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Tryndamere Build Guide by EnzoBrandt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EnzoBrandt

The Powerful King

EnzoBrandt Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Do not go all out with Tryndamere until level 6 he is really weak 1-5 but when he gets his ult and a couple of items he switches to ******edly OP mode.Pick of the squishy ones and don't go head-on a whole your not that OP...well late game trynd can proudly 1 v 5 a whole team.

He's harder than people give him credit for.Don't be aggressive if your ult isn't up. As a new player, I'd personally suggest using your time in undying rage to escape until you've learned all the champions and what they can do.

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Chapter 2

There really aren't any 'straightforward' tips; using your ultimate is still a matter of experience and luck. But against heavy burst teams, popping your ultimate at 50% or even 60% might work. When fighting Garen, for instance, you're probably dead as soon as you hit 30% HP. Try to guess what kind of burst your opponents can deal against you, and adjust your timing to it. This is what makes Tryndamere hard to play.

The exhaust change is a buff on physical champions like Tryndamere. You can still attack and crit, though even with reduced damage. Building bloodlust stacks was impossible with the 'old' Exhaust, at least now you can still farm stacks while exhausted.

QSS is worth it, but I'd wait until you get at least a Zeal and IE. Before you get your IE, you're not much of a threat, and any CC thrown at you just means your teammates have more chance to dish out damage.

Never initiate with Trynd; you're the carry, you jump in after the opponents committed to the fight.

Lifesteal works. Especially since the duration nerf on Trynd's ultimate, getting out after a fight has become close to impossible. One single ignite will ruin your day, 2 ignite will ruin your day *and* the QSS you bought to counter debuffs like ignite. Lifesteal is not affected by healing reduction, so having a good deal of it will let you stay alive just a little longer. I'm currently experimenting with armor/MR items to increase your effective health (and thus the amount of EHP stolen per hit) but I haven't come across a build I like yet. Perhaps the new Zhonya's hourglass might be worth getting, but the 3300 price tag isn't too attractive.

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Chapter 3

look the best way of using ult take cleanless will help u ***en alot really it works for me perfect and i team fights just use ur W to get to their caster/dps carry then kill him and most of time he is squishy so will take 2-3 crits and just keep ur finger on cleanless incase of the stun/silence or w/e i think it will work no need 2 get quicksilver
and most useful for me dont use ur E for just chasing use it for reducing enemy dmg all time its very useful also when being chased by a dps no need 2 slow him just remove his dmg

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Chapter 4

Tryndamere is very powerful farmer, usually I use the spin the get the weaker minons. The more I hit the minions with my basic atack i get more range, making my attack becomes stronger.

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Chapter 5

Hi, this build is about Tryndamere, hi is a powerfull DPS and a strong JUNGLE. When he is jungle,his ganks are almost impossible to survive. On the LANE he is a unique DPS. At the jungle he needs to get RED buf first, with leash from MID. He is a extreme good laner and jungler. His first ability is him heal, I use it after he has ceased his fourth skill. His second ability is him slow, i used it to chase te enimes with low healt. His tirst ability is him "spin", usually I use this spell the Gank and reach the enemy faster. His ULT I use to chase and kill enimes with very low heal.
Sorry for poor English, but did the best I could. Thanks.