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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The Rawr of LeBlanc

Last updated on April 10, 2011
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LeBlanc Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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ok this is my first attempt to post a build. the servers are down and im bored. Lb is my favorite champ to play because she blends both HUGE damage and Extreme Survivability. The latter part only coming if you play with your head on straight.... Dont take her escapeability as an excuse to "trade some blows" with anyone. Just doesnt pan out. please try out this build before you bash it. any and all comments will be looked over and worked into the build if i agree or at least see your point. Good Luck and enjoy

(btw i am only level 27 at the moment so the extra point in the masteries and the extra runes in my build are all things i plan on doing. this is the final build i plan on having)

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Pros / Cons

-insane damage
-very good mobility and escapeability
-actually very good at saving team mates in a bind.
-if played correctly can do 2v1s without issue (incase you have a jungle teammate)

-squishy: stay safe
-you will most likely be focused in every team fight
-really only one way to build her

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ok so the runebook i use for her is pretty straight forward. i get the Magic Penetration marks and a quintessence, Mana Regen seals, cooldown reductions glyphs and quintessence. im not going to pretend to be some know it all. this is just how i thought to set up my runebook, and it so happens to work out nice for me. again if you have any comments or suggestions after youve tried this build let me know.

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ok if you saw the masteries i did above thats what you should do. go 9 points into attack really for the 4% CD reduc, and the magic pen. then i put the rest into utility. if you dont plan on using clarity (ill explain why i use it further down this build) you dont need the point there. alot of people like putting the random point in the gold generation but i dont like being dead, so i put it in the death timer reduction. (you will die. that is certain. either because of experimentation or the other team finally focusing you because you are dangerous.) as for everything else, its what were working on already.... mana regen, mana pool, cooldown reduction, and i rather like the movement speed increase. helps for harrasing early, which ill go over later

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Summoner Spells

ok so theres ways to go here. i like rolling with clarity because i lets me stay out on the lanes usually at least 2-4 times longer than my opponents as long as im not taking alot of damage. also the recharge is very low so it will be up quickly should you need it in a tight spot (say a 1v1 that turns into a team fight) also being able to give your team almost full mana back is a great benefit.
the second spell is usally between exhaust ignite or flash. theres arguements for them all. exhaust is nice in that they cant run away so easily, but after a few levels and the damage youll be putting out itll really only turn into an extra way to get away from bad situations. ignite is great because of the healing reductions but again, for the most part youll be blowing them up and wont need it, i have found that it helps greatly against a tryn that knows what hes doing. I like to roll with flash. and i know that your think but wait, you already have distortion and mimic which is technically two teleports, why would you need a third. well, flash is great in many ways. if your silenced, out of mana, or distortion is on cooldown, this is your escape. also, you can position yourself for a surprise attack without using up distortion, robbing you of good damage and a potential escape route should things turn sour. any other ones i dont really use with her. but as with everything experimentation is always good.

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ok items.... i know someone is going to have a better item build, so again. try this first then tell me and ill try it out. start off with the tome and a health pot. normally i get some early kills or ganks and ill get mejais to keep that going. even if you havent gotten one but your keeping them on their heels go ahead and get it. as an alternative sometimes ill get the hextech revolver until i no longer need it. magic penetration boots are for obvious reasons. if you cant afford a needlessly large rod quickly and you need to buy something to stay competitive start building the void staff. large amount of AP and more magic penetration, theyll be crying by the time you can get your rod then rabbadons. the fiendish codex is very nice as well because of the AP and cooldown reduction, not to mention the extra mana regen. ryalais and the rod of ages are viable alternatives if you need some health and maybe a way to slow them that isnt your chains, but if your playing smart you wont need them. stick with the ap and nuke away..... thornmail, ive seen it work. never tried it. but just a thought

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Skill Sequence

Sigil of Silence, Mimic, Distortion, Chains. thats your combo. 1(q),4(r),2(w),3(e). if they live through that they wont be alive for long because sigil of silence will be up about .5 to a full second after the full combo. there are times when even the distortion and chains wont be nessecary......
Sigil of silence is your best move, i try to max it out asap. at level 3 with two points into sigil of silence and one into distortion you can kill people so fast its a little ridiculous.
use sigil as a harraser early. get in a little close to the creep to farm and when someone comes close enough you throw one of these at them. if they dont run away use distortion to silence them and scare them off. also if you are chasing someone and you hit them with etheral chains you can sigil of silence them before the stun happens and when it does it will also silence them, leaving you plenty of time to line up a classic 1,4,2 or even a 1,2,4 and blow them up.

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ive never jungled with her nor have i seen it happen so im skipping it and not trying. as for farming, what i try to do is start off near my creep mages and work my way onto the front lines(the creep melees). use sigil of silence and distortion to force enemies away form the creep and you can farm and starve them at the same time. distortion will not kill them from full health for a while, so either use it to finish off alot of creep at the same time or force enemy champs away. once you have it leveled a few times distortion will destroy creep waves. if you happen to have to save one of your towers from a massive creep wave a nice 2,4 combo will annihilate it. try and keep on top of farming, it does get easy with her to forget about it.

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alright guys. so auto attack that creep, use your skills to kill/starve your lane opponent/s and then start the massacres. dont be dumb and go toe to toe with people who are going to kill you, and dont forget, theres maybe two champs who can catch a leblanc that really wants to get away.

good luck and have fun