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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The power of Talon

Last updated on October 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Have you anything to offer but weakness? Could you harness the power of Talon?

This guide will provide a foundation for those who wish to master Talon and turn his blade and abilities into an extension of your own. This guide will be short & sweet yet insightful.

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Flat attack damage marks & quints-

This is for high early game damage. Talon is most dangerous early game when the enemy does not yet have the safety of grouping like in late-game. In other words.. there's no time to wait for scaling damage.

Greater armor seals-

Talon is squishy, these seals are almost a must for sustain and i do prefer them over magic resist runes. You'd hate to catch a darius axe without these. If you are MLG feel free to substitute them for whatever floats your boat like mana.

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Masteries are designed to give you max damage output while using the rest of the points on hp/magic resist which are most helpful early game.

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Swap out Black cleaver for a Last whisper if enemy team is trying to build armor against you.
I build generally in two different ways while maintaining max aggression. You are an assassin, if you lose your power to be aggressive and the enemy takes the role, you become useless. That stresses the importance of last hitting and maintaining lane presence.

Two ways simply are- owning & not owning

Owning- rush a sword of the occult and do not die, if you die you LOSE ad. This is your real sword early game and if you can harness the power of talon you will enjoy the movement bonus and easily over 200+ ad very early in the game.

Not owning- skip the snowball item and build *sigh* magic resist for your lane. Aim for items that also serve an offensive purpose like hexdrinker or mercurial scimitar. Sometimes a banshees veil or guardian angel is necessary.

Other ways to build are shown in this guide and there are other items that compliment Talon nicely, such as frozen mallet, sword of the divine.. However, this guide is merely a foundation to help you carry as Talon. Other secret strategies and item builds will remain secret.

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Skill Sequence

Rake is first- This is your max damage output lvl 1 due to aoe damage and activates your passive.

Cutthroat is second- You need to silence your lane opponent and trade early.

Noxian Diplomacy is third- tempting to get after rake however cutthroat serves a more offensive purpose early game

Shadow assault- fourth

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Exhaust and ignite will both compliment your passive. These two skills create kill potential every time they are up, use them wisely and lead with the spells before your abilities.

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Talon is an anti-ap carry assassin. In my opinion he is one of the best mid laners, occasionally i have forced enemy top to lane mid instead to save their own ap carry!! Talon has a few tricks such as epic stealth strategies and using e in a versatile form, however i will not disclose those. I will tell you how to get first blood and commence to snowball in this section.

When laning against your opponent as Talon it is best to rush your level two and stay a level above your opponent right away. If that means no leash then tell your jungler too bad, after all you will snowball later. Once your opponent uses an ability or tries to farm last hits use cutthroat and TRADE. Conserve mana, use your hp pots, and repeat trading while remaining weary of the enemy jungler, your mid lane opponent should be recieving help by enemy jungler due to their struggle. If they are overextended or they wish to fight, pop your spells and dish the damage. If they are no noob and back off.. be cautious to not burn your spells too early. When you pop your spells they should not make it out alive. Build AD>MR when you can and make sure to collect BOUNTIES on enemy champions to further boost your gold into ad.

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Team Work

Assassinate high priority squishies and avoid getting in the middle of fights unless in your favor. Always shut down enemy ap carries and marksmen. Use all your abilities, get some auto attacks in if you don't have to run away otherwise stay around but in safety till your abilities come back up to finish the job. Use silence to engage and either pop your ult immediately to disrupt and run away OR do a little combo before you pop your ult, run IN FRONT of them as they run away then clean up with q. Advanced strategies will not be discussed here.

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You must go for 100% creep score early game while denying farm, poking the enemy eventually killing him, staying alive and watching for ganks. It's not so hard ;) the trick is to AUTO ATTACK or use AN ABILITY in the very small time-framethey commit to last hitting a minion.

This section is not just for Talon this is for any champion.

It is more sustainable to AUTO ATTACK over spamming abilities in Talon's case.

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If you apply a pure crit rune page for talon you will hit disgustingly high on your q and destroy tanks. I left a crit build to help those looking for a basis on building Talon for critical damage output.