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The New Hybrid Kog'Maw

sin logos Last updated on September 15, 2010
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The purpose of this build is to provide high bursts of damage along with the ability to easily finish off runners. Unlike other AD/AS Kog'Maw builds this one allows you to spam your ultimate while still hitting really, really hard.

Summoner Spells

I got with Flash and Ghost because Kog'Maw does not have very many good escape options. Void Ooze can help(shoot it in a diagonal line in front of you and walk down it). But it's range is relatively short and it has a very long cooldown. And since you're going to be a high priority target you're going to need to be able to escape ganks. Exhaust is also an option, but I hate being close enough to other champs to be able to use it.

Early game:

Ideally you want to solo mid or lane with a tank or someone with a stun or other crowd control skills. Starting off with a Doran's Shield and health pot make you less squishy, but you're still very easy to kill. Especially if you're up against a champ like Garen or Xin or Sion. And for the most part you just want to sit back and last hit and let the enemies make the mistakes. Your Bioarcane Barrage has enough range for you to keep you out of their threat area. And don't be afraid to use this skill to last hit. Especially if the other champs are also playing conservatively.

Since early on you won't have much mana or mana regen use Void Ooze as infrequently as possible. I only use it to either slow an oncoming advance or to slow the path of a fleeing champ as you hit him with Bioarcane Barrage. I try to get enough money to buy Berserker's Greaves and the Tear of the Goddess on my first blue pill. Getting the tear first will help build up your max mana, which will increase your damage even more. By the time you have enough money to get Madred's Razor the laning phase of the game should be over and you should be into mid-game.


By now you have at least the Tear of the Goddess and Madred's Razor and you should be farming as fast as you can farm. Try to get the lizard buff. The slow on hit it provides will help you get some extra kills. I find that most people don't expect Kog'Maw to have as much range as he does. I get a lot of kills from people being overly aggressive. Also by this point you should be able to cast your ultimate a lot. Try to be unpredictable with your aiming. People will walk into a blast a lot more often. Finishing off Madred's Bloodrazor and Manamune is very important during this phase. Depending on how things are going I sometimes finish Manamune first so I can start building up damage sooner, but if I'm having trouble finishing off certain champs then I'll get Madred's first.

End Game

As the game comes to an end you're going to be one of the highest, if not the highest, damage dealer on your team. This means, if the other team is smart, they will find ways to kill you first. Which means you're an incredibly high priority ganking target. So try to stick around your tank or crowd control champ. And make sure to get wards on your lizard and on the dragon. With Madred's and Manamune you can take out the dragon in a handful of seconds but that's plenty of time for Garen to tear you apart.

The next item you build should be the Frozen Mallet. I like getting this before getting more attack speed because it helps with champs who try to initiate with you and those that try to run away from you. The last two items you get are incredibly situational. Last Whisper is nice because of the attack speed and armor penetration. And if the other team is stacking armor you can pick up a Black Cleaver. But if they're smart when they see they're playing against a Kog they'll know you'll build a Bloodrazor and they'll build in more magic defense. So something like the Void Staff makes more sense since it will make your Bioarcane Barrage that much more successful.


This is still a work in progress and I'm constantly trying new things. But I'm at the point where I really want some feedback! So please, feel free to brutalize this build!