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The Supporting ****

Last updated on November 29, 2011
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If you are new to LoL, don't read this guide as it won't make much sense. This is for veteran players that understand the concept of the meta, the current roles, and teamwork.

If you want to roll Janna and support like a boss, this guide is just for you.

Enjoy walls of text :)

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When to Play Janna in the current Meta (imo)

Janna is heavily under-rated because she has no consistent heal whereas Soraka, Sona, Taric and Alistar all have consistent heals. This makes Janna's early game the hardest, especially if the AD carry she is supporting is being countered by the enemy AD carry, FE: Ashe vs Caitlyn, with Janna supporting Ashe. However!!!!! Janna in the right moments, can offer more burst to an enemy champions via shield to her AD carry, something the other supports have a harder time doing. With perfect timing of her abilities, perfect maneuvering and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing situations, you can run Janna as your support in most situations. I myself rarely play Taric or Alistar and I support quite a bit. I rotate between Sona, Soraka, and Janna and I find Janna to be the most skillful and fun, and of course, the sexiest.

I've personally found Janna to a great choice for your team in these situations:

  • You are supporting and your team needs more CC's
  • You are supporting and you and/or your team need mobility (Janna passive)
  • You are supporting and your team may need someone to roam to keep up with an unpredictable enemy team such as a ganking, roaming sion, roaming ali/taric, etc.
  • You are supporting an AD carry that is good at surviving and/or sustaining themselves and can benefit from a huge burst of AD (Janna's shield). Examples: Graves, Kog'Maw, Vayne, Ashe

Quick Q&A:

Q: Why not support champs like Ezreal, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Corki etc, as Janna?
  • A: Ezreal, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Corki, and Sivir are much more mana-depending than the ones previously recommended for Janna. These champions I would say benefit most from Soraka as a support as her ability to spam them Mana allows them much more sustain, harass, farming and even pushing. While Janna can support these, I find Soraka to often be the better choice IF you can get her.

Q: What about a non-supporting Janna, such as mid AP-nuke?
  • A: While no current mid Nuke would be able to deny an AP Nuke Janna's farms in mid, her support abilities would be going to waste on herself, if she can't pick-up kills with them, then they are just going to waist, she works better with another champ.

Q: Roaming Janna, what is Roaming and why do it ever?
  • A: Roaming is when you don't hunker down in your lane, you are mobile quite often, coming to other lanes to assist, or support your Jungler as he or she counter-jungles, etc. A roaming Janna can ward the map much more efficiently than most supports because of her high movement speed and great get-away. Because of her high amount of CC's, early and late, she can actually gank quite efficiently like the other high-end roamers (Ali/Taric). Also, because her damage is never an important thing, she can be under-leveled and still very efficient at surviving and supporting.

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Q & A:

Q: Uhh, why not 9-0-21, it seem to benefit your abilities more

  • A: You're comparing 4AP, 4% CDRED, and 10% Magic Pen VS 6 armor, and 2% movement speed,and 40 bonus XP on assists and kills. While the damage may seem better, the 6 armor early game is HUGE, the 2% movement speed as Janna makes her even better, and the build is flexible, if you want to grab heal, you don't have to sacrifice 10% magic pen or 15% summoner ability CD red, you can just remove 2 armor, for 15% more healing. When it comes down to it, for 4 points, 4AP really doesn't do much for Janna, the 4% CD Reduction is fantastic but I make up for it in runes, because I can with standard runes UNLIKE movement speed where I can only make up with 1 Quintessence (if desired), I need the other two (minimum) for Gold per 10's. In the end, I feel it's worth it. Oh and 10% Magic Pen really doesn't do much unless you are already doing ALOT of damage, by Janna does almost none, she doesn't need to.

Q: Sage? It doesn't seem worth it
  • A: When you intentionally leave a lane to roam, place wards or go back so your AD carry can get more farms, you tend to be slightly or heavily under-leveled. Having Sage lets you stay in the game despite being behind in XP, not a MUST-HAVE but very useful for my Janna.

Q: Why not 0-9-21, you get a bit more durable
  • A: True, I definitely would consider this build if you have a rough pair on bottom. I'm personally not a HUGE fan because I really like the Movement Speed buff, and large amount of XP to keep me pretty close to normal-level range despite roaming so much.

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Summoner Spells

-- Even with the nerf to the cooldown, this Summoner Ability is still super handy. It's pretty much a MUST-HAVE, the only time I wouldn't consider it is if not having "Heal" was detrimental to your strategy or counter-stragey and if that's the case, you are better off getting rid of Flash, thus why I tend to encounter more Soraka's and Taric's with Heal/CV. When you think about, these are two of the best support abilities in the game now so it makes sense to pair them up together.

-- With the recent buff to this, it packs a much bigger punch than it before. I will not play a game without this as Soraka, or Taric as it just buffs my early game harass, and ganks so much. It's very easy to bait yourself with a giant heal as well, you'd be surprised at how many fall for it and turret dive , etc. I would consider this and CV the ultimate support abilities right now, but that doesn't mean you can just pick Heal and CV and have a grand old time (yes I said that), there can be dire consequences for Janna if she chooses not to get flash, so you have to be very careful getting this ability. I'll explain the CV/Heal/Flash dilemma in more-depth at the end of this section.

-- Flash is an amazing offensive ability for Janna, why? Because it allows her to get in perfect positions to ulti and separate an enemy team. Defensively, it's also incredible as you can use it to get away from very dangerous situations, or get to a key position on time to save a team with an ulti or shield, etc. I've never once played a game without flash and I'm not sure I ever will. Because of flash, my Janna always seems to be in the right place at the right time in a team fight, all it takes is a flash most games to get in the perfect position. Flash/CV is the way to go for most games as Janna supporting Bot, however there are issues to consider, below..

The Flash/CV/Heal Dilemma

Like I mentioned in the Flash description, it's often the best ability a Janna can have, however, there are situations where I would consider running Heal/CV instead of Flash/CV:
  • An enemy support with a good heal, is also running the Summoner Ability Heal. While Janna's ulti can somewhat balance out the heal amount, she faces a huge disadvantage against champions in the bottom lane that have double heals or triple heals on bottom, such as Soraka with W,ulti+heal. Running Flash/CV in these situations might just get you completely out-sustained and have you constantly backing to your pad. The important thing to notice is the AD Carry - if it someone that can push hardcore, you MUST run heal if the other support is, unless it's a support champion with no heal, you'll be fine. If it someone that cannot push amazing well such as vayne, you probably won't need it to keep the lane in balance, just time your shields well.
  • It is not beneficial to split the enemy team up, ex: you have a Galio, Rrand, etc and want to bunch the enemies up.
  • The enemy team can capitalize off you trying to flash in and ult by cutting off your knockback and keeping you in the danger zone, or keeping THE danger zone on you pretty much negating the knockback effect of your ulti.

This is pretty much the things to consider when or when not to run flash, because of how aggressive my Janna often is, I like having it but there are games I consider running something else, you may end up doing the same.

-- Ideal instead of Flash if you have a hardcore pushing-focused bottom such as Caitlyn, etc. Save it for a nice Tower push and you can end up downing towers much earlier than expected. Also, really nice if you plan on roaming and have a mid like Heimerdinger that can seriously push a lane with a promoted minion. While I have considered this as Janna, I'd only do it if my whole team's strategy was to dominate by pushing lanes which is a very risky strategy imo.

NOTED: At this current time I see no other valid reason to run ANY of the other Summoner Abilities as Janna, they simply do more harm than good for her, play her a very long time as support if you disagree, and you will start to notice why.

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Runes are actually quite flexible, I've ran all different kinds and the kind I've found the most benefit are displayed below:

Explanation for Marks:

I like to have "some" AP as Janna, the 17 alone isn't a big deal late-game but if I have a will of the ancients buff on me, or I'm giving it out, it adds up, especially if I have Baron, or a Rod of Ages or an Abyssal Scepter. Some High-Elo supports would suggest Magic Pen over the AP per/lvl - only reason I don't is because the AP helps her ult's heal, the Magic Pen does not.

Explanation for Seals:

Because I build Philo and Catalyst relatively early, Mana Regen at the earlier levels has never been an issue for me unless I uselessly spam my abilities, really no need to tornado unless for harass AND your AD carry can utilize it, no need for W unless there is a kill you are going for, and I save the shield for moments where the enemy AD carry tries to poke, or my carry is poking. Mana Regen per/lvl seals really give Janna the late-game regen she needs to be able to stay in the fight for a really long amount of time.

Explanation for Glyphs:

Cooldown Reduction is huge on Janna, especially early-game. 11% off the start from Runes and Masteries is amazing for her, get Soul Shroud or Frozen Heart and you're pretty awesome but that will be explained shortly in Items. You can definitely run RAW AP or AP per/lvl Glyphs here if you feel you want more damage instead of CD Reduction. It actually works very well if you do 9/0/21 and then make up for your lack of CD Reduct from Runes by getting it in Masteries. This type of build gives Janna way more damage without losing too much support, refer to Masteries above for a further explanation if you have not read it already.

Explanation for Quintessences:

What support wouldn't want 3 gold per 10, 5 gold per 10 off the start counting masteries? It's utterly fantastic, like having a gold item without having one. Because of this, I don't even build Kage's anymore, I see no point, especially since I won't upgrade it later whereas the others, I will, that will be explained in Items however, just below.

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Skill Order


(After this point, think about what you need and improvise, ex: "Do I want lower CD on Tornado and more damage with it? Or do I want more passive Movement Speed and more damage with the slow as well as more slow with the slow?" Feel it out.

Explanation: You're supporting an AD carry, shield is the most important ability you have, simple as that.

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My Recommended Build Order


Random things to consider:
  • (Spam Wards, should always have bottom half of the map covered, except initially, that will be hard but still possible), By Mid-Game, you should be warding nearly all the map, constantly. Keep in mind that you do not want to follow this to the tee, improvise and build accordingly, this is an outline, a guide, a suggestion, not the real deal.
  • Boots of Mobility can be replaced with Ninja Tabi, Or Merc Treads, or Ionian, or even Swift, don't rule any of them, build accordingly. If you direly need a tenacity item, get the Treads, if you need better cooldowns earlier to keep up with someone, ionian may be just what you need. Boots of Mobility work amazing well with Janna because placing a tornado does not affect the movement speed bonus - it isn't considered combat until the tornado moves. This allows Janna to get into a key position to hit a key CC, without staying in the danger zone for too long. It also also allows her to ward the map amazingly fast. In combination with Banshee's Veil, nobody in the game can stop her from warding what she wants to ward.
  • Catalyst doesn't have to be turned into BV, it can be turned into Rod of Ages, I however wouldn't recommend it unless you can finish it extremely early, 20 mins at the earliest. Even so, it's a selfish item and I wouldn't do it unless you really need damage because your team just sucks at doing any damage. Even so, buffing them is the smarter play in most cases.
  • I wouldn't recommend Randiun's on Janna, if you are in range to use on a group of enemies, you are probably doing something wrong. If you are in a dangerous position, it's because you are ulting to separate enemy team, after ulting, you run like hell not sit around and Randiun's so that won't work.
  • Zhonya's is a pointless item on Janna, you shouldn't be sitting still that long anyway, plus, she is a protector, you aren't protecting much if you are sitting still for that long. You shouldn't need the invulnerability anyway if you've done the build correctly and utilized your speed


, ,

Early to Mid:

~~10 since start


, ,
- keep spamming
- should have placed a few

Mid to Late:

- keep em coming


- buy often in groups of 5

(Core Build, usually, look below for more info.)


,,,, ----- OR,- OR,- OR,


IF you have 2 AP Nukes (Ex: Jungle Fiddle, Nuke in Mid) OR IF you have lots of awesome AD that ISN'T building Stark's (Ex: Deadly AD Jungler, and/or Solo-Top and/or AD Carry) Coordinate with your team, if nobody has built it yet, get on it, in most cases, this is better than Aegis if you have an AD heavy team so build before Aegis if necessary.

This allows you to support quicker, longer and better since you can tank more damage for your team while debuffing the enemy team, a MUST-HAVE item late if the enemy team is stacking AD or relying a lot on their AD. This is better choice than Randuin's in most cases because you don't have to get down and dirty in the battle to use it, you can still stick along the edges playing it smart.

You shouldn't really ever build this unless your team consist of a ton of magic damage that is obliterating everything and already have the will of the ancients buff, AND the enemy team is stacking MR, this item could be the X factor in victory for your team, it isn't to be neglected.


An early Catalyst, is a simple and effective way to deal with Health and Mana sustain issues as well as a useful shortcut to the inevitable Banshee's Veil. There are however alternative methods to deal with this mainly Mana issue while still making use of the item. This build works fantastically when you have an AD carry and a team that is dependent on their abilities whether AD or AP and dependent on Mana.


, ,

Early to Mid:

~~6 since start


, ,
get as many as you can afford

Mid to Late:

,- groups of 5 at this point,


- groups of 5 at this point,

Core Build usually, look below for more info.




Don't take the item recommendations to heart, always test out your own stuff. This is the item builds that have made me a very successful Janna, I don't know how many games I've saved because of the actions I've done for my team to assure a win in a team-fight.

Always improvise based on what's happening in the game. Just because I say, build Banshee's Veil, then this item doesn't mean you have to build them in that order. Most games, I honestly find myself scattering all kinds of items, I may have Philo, Heart of Gold, standards boots, catalyst, negatron cloak, and a kindlegem, build what matters at the time it matters.

If my team doesn't need the reverie speed boost, don't build it, but do build the Kindlegem so that I can immediately get reverie upon my team needing it.

Get the items that do the most for the team, not you! Weigh options, if you get your tornado and shield 2 seconds earlier from cooldowns, does it beat giving your team some armor, magic resist and damage? It just may, play it out in your head and play around with it. Memorize how effective certain items are in certain situations and always prepare for the worst.

Keep gold items as long as you possibly can!

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What to do for the team, tips for early and late (optional)

The Early Game

Early game is all about getting your AD carry FED and staying alive in the process. Get them farms, do this by keeping control of the bushes with wards and yourself. Make sure you and your carry can't get ganked easily with well-placed wards. I'd tell you where to place wards but with the new ward buff I haven't quite figured out all the new amazing places I can place wards, I may update the guide in the future when I feel more comfortable with sharing my knowledge of that. Anywho, build accordingly. If your carry has the potential to dominate your lane in farms, harass, and pushing and they only need more Mana Regen to do this, alter your build, get the manipulator or steal the enemy blue buff, get what needs to be done as fast as possible.

Your second priority early is to protect and support your jungler as they jungle and counter-jungle, give them the best possible wards you can to make his or her life much easier. If I can get a key early-game ward to the enemy blue when they aren't going for it, I do it. Keep your CV's for your team! - not yourself unless you absolutely have to. A key CV for your team can give them kills and you a secret assist. Having CV up for your jungler is also huge as they may be able to pinpoint where the enemy jungler is and act accordingly. If you pay close attention to enemy junglers, over-time, you will know exactly where to CV and catch them, and therefore know when you have to ward the river and when not to. Don't place useless wards.

Early game those are your only priorities unless your team needs you somewhere else for a very important reason, the AD carry is huge though, never neglect them, get them farms, get them kills, and let yourself ONLY GET ASSISTS, NO KILLS.

The Transitioning Early to Mid

This is when priorities start to shift, at this point you may end up roaming more, bouncing back and forth from bottom to mid to support the jungler, and your mid and to counter ganks on mid and such. Dragon becomes a huge ***set at this point and controlling the area with wards is critical, you MUST do it. This is why it's so important to have the two gold items at this point, you also should be working on the boots of mobility now so you can very easily roam. If there is one enemy in the bottom lane, and you can't kill them, leave it and let your carry get the solo XP they need to keep up with or pull ahead of the enemy carry. Do not wander too far though, unless you KNOW they can handle themselves.

Ward, Ward, Ward in all key positions, entrances and exits to enemy jungle if you control the lanes that well, if you are pushes back in lanes, ward your own jungle, etc.

At this point in the game, you now want to help your mid Nuke get kills via ganks from mid to bottom or ganks from bottom to mid, etc. By roaming, you make it very hard for the enemy team to predict when you are ganking mid, and you can pull off some real nice kills for your team, assists for you and get huge items much earlier than normal, making your team that much better.

Your deaths will happen around this time, they are almost inevitable, most will not be your fault if you play very well, you will however die for your teammates if you must, that is your job as support. If you can save your fed nuke and die for him or her, do it, the enemy will often get less gold.

Always remember that a trade isn't a trade just because 1 person per team died, the assists counts as well. If your nuke is fighting someone and you can get the assist for the kill, GET IT, but don't steal the kill. If you someone has to die on your team, let it be you AFTER getting off your key abilities if you can.

Visions wards to counter single wards, oracles to counter many wards IF you are not dying otherwise just get multiple vision wards to cover key positions.

The Transitioning of Mid to Late

Team fights, constant Dragons, back-dooring, Lane-Control and Barons now become the main focus of the game, 1 death at a crucial moment can lose your team the game. As a support, you make sure that doesn't happen, that is your first priority. MAKE SURE NOBODY DIES. You do this by giving them amazing awareness of the map, if you have placed less than 40 wards at this point, you aren't playing well enough imo. You should have at least 6 wards on the map at any given time covering key positions, you should have visions at baron, dragon, and any other place you know the enemy wants to control with a ward.

Often you will not initiate as a Janna unless it's a tornado but there are rare occasions your team can capitalize off a well-placed ulti by you. I myself have had my team getting Baron and had enemy Graves trying to steal it on the other side of the wall, by Flashing behind him and ulting, I threw him right into my team who hard CC'd him and dropped him instantly. Because of the 4v5 with Baron, we won the game easily. Just one example of how to capitalize off a mistake by an enemy with an ult like Janna's. Always be on the lookout but no what you are doing before you get into it. Those are pro Janna movies, don't do them unless you know you can pull it off, I myself barely do them, too risky, support is conversation in 99% of cases.

In the team fight itself, if you need to separate the enemy AD carry from the fight with a well-place ult, DO IT. If however, your team needs the heals from it more, position yourself behind them, cover yourself with a well-place tornado and keep your team at good hp by channeling your full ulti. DEFEND YOUR AD CARRY. Do not let anybody kill them. If they die, your team may lose the fight. Shield them initially, slow anybody trying to get to them, tornado anybody trying to get to them and constantly walk in front of them "****-blocking" them as I call it. Reverie when needed to save your teammates or give them the boost they need to finish a kill.

REMEMBER: Your tornado and ulti can be used to stop powerful ult's like Galio's etc, always be prepared to use your abilities the best they can in situations. This takes time and practice.

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Ranked Play

Counters are key, your Carry should be picked in order to counter the enemy carry. That means Janna is picked to further support that counter. If Janna cannot compliment the AD carry enough, you could end up in a very sticky situation, I've been in a few myself.

Remember that even if you lose the early-early game on bottom, maybe die 3 times and have 1 assist, it does NOT mean the game is over.

I actually have a ranked game up on youtube soon (Draft mode, and our bottom loses horribly but by focusing on getting the AD carry farms mid-to-late by supporting with wards and roaming to the lane, the AD carry is still able to get fed which end-game, with protection, allows him to win us the game.

****ty teammates can be improved with amazing supports, protect an idiot and they might just learn to respect you and get better at the game in the process.

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End Comments

I'll post up my best Gameplay on here as soon as I upload it to youtube as a quality example. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, ask away and I'll add it to this awesome Q & A section.

Q: Is she really the Goddess **** of Assists?

  • A: Yes, really. Learn to survive and you'll pull 0-2-29's out of your *** in 20 minute games.

Q: Can I Solo Mid?
  • A: Yes, but you are wasting your awesome support abilities

Q: Are there any specific champions she counters?
  • A: Anybody that has to get up close and personal to get **** done, Wukong Ult can be countered by Janna Ult, Kennen ult can be countered by Janna Ult, Galio ult can be interrupted by Janna "Q" from far away. Time your moves and you counter all kinds of champion abilities.

Q: Do you have to be a high ELO player to be good at Janna?
  • A: NO, in fact, you may the best Janna in the world and have mediocre ELO, truth is supports get no love! They are hard to pull off in solo queue and single-handedly win your team games, duo however with a good bro and you two can tear it up.

Q: Can I build Tears?
  • A: gtfo