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The solo tops you should play

Last updated on August 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first build ever but it contains valuable information for someone who wants to start playing solo top(mostly ranked).
I will be explaining every champion I choose and you don't have to worry about other tops because this champions are hard to counter or are amazing counters themselves.

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Jayce, the Impossible

Jayce is my favourite champion of the five.
His set of skills make him extremely hard to beat in lane.
Jayce should be the number one pick but it's up to personal preference.
Passive: Jayce gains 40 movement speed for 1.25 seconds and ignores unit collision each time Transform is cast.
First skill:Q-Slow and low damage in a small aoe while in hammer and range poke with moderate damage in cannon. I use cannon Q then switch to hammer and Q again to farm, minions die from this combo at almost any level. BE CAREFUL WITH THE MANA, this spell doesn't cost that much but it is quite the spam and you should use your W to regain mana constantly.
Second skill:W-Lots of damage in a small aoe if leveled up second and mana on every basic attack while in hammer(comparable to Taric's passive) and EXTREME STEROID while in cannon, it gives you 2.5 attack speed for 3 basic attacks dealing increased damage for every rank you invest. A smart trick I use is I wait for my ultimate to come off cooldown activate W then change to hammer, it has to be done fast but it isn't hard. The advantage is that hammer gives you resists and acces to better skills while retaining the extreme attack speed buff.
Third skill BREAD AND BUTTER:E-Extreme magic damage, knock back and an 100% bonus attack damage ration while in hammer and EXTREME MOVEMENT SPEED STEROID AND Q STEROID while in cannon. This is the skill that says **** YOU every time you use it. At rank 5 it deals 160+100% of bonus ad + 20% of the targets MAXIMUM HEALTH while doing MAGIC DAMAGE. At rank 5 if you pass through the Acceleration Gate and right after you use Transform you can get to aprox. 600 movement speed without Trinty and aprox. 720 with trinity, but only for a short duration.
Last but not least:R-transforms Jayce's weapon to fit his needs. Transform: Cannon-you become ranged, your next basic attack reduces the enemy's armor and magic resist with 10%/15%/20%/25% for 5 seconds. Transform: Hammer-you become melee, you gain armor and magic resistance 5/15/25/35 and your next basic attack deals bons magic damage 20/60/100/140. Never stay in only one Transform, when you got the opportunity after level 2, hammer->Q->basic attack->E the enemy for free harassment, you will deal almost 1/4 every time you use the combo while getting out scratch free because E "stuns" the enemy and creates distance between you.

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Yorick, the Abuser

Not much to say about Yorick. His whole lane phase is boring because your harass is always the same W->E->Q if not risky, continue untill enemy dies. The interesting part about Yorick is the fact that he can solo the blue but don't try it without runes and some tries in a custom game, trust me it is hard but worth it, you will always finish it with 50 hp or so, practice it until you can do it. The advantage? Blue buff, Yorick is mana starved so it goes well, you level up and if you recall after killing blue you can shop for a ward and the potion you lost during blue, then teleport to lane like nothing happened full hp and level 2. You will not loose any minions and you will have a huge advantage over the opponent because of your harass combo making your farm as easy it can get. Just practice your last hitting with basic attack it is tricky at the start.
Passive: Yorick takes 5% less damage and his autoattacks deal 5% more damage for each summon that is active. Meanwhile, Yorick's ghouls have 35% of Yorick's Attack Damage and Health. They decay over time.
Q-Next basic attack deals bonus damage summons a ghoul that gives you movement speed, low mana cost, high damage, perfect with Trinity.
W-Small aoe dealing damage summoning a ghoul that slows, you use it with E for easy recovery while the enemy is losing hp and forced to kite them until they die, or stay and take them like a man giving you free gold.
E-Target a champion/creep dealing damage, healing you and summoning a ghoul that heals you for every attack he makes. Extreme sustain, the reason Yorick gets banned.
R-Zilean-ish ultimate the champion you targeted(can be yourself) becomes a ghoul at your command for a few seconds, if the target dies during the effect he respawns as the ghoul having access to his original abilities, excepting summoner spells, for a few seconds after which he dies(only gives one kill, lol). If you build Guardian Angel your utlimate should always target someone else since it is bugged, GA and your ultimate popping at the same time negating your ult.

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Irelia, the HYPER CARRY

Irelia is supposed to be picked if you want to do everything, with my build she can tank and she can also deal TONS OF DAMAGE. Let's jump into the spells.
Passive: I don't care about cc-for every enemy nearby her she gets reduced crowd control duration.
Q-Farm machine, gap closer, nice damage, applies on-hit effects like Trinity, making it a potent nuke.
W-Mediocre sustain on basic attacks, active: WTF WHERE DOES THE DAMAGE COME FROM? You receive double the heal and you deal TRUE DAMAGE ON EVERY ATTACK WHILE THE EFFECT LASTS. 75 true damage and 26 hp on every attack for 6 seconds, with attack speed(that is why you buy guinsoo, trust me on this one) that is extreme FREE DAMAGE, because as you may or may not know true damage doesn't get reduced by nothing, except invulnerability spells like Kayle's ult or Trynd's.
E-Mediocre unreliable cc and a bit of damage at last rank. The spell works like this: If you have more % of hp than the enemy, the spell slows, if you have less, it stuns. Keep in mind it's % so you can use it on a full hp enemy with 500 health while you have 99% at 3400 health it will still slow. Use it after the enemy bursts you for the stun, it allows for 2 basic attacks with W for more damage.
R-The moment you use it it sends a skill shot nuke in the direction your mouse pointer is at that moment. You can send 4 of those skill shots, medium range, good damage and...wait for it...heals you for 25% of the damage it deals if it hits a champion and 10% of the damage it deals if it hits a minion, it can pass through targets and walls. At level 6 if you are low on health try using it on a new minion wave hitting all the minions and the enemy champion(s) for incredible healing. It need all 4 skill shots to kill a minion wave without items and at rank 1.

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Shen, the Banned One

Shen is almost perma banned and should only try taking him if you are first pick, unless you have Jayce or know how to play Irelia really well, you are gonna have a bad time. Shen is awesome, strong cc, good damage, mediocre sustain, shield and overpowered ultimate.
Da' spells:
Passive: Stronk damage on the next basic attack+10%of his bonus health, regenerates 10/20/30 energy, 9 seconds cooldown reduced by 1.5 for every auto attack Shen makes. Applied to turrets.
Q-You throw a blade at the enemy dealing damage, applying a mark for 5 seconds that heals anyone who attacks the mark for 22+1.5% of Shen's maximum health over 3 seconds, the duration refreshes every time you attack the mark.
W-Absorbs damage, lasts 3 seconds, passive refreshes double while feint is active, try to use it when you see a skill shot/spell coming towards you to negate as much damage as possible from it.
E-You dash in a straight line, dealing damage to champions, taunting them, and giving 40 energy for every champion you hit, and you recieve 50% less physical damage from the taunted targets. You can use it to escape initiate and you can pass through walls with it.
R-The reason Shen is banned. Select an allied champion,(excepting yourself of course) giving them a shield of 250/550/850+150% of your ability power and channelling for 3 seconds if he is not stopped in anyway(silence, knock back, airborne, stun, taunt) he teleports to the shielded champion(op ganks, epic saves, epic escapes, synergizes really well with Nocturne for epic tower dives). Why is it so op, if the reasons above aren't enough? GLOBAL RANGE, anywhere on the map baby...**** yeah.

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Last but not least...CHO

The only reason you pick him is if they pick Yorick or you really enjoy being as big as the ****ing Baron/Dragon/Nexus....
Passive: You heal and regenerate mana for every kill you make, ward, minion, champion, they all heal you when they die.
Q-Moderate aoe, high damage, airborne the enemy, used to farm or set up ganks.
W-Moderate cone aoe, moderate damage, silence, combos pretty well with your q for farming or harassing
E-Your auto attacks launch spikes in front of you good for farming, looks cool
R-******* ultimate, devours a enemy unit dealing true damage, 300/475/650+0.7 of your ap to champions. Feast always deals 1000 true damage to minions and monsters. If the target is killed, ChoGath grows and gains extra health 540/720/900 at maximum stacks. This effect stacks up to 6 times and ChoGath loses half his stacks rounded up upon death.

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Why these champions in particular?

They aren't extremely hard to master, they integrate well in any team composition(except CHO), they are hard to counter and you can always pick one of them to counter any other solo tops.

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Jayce COUNTERS ALL, excepting Yorick who is really hard and Darius who is EXTREMELY HARD
Irelia COUNTERS Gangplank, Diana, Vladimir, Kennen, Poppy, Riven(depends on skill), Jarvan(depends on skill), Akali, Wukong, Shen(you must be good with Irelia)
Yorick COUNTERS Darius(yes he beats most op champ in league, second to Jayce), Shen(depends on skill), Teemo(easy meal), Rumble, Warwick, Jayce(*sad face*), Olaf(depends on skill), Pantheon, Jax(pretty hard time with him though)
Shen COUNTERS Pantheon, Jarvan(easy meal), Riven(depends on skill), Jax(really hard), Hecarim(easy meal), Nasus(easy meal), Wukong(easy meal)
CHO COUNTERS Yorick, Malphite(you have Jayce for him)

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All the info applies to ranked from low to mid elo, ...->1500.


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