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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author badscooper

The Sodomizing Fist of Blitzcrank

badscooper Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Greetings! This is my first guide so please be gentle if its not the most organized guide in the world.

I decided to make this guide after watching Doublelift, who is probably the best Blitz player, streaming a few matches online. I took elements of his play style and item builds and incorporated them into how I play and found myself much improved. Check out Doublelift's stream on

I play Blitz as an offtank/anti carry/support. He is a very versatile hero so he can fill all of these roles simultaneously. He is a very durable champion with this build and with his awesome passive and his arsenal of cc can be used to shut down an opposing carry or to protect your carry.

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Pros / Cons


    Extremely versatile hero
    Passive makes him even harder to kill
    Overdrive makes him near impossible to catch
    huge arsenal of crowd control
    Can easily turn a team fight into a 4v5 with a well placed hook
    Low cool down on ult makes it easy to clear creep waves
    can protect your teams carry and shut down the enemy's carry
    Great at bringing down towers

    Prior to level 6. You have to rely on your ability to last hit to get a good farm. (not really a con to some)
    Can have mana issues early

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Greater Mark Of Desolation
I chose these because of the damage boost it brings to your triforce proc'd Power Fist

Gives you the mana regen you need to stick around and be productive

Glyphs are really personal preference. I think you can never go wrong with more magic resist personally but if you have some flat CDR runes or CDR/lvl runes you can use those in place of the MR/lvl.

Blitzcrank is easily harrassed early game. These help keep you in your lane.

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Personally I go 0/9/21 with 3 points into Strength of Spirit. Depending on your build late game it gives you an extra 20-30 hp/5. 9/0/21 is also viable if you want some more cdr and a harder hitting ult.

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Summoner Spells

Great for escaping or positioning to land a clutch hook.

Pick this Spell if no one on your team has it. Map awareness is very important and will win you games. Don't make the mistake of wasting it whenever its off of cooldown. Tell your team to ping the map and say "cv" in chat if they want vision of something.

If someone has Clairvoyance
Pick up Clarity
This spell helps your early game out since Rocket Grab is quite a mana hog

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Skill Sequence

Pick up Rocket Grab first. Especially in ranked play. Typically teams will roam around as five to try and get a first blood. Blitz with rocket grab is one of the strongest level 1 heroes in the game. Here is one example of Doublelift helping his team get first blood.

There is some naughty language, so mute it if you don't like cursing. /league-of-legends/ability/power-fist-170 Why not max Rocket Grab first?
I see some guides maxing rocket grab first. I don't find that to be very efficient. A rank 5 rocket grab only has a 4 second shorter cooldown than a rank 1 and its a huge mana hog early game. While it does do more damage, that is not the purpose of the skill. The purpose is to bring an enemy champion to you and your team.

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Core Items
- Makes your Power Fist hit like a truck. Great for taking down towers.

- Getting 2 of these will give you some early game tankiness and brings in some nice gold. Build one into a Randuin's Omen and sell the other when you need to fill out your sixth slot.

- Being CC'd is not fun. These boots are a must have on most champions.

Catalyst the protector - gives you early/mid game survivability and builds into a Banshee's Veil later

- Gives blitz everything he needs to be a great offtank/anticarry. Get this after catalyst if you are having a great game. otherwise move on to the tankier items and pick this up later.

- Arguably the best defensive item in the game. Get this before Randuin's Omen if the biggest threats deal Magic Damage

- Great defensive item on tanks and bruisers. The passive and active will cripple auto attackers as well as slowing their movement.

What to get from here?
If your team is doing well, the game should be over by this point. Pick up an Infinity Edge in the rare situation that you have purchased all the items above but the game still isn't over.

If the game is in a stalemate, your objective when purchasing the next two items should be to counter the enemy team.

- Pick this up if the enemy team is doing a ton of magic damage or if their ap carry has a Void Staff. With the move speed bonus from this, Trinity Force, and Overdrive you should be a blur to your opponent at all times.

- If the enemy team has 2 or more auto-attackers pick this up to completely shut them down. The aura + the active from Randuin's will cripple their dps.

- Pick this up after frozen heart if you still need more armor.

- If you need more magic resist after FoN. Will give your ult more umph

- Pick this up if no one on your team has it. Your team should have at least one.

- Not the greatest item on blitz since he doesn't have a good way to regen health after dying, but it provides a nice mix of armor and mr.

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Early Game. Start - 15 minutes
Try not to push your lane. Stay back and last hit minions and farm up alot of gold. If you are solo top and you see the enemy jungler bottom it is ok to push your lane some to deny your enemy gold but once the jungler is back to missing let the lane push back out to midway. If you have had a good farm, you should be able to afford a Sheen, Boots of Speed and 2 Hearts of gold

Mid game . 15-30 minutes
If you are doing well, you should have destroyed your lanes tower, or are close to bringing it down. Try to gank other lanes and keep an eye out for large creep waves. Static Field will clear waves with ease and give you alot of money. If you have extra money after making purchases pick up some wards and ward the other teams red and blue buffs to try and get some unexpected ganks off on the enemy team as well as some free buffs. By the end of mid game you should have completed your mercury's tread, Trinity Force, and one of Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil

Late game
Continue to farm large creep waves and roam the map pushing lanes. If you are separated from your team i.e. they are bot and you are top and they encounter the enemy team, push your lane if you don't think you can reach them in time. With this new meta game, towers drop much faster, chances are you will cause 1 or 2 of the other team to leave bot and come defend. And by that time you will be long gone.

Make sure to protect any squishy carries on your team late game. If they die it could be game over. Utilize your arsenal of cc to disable anyone trying to take out your carries.

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Maximizing your Deeps

This is a simple trick that you can use on a few of champions including Xin Zhao, Trundle, and Renekton. There are probably a few more but they escape me at the moment.

Power Fist is an auto attack modifier, just like Xin's Three Talon Strike, Trundle's Rabid Bite and Renekton's Ruthless Predator. These abilities all reset your auto attack timer. Meaning you can auto attack and immediately press Q (in renek's case W) to quickly land your attack modifying ability. This greatly increases your single target dps/tower killing and really helps with jungling on trundle and xin. It also makes it much easier to push a lane if Static Field is on cooldown.

Chaining your skills in combat
One thing I've picked up from watching Doublelift stream is his unique way of using Power Fistand Rocket Grab. Most guides tell you to always Rocket Grab into a Power Fist, while this is fine if you are waiting in a bush, I don't find it to be as effective in a team fight.

What I've found really effective and why I say blitz is an anti-carry is Power Fist into a Rocket Grab. Locate your prey and Overdrive towards them, land a Power Fist, aim your Rocket Grab, reel them back in and Static Field followed by another Power Fist. At this point you've either killed them or shut them out of the fight for a good 4-5 seconds

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Take out towers
Protect your carries
Shutdown their carries
Turn team fights into 4v5s with Rocket Grab

Please leave any comments/suggestions below and upvote if you like the guide.