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The Off Tank Riven Guide (Pre-Season 6)

Last updated on November 15, 2015
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Why do this build...

The reason of you building this item set is for the reason not every single riven player is god like but this makes life a little easyer for the rivens and they do over all better but they do loose some things like pure 1 shoting but they dont get 1 shot and they can be scary for low elo becuase when i see a riven and she has 3000 hp or more i **** my self a little (jk jk i dont)

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Get 3 flat AD quints
Get 9 Flat AD Red Runes (idk what they are called)
Get 5 Flat Hp Yellow
Get 2 Scaling Hp Yellow
Get 2 Scaling of Max HP yellow
Get 9 Flat CDR Blue runes

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Team Work

You are often going to BE the tank so tank **** and do cc becuase cc is what wins team fights

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Ok if you are in the fun **** of tanking and doing good damage to people and dont take this in ranked if you are going to play top pick garen or somthing easy and good