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The Rumble from Down Unda

Last updated on May 17, 2011
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This is my first go at a guide, but I find the build better then any other I've seen on here so I figured I'd share it with you. I play rumble in 3s and 5s and he's an extremely fun character that's cheap to buy and easy to learn. This character can put out massive amounts of damage on a constant basis but does need a bit of protecting early on or he'll get shredded. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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The reason I build my runes this way is so that you can spam your Q ability Flamesspitter as much as possible as early as you can. The magic pen never hurts early on either, it's not uncommon for me to get first blood or an assist on first blood doing this. As the game progresses that little bit may not seem like much, but when combined with the items you get and the fact that a lot of folks don't build magic resist items until later in the game you should get a handful of kills/assists early which will lead into a great build.

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With your masteries you want to build for caster, but not for mana caster as Rumble has NO mana, he also does a decent bit of melee attacking so putting the couple points into attack speed increase isn't a bad idea either. The major thing you want here is the bottom mastery for the extra damage and the ignite so that when you ignite a player you get the extra AP boost while the summoner ability is on cool down. From there I go with less death time and more cool down reduction and end with the 1g/10 just for the little extra kick.

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I start off with a health gem, cause you need that extra boost at the start it'll keep you alive an able to stay in lane longer. You follow that the tome and end up with the Haunting Guise, this item gives ya a small bit of AP, life, and the big spell penetration which will again lead to faster killing of minions and enemy champions.

Next we go for boots, you want to get the magic pen boots so that you can continue your lane dominance, the merc treads are ok except that if your opponents don't have any form of CC the ability is useless. This leads us into the next item which is optional, the moonflair spell blade. The spell blade will somewhat make up for not having the merc treads but not hamper you buy tossing you something you may not need. We go into the Rylai's Cepter this is another ap boost as well as a large chunk of life that will slow enemy's that you hit with your abilities.

Sunfire cape and will of the ancients wrap up the item build by providing even more damage and life and some spell vamp to you and your allies. With this build it's not odd to go into a two on one fight and come out the winner if there are mobs in the area that you can hit with your Q ability.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Ghost and Ignite for summoner abilities because it provides you with a means of escape and an extra way to put damage on one hero. With the additional abilities added from the masteries these are some of the best abilities for Rumble because you need a fast exit or to run down a hero you can ghost and run for the hills, as well as getting some extra damage and AP from Ignite.

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This is a fairly rough build that may be a bit hard to get if your not getting kills, but as you get further in the build the kills will come your way instead of assists and you'll have a lot of survivability in lane. The big keys to the build are the magic penetration, items as well as runes, and cool down reduction from runes.

Rumble is a great lane harassment character as long as you spam Q and don't die, that being said remember your NOT a tank don't act like it by trying to initiate combat head on, once you have your ultimate drop it and then roll in for some easy cleanup duty.

Wishing you the best