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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1uke

The Talon Testament

1uke Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Welcome to my first build/guide on Mobafire. As soon as i read the announcement for Talon i was excited. i knew i would love his playstyle. This guide will tell you how i play Talon. If i can even implant just one aspect of my guide into the way you play Talon then i will be happy knowing i am helping you and others. :)
Without further ado here is The Talon Testament(TTT). I know it's corny, but im not good at making names and stuff. :P

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has good harass
High burst dmg
Great positioning can devastate
Ult is amazing, especially with the right positioning
Not as squishy as most assassins because of Frozen Mallet
Looks badass

Requires great positioning
he's still an assassin dies quickly if focused
If your team is struggling game can be very difficult
Cooldowns are a bit long in the early game

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ArP Marks: Best option to be honest gives you great burst early game and transitions great into late game as well.

Hplvl Seals: There are a few options you could use here such as dodge, armor, AS, and something i been debating on trying is crit dmg, but for my money right now i use hplvl seals it synergizes well with your frozen mallet and makes you pretty beefy.

CDlvl Glyphs: At the time of making this guide i use flat cd, i dont have cd per lvl glyphs yet, the 3% isnt a huge loss, but with these glyphs, ghostblade, mastery, and elixer you come out at around 36%.

AD Quints: The early game boost it gives your W and basic attacks is great. Other quinst such as flat health or ArP could also be used if preferred. i've also been debating on trying some move quints on him as well.

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21/0/9 Basic AD mastery build. Not much to say here other then that 1 in the buff mastery is great in my opinion for early-mid game and having red buff for your passive.

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I like to start with a doran's blade, but NOTHING in this build is set in stone, this is just what i find the most success with.. My build utilizes a lot of the smaller items that build into the final items throughout the game to keep you competitive and feared. You can also start with boots + 3 hp pots if your laning against someone like Brand.
your first time back you want to get boots(if you started with dorans) or if you are struggling you can get another dorans. next time back you want your brutalizer, it is such a great early game item for Talon. Then you finish your boots, they are entirely situational. After that i get my phage because it gives you damage, hp, and a chance to slow which synergizes with your passive for even more damage. Then get BF sword to buff your damage and finish it into IE and after that get your zeal to give you crit(for IE) movespeed, and AS. Then Finish Frozen Mallet, it is one of the best items for him. after that you can finish Phantom Dancer or Ghostblade in whichever order you prefer. Notice the last item slot i left blank, it is whatever you want to use there. enemies stacking armor? last whisper. lots cc? no character can go wrong with banshees. never forget elixers either!

Note: Be aware of what your enemy is doing, like i said above nothing is set in stone. adjust the items accordingly. for example, if the enemy is very ap heavy, an early hexdrinker is beautiful.

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Skill Sequence

I like to max my Rake(W) first since it allows you to harass and farm at the same time with a low mana cost. love it. I put 1 point into cutthroat(E) at lvl 2 for gap closing and extra dmg, after that i dont mess with it til other skills are maxed. I place a point into Noxion Diplomacy whenever my Q and R don't need a point. Kind of think of it as Blitz knockup(not the cc part) You want points in it to reduce the cd so you can use it as much as possible in fights, the cd gets pretty low. Obviously place a point into your ult Shadow Assault(R) as soon as it becomes available.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash and Ghost. I just love this combo. Exhaust is very good too though and can be used accordingly. Cleanse can always be helpful, specially for an assassin, but i would use flash, ghost, or exhaust more to be honest.

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General Gameplay

Always last hit, don't sit there and mindlessly attack minions and push your lane so you get ganked...i see this far too often. :(
your W is great for farming and harassing at the same time. This is why i max it first, great skill.

Teamfight: You want to engage after someone else on your team, preferably a tank, initiates with cc. The combo i usually use is: E->Q->W or E->R->Q->W->Q I'm still experimenting, just remember when you use your ult you want to be positioned so that when they go out they hit someone and when they come back most go through the target your after.

Other: Try to stay on top of red buff early to mid game(as long as your jungler or others dont mind) or until you get phage. It will help your damage out a lot and with the 1 point into neutral monster buffs it will last a decent time. after that let someone else have it, like your ranged ad carry.

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I know alot of people like to see results of games, so in case you were interested:

This is about it, i will add more details when i find the time and discover new things for Talon.
Please be kind when you vote, it's my first guide and i LOVE constructive criticism.
If you have any ideas or see any errors please let me know.