful for the opponent.

At this point you will probably be able to kick some serious *** and gang hard. Get into team fights. Stun them and kill them. However don't forget you don't have the dodge stat anymore. So let someone else engage first if you can.

After the trinity force, you can go for the Hextech Gunblade. I prefer purchasing the Bilgewater Cutlass since its life steal combined with your ulti's passive will give you back lots of your lost HP. You can go vice versa and purchase the revolver first. I wouldn't recommend it. When Hextech Gunblade is complete you will probably have no more time to buy items because victory is close.

However if you want to continue kicking ***, you should purchase the Atma's Impaler for it's armor and critical strike. Both defense and offense in one. Now in order to put the cherry on top of your destruction cake you can purchase a Madred's Bloodrazor. Attack and defense + %damage for the opponents who think that can stand against you.

I want to note at this point that after the hextech gunblade you can choose either to go for even more damage with items like the phantom dancer and the Bloodthirster or the Infinity Edge or for more defense with items like Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel or even a Thornmail. You have to adjust your purchases according to the game and the type of damage the opponents cause to you. I find the purchase order i suggest to be somewhere in the middle and thus keeping the balance between damage and defense where it is meant to be for a champion like Jax.

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence you should try mine but it might not be right as it is still needs to undergo much consideration. However, I prefer maxing out the Leap Strike first in order to terrorize the enemies in combination with the empower which helps you cause some serious damage with your auto attack. Those two combined can finish off an enemy with even about 1/4 of his/her HP by the end of the game. I find the new counter strike useful for the on demand stun however its nothing compared to the super bubble that dodged almost 50% or ALL attacks. So i choose to max it out last.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Use it to get near enemies and jump em with your leap strike stun em and kill em. It can go the other way around used to get away after killing an enemy or just get away from a gang. :D Always useful.

Heal: The noob summoner spell. However, jumping in the middle of a team fight stunning everyone with counterstrike AND healing all your allies for some HP can give you the edge and save a couple of your teammates.

You can also use Ignite in order to finish off an enemy that might get away. I choose not to use it because they usually don't. Same goes for Exhaust.

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I choose to play Jax as a powerful assassin that can get into a teamfight and turn it in his team's favor. Stun the enemies kill a couple of squishies and the tanks will be useless.

In order to achieve this i usually use a combination of empower and leap strike so as to finish off wounded enemies. If the enemy s got all of his HP or much of it use counter strike and leap strike. The counter strike will stun him right after you are near him. However, you will need some practice to time it right. Then use your empower ( spam it ) along with your ulti to wear out your opponent. If he tries to run, leap strike. No one runs from Jax.

In 1 vs 1 situtations you might want to be extra careful against enemies with lots of life steal. Stun em let em hunt you for a couple of secs and stun em again.

In team fights you might need to use your heal. They will call you noob. You will score an ace. Which one's better?

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This is my first guide in mobafire. Even though it might not be of much success, even if it helps one person it's good enough for me. Please help me make it better and learn how to be a perfect Jax myself.